Part Number: MC33771BTP1AE

Manufacturer: NXP USA Inc.

Description: IC BAT CNTRL LI-ION 7-14C 64LQFP

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The demand for cutting-edge lithium-ion battery management systems continues to rise in the ever-changing world of automotive and industrial applications. The SMARTMOS lithium-ion battery cell controller IC MC33771BTP1AE is a technical marvel designed to handle the complex needs of electric vehicles (EV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), energy storage systems (ESS), and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. This detailed overview delves into the MC33771BTP1AE, providing light on its features, applications, and capabilities.

Unveiling the SMARTMOS Controller IC

The application-specific integrated circuit (IC) known as the MC33771BTP1AE is a cutting-edge lithium-ion battery cell controller that was developed for a wide variety of uses. The management of systems that use lithium-ion batteries with accuracy and efficacy is the fundamental goal of this component. It accomplishes this through a vast array of functions and capabilities, which makes it an essential component for both the automotive and industrial sectors of the economy.

Features of the MC33771BTP1AE

The MC33771BTP1AE is an excellent option for battery management in a variety of different applications because to its amazing feature set, which makes it an ideal choice overall. The following is a list of the most important characteristics that it possesses:

Voltage Range

  • Wide Operating Voltage:The MC33771BTP1AE is capable of handling transient voltages of up to 75 V and has an operational voltage range that spans from 9.6 V to 63 V. It also supports both of these voltage ranges. Because of its adaptability, it is able to accommodate a variety of battery combinations.

Cell Management

  • Cell Count Management:Because it is able to successfully manage anywhere from 7 to 14 battery cells, it is appropriate for a diverse array of applications.


  • Communication Options:The integrated circuit provides users with two distinct communication choices, namely isolated 2.0 Mbps differential communication and 4.0 Mbps SPI, which together ensure brisk and dependable data transfer.


  • Voltage Measurement:The MC33771BTP1AE is capable of providing extremely accurate monitoring of the battery because it has a maximum total voltage measurement error of only 0.8 mV.

Coulomb Counting

  • Coulomb Counting:In order to provide accurate information regarding energy usage, the device measures synchronized cell voltage and current while counting coulombs at the same time.

Additional Inputs

  • GPIO and Temperature Sensor Inputs:It features seven general-purpose input/output (GPIO) pins in addition to temperature sensor inputs, which gives it a greater degree of flexibility within its functionality.

Reference Supply

  • Reference Supply Output:The IC provides a reference supply output with a voltage of 5.0 volts and a current of 5.0 milliamperes, which is extremely helpful for powering external components.

Safety Features

  • Safety Measures:Safety in battery management can be improved by routing over/under voltage and temperature detection signals to a fault pin. This can be done automatically.

Passive Balancing

  • Cell Balancing:The integrated 300 mA passive cell balancing and diagnostics that are included in the MC33771BTP1AE are included to guarantee that all of the battery cells are in the same state of health.

Fault Detection

  • Fault Detection:It is able to identify flaws both within the system and outside of it, including open lines, shorts, and leakages, which ensures the robust system’s reliability.


  • Safety Standards:The IC, which is designed to support ISO 26262, meets the severe standards of up to ASIL D safety systems, making it a reliable solution for automotive applications.


  • Compatibility:The MC33771BTP1AE is fully compatible with the MC33772, enabling smooth integration and scaling in applications requiring up to six cells.


  • AEC–Q100 Compliance:It is qualified in accordance with AEC-Q100, a stringent automotive electronics standard, ensuring its dependability in harsh situations.


The MC33771BTP1AE is a versatile and dependable component that may be used in a variety of applications. Here’s a closer look at its applications:

Automotive Applications:

  1. Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV):The MC33771BTP1AE is a critical component in HEVs since it regulates the complex battery systems. Its duty is to guarantee that the hybrid vehicle’s battery pack performs optimally and lasts as long as possible. This is crucial in improving HEV efficiency and environmental effect.
  2. Electric Vehicles (EV):The MC33771BTP1AE is critical in the efficient energy management of electric cars. It checks the health and performance of the EV’s battery, which is critical for maximizing range and ensuring the reliability of the electric vehicle. It contributes to the longer range and durability of electric vehicles by providing precise data and control over the battery.

Industrial Applications:

  1. Energy Storage Systems (ESS):ESS is a growing industry that tries to store electrical energy during periods of low demand and release it during periods of high demand. The MC33771BTP1AE is an essential component in ESS configurations, allowing for the storage and controlled release of electrical energy. It ensures the efficient running of these systems, which are critical to the sustainability and dependability of modern electrical grids, as well as the integration of renewable energy sources.
  2. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems:UPS systems are intended to offer a constant and dependable power source, ensuring that vital equipment remains functioning in the event of power outages or fluctuations. The MC33771BTP1AE is used in UPS systems to monitor and manage the battery component, ensuring a smooth transition to battery power and a safe, uninterrupted supply of electricity to critical systems such as data centers, medical equipment, and industrial machinery.

The adaptability and powerful feature set of the MC33771BTP1AE make it a useful asset in both automotive and industrial applications. This SMARTMOS lithium-ion battery cell controller IC is a trusted solution in today’s quickly evolving technological landscape, whether it’s optimizing the performance of hybrid and electric vehicles or improving the reliability of energy storage and power backup systems.


The MC33771BTP1AE is an excellent choice for lithium-ion battery management in both automotive and industrial applications. Its impressive features, strong performance, accuracy, safety measures, and adherence to industry standards make it a reliable component for precision and reliability in various systems.

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