Part Number: MIC2287CYD5-TR

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology


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Technical Specifications of MIC2287CYD5-TR

Datasheet  MIC2287CYD5-TR datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family PMIC – LED Drivers
Manufacturer Microchip Technology
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Type DC DC Regulator
Topology Step-Up (Boost)
Internal Switch(s) Yes
Number of Outputs 1
Voltage – Supply (Min) 2.5V
Voltage – Supply (Max) 10V
Voltage – Output
Current – Output / Channel 750mA (Switch)
Frequency 1.2MHz
Dimming Analog, PWM
Applications Backlight
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 105°C (TJ)
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case SOT-23-5 Thin, TSOT-23-5
Supplier Device Package TSOT-23-5


The MIC2287CYD5-TR is a high-performance boost-switching regulator that is a sophisticated integrated circuit (IC). This IC was made for constant-current white LED driver use, and it has a number of useful and innovative features. In this guide, we’ll go over the MIC2287CYD5-TR in depth, looking at its main features, how it works, and what it could be used for. Whether you are a fan of electronics or a skilled designer, this guide is meant to give you all the information you need to use the MIC2287CYD5-TR in your projects.

Understanding the MIC2287CYD5-TR

The MIC2287CYD5-TR is a very powerful integrated circuit (IC) that is a boost-switching regulator made for constant-current white LED driver uses. Let’s take a better look at its most important features, how it works, and what it has to offer.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Boost-Switching Regulator: The MIC2287CYD5-TR is a boost regulator, which means it can take the input voltage and turn it into a higher, more stable output voltage that can power white LEDs.
  • Constant-Current LED Driver: This IC works best in constant-current applications, making sure that all of the LEDs it runs have the same amount of brightness. It can work well to power up to six white LEDs in a row.
  • High-Frequency PWM Control: The MIC2287CYD5-TR uses a PWM control system with a frequency of 1.2 MHz. The high switching frequency has many benefits, such as saving room on the board by making external parts smaller.

Efficiency is an important part of the MIC2287CYD5-TR’s design. It uses a feedback value of only 95 mV, which means that the current-set resistor loses as little power as possible. This choice of design allows for the lowest total output voltage and draws less current from the battery, making the system as a whole as efficient as possible.

Advantages of the High-Frequency PWM Control Scheme and Efficient Design

  • Saving room: The MIC2287CYD5-TR’s high-frequency PWM operation makes it possible to use smaller external components, which saves room on the PCB. This function is especially useful for small electronic devices or applications where there isn’t much room on the board.
  • Reduced Noise and Input Ripple: The MIC2287CYD5-TR’s constant-frequency PWM control method greatly reduces noise and input ripple that could be fed back into the battery source. This makes sure the power source is cleaner, which improves the reliability and performance of the system.
  • Increased Efficiency: The MIC2287CYD5-TR is designed to be as efficient as possible. It has a low return voltage and uses less power, so it converts energy as efficiently as possible. This means that less power is wasted, and batteries last longer in portable apps. It also means that less power is used in general lighting setups.

In short, the MIC2287CYD5-TR is a great IC that was made to drive white LEDs in apps that use constant current. Its boost-switching regulator architecture, high-frequency PWM control scheme, and efficient design make it possible for it to have better performance, save room, make less noise, and use less energy. The MIC2287CYD5-TR is a good choice for getting the best LED driving power, whether you’re making backlighting solutions, sign displays, or general lighting systems.

MIC2287CYD5- TR Operating Principles

PWM Control Scheme with a Constant Frequency: The MIC2287CYD5-TR uses a PWM control scheme with a constant frequency of 1.2 MHz. This control method makes sure that the switching frequency stays the same, even if the voltage at the input or output changes. It has a number of benefits:

Stable Operation

The constant-frequency PWM control keeps the switching frequency the same, which makes the IC work well and in a reliable way.

  • EMI Reduction: The high-frequency operation helps reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) by keeping the noise within a small frequency range, which makes it easier to manage and filter.
  • Compact Design: The high switching frequency lets smaller inductors, capacitors, and resistors be used on the outside. This feature saves room on the board and lowers the cost of the whole system.
  • Reduced Ripple: The constant-frequency PWM control reduces the ripple in the output voltage. This makes the LED current smoother and more stable, which helps the LED work better and last longer.

Constant-Current Driving

Constant-current pumping is a way to keep a steady flow of electricity through a load, like a string of white LED lights. The MIC2287CYD5-TR is great at driving white LEDs with a steady current. It has the following benefits:

  • Uniform Brightness: The link between forward voltage and current in an LED is very nonlinear. By giving a constant current to the LEDs, the MIC2287CYD5-TR makes sure that the brightness is the same all along the LED string. This keeps the light output from changing or being inconsistent.
  • LED Protection: A constant-current drive keeps LEDs from getting too much power, which can damage them or speed up their wear and tear. The MIC2287CYD5-TR controls the current going through the LEDs. This keeps the LEDs safe and makes them last longer.
  • Simplified Design: A constant-current drive removes the need for multiple ballast resistors, which are usually used in LED applications. This makes the circuit design simpler and lowers the number of parts, making it easier to use and cheaper.

Efficient Design

The MIC2287CYD5-TR is made with several features that make it more efficient:

  • Low Feedback Voltage: The IC uses a feedback voltage of only 95 mV, which makes it easy to control the current and keeps the current set resistor from losing too much power. This lower power drop makes the system more efficient as a whole.
  • Reduced Power Dissipation: The MIC2287CYD5-TR saves energy and improves the general efficiency of the system by minimizing the power dissipation in the current set resistor. This function is especially helpful in battery-powered devices, where saving power is very important.
  • Optimized Total Output Voltage: The IC’s design makes it so that it needs the least amount of total output voltage to power the LED string. This reduces the amount of current drawn from the battery and makes the most use of the power.

In the end, the constant-frequency PWM control scheme of the MIC2287CYD5-TR provides stable operation and less EMI. A constant-current drive makes sure that all LEDs are the same brightness and are safe, and the efficient design with low feedback voltage and less power loss makes the whole thing use less energy. The MIC2287CYD5-TR is a great choice for high-performance white LED drivers because of how it works.


The MIC2287CYD5-TR is an IC that was made to run white LEDs in constant-current applications. It is very efficient and can be used in many different ways. It is a great choice for many different lighting projects because it has advanced features like high-frequency PWM control, low power loss, and overvoltage safety. This thorough guide gives you all the information you need to make the most of the MIC2287CYD5-TR in your LED driver designs.

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