Part Number: MIC803-26D2VC3-TR

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology


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Technical Specifications of MIC803-26D2VC3-TR

Datasheet  MIC803-26D2VC3-TR datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family PMIC – Supervisors
Manufacturer Microchip Technology
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Type Simple Reset/Power-On Reset
Number of Voltages Monitored 1
Output Open Drain or Open Collector
Reset Active Low
Reset Timeout 20 ms Minimum
Voltage – Threshold 2.63V
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 125°C (TJ)
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case SC-70, SOT-323
Supplier Device Package SC-70-3


The MIC803-26D2VC3-TR is an important component in microprocessor-based systems, performing power supply monitoring and reset generation. This article is a detailed reference that will assist you in understanding the characteristics, applications, and benefits of this single-voltage supervisor. We’ll go over everything you need to know about the MIC803-26D2VC3-TR, from its low power consumption to its various reset threshold options.

Understanding the MIC803-26D2VC3-TR

The MIC803-26D2VC3-TR is a highly specialized integrated circuit (IC) that has been meticulously built to assure the consistent operation of microprocessor-based systems. Its primary function is to prevent errors from occurring during normal processing. The primary function of this component is to continuously monitor the voltage provided by the power source and to generate reset signals when required. This device is essential for preserving the reliability and integrity of the system. It ensures that the delicate ecosystem of applications that are based on microprocessors continues to be robust and resistant despite the presence of variable power supply conditions.

Key Features of the MIC803-26D2VC3-TR

Monitoring the Power Supply Voltage The MIC803-26D2VC3-TR does exceptionally well when it comes to accurately monitoring the power supply voltage. It performs the role of a watchful protector by continuously checking voltage levels to ensure that they are kept within acceptable ranges for productive work.

This IC offers a reliable method of announcing a system reset whenever it is necessary to do so thanks to the open-drain reset output it possesses. Because of this feature, a large variety of applications that are based on microprocessors can be integrated without any problems.

  • Low Power Consumption (4.5 A): Efficiency is critical, and the MIC803-26D2VC3-TR shines at it. It consumes electricity sparingly, drawing only 4.5 microamperes (A) of supply current. Because of its low power consumption, it is ideal for battery-powered or energy-efficient devices.
  • Three Reset Delay Periods (20 ms, 140 ms, and 1120 ms): This IC is known for its versatility. It provides three distinct reset delay times, allowing designers to adjust reset timing to the exact requirements of their microprocessor-based systems. The MIC803-26D2VC3-TR can handle either a speedy or a more careful reset.
  • Factory-Programmed Reset Threshold Levels (2.63V to 4.63V): Adaptability is essential in modern electronics, and this IC exemplifies it. It has a set of factory-programmed reset threshold settings ranging from 2.63 volts (V) to 4.63V. This broad range supports power supply operating at 3.0V, 3.3V, and 5.0V, making it appropriate for a wide range of voltage combinations. This feature streamlines the selecting process while also providing compatibility with a wide range of systems.

These outstanding qualities combine to make the MIC803-26D2VC3-TR a tough and adaptable solution for power supply monitoring and reset generation, meeting the severe requirements of modern microprocessor-based systems.

Functionality of the MIC803-26D2VC3-TR

Power Supply Monitoring

The MIC803-26D2VC3-TR’s primary task – the attentive monitoring of the power supply voltage – is at the heart of its operation. This critical function ensures the stable and reliable operation of microprocessor-based systems.

  • Continuous Inspection: The MIC803-26D2VC3-TR constantly monitors the incoming power supply voltage. Because voltage fluctuations or decreases can be damaging to the correct operation of microprocessor-based devices, real-time monitoring is critical.
  • specified Thresholds: The IC is programmed with specified voltage thresholds to ensure precision. These thresholds are carefully established within a specified range that can be factory-programmed, often ranging from 2.63 to 4.63 volts (V). These thresholds serve as a standard against which the incoming voltage is measured.
  • Asserting a Reset Signal: If the measured voltage falls below the preset threshold, the MIC803-26D2VC3-TR responds immediately. It asserts a reset signal, informing the system that a significant voltage drop has occurred and that a reset procedure should be initiated.

The ability to monitor power supply voltage and execute a reset when necessary is an essential feature of the MIC803-26D2VC3-TR. It serves as a dependable guardian, acting as necessary to keep the system stable and intact in the face of variable or insufficient power supply situations.

Reset Generation with the MIC803-26D2VC3-TR

The MIC803-26D2VC3-TR’s flawless reset generation mechanism is one of the key features that distinguishes it as a crucial component in microprocessor-based systems. Here’s how it works:

  • When Voltage Falls Below Reset Threshold: When the power supply voltage fluctuates, particularly when it falls below the predetermined reset threshold, the MIC803-26D2VC3-TR activates. It quickly detects this important event, indicating that the power supply has become unstable or potentially hazardous.
  • Making a Reset Signal: In response to this voltage decrease, the MIC803-26D2VC3-TR generates a reset signal. This signal serves as an important communication tool, informing the system that a reset is required to restore normalcy and stability. Typically, the reset signal takes the form of an open-drain output.
  • Resetting the Controlled System: The MIC803-26D2VC3-TR distinguishes itself with its dedication to controlled and intentional reset management. The generated reset signal does not revert to its dormant condition instantly. Instead, it remains active for a defined timeout duration before being reset.
  • Maintaining System Integrity: The system has the option to gracefully shut down or prepare for a reboot during this reset timeout period. This methodical approach to system resets protects against unexpected or abrupt shutdowns, protecting data integrity and preventing system instability.

The reset generation function of the MIC803-26D2VC3-TR is an important feature that improves system dependability and resilience. It assures that microprocessor-based systems can recover from voltage-related issues in a controlled and ordered way, minimizing disruptions and potential data loss, by precisely responding to power supply voltage decreases and giving a controlled reset signal.


Finally, the MIC803-26D2VC3-TR is a key component in the area of voltage supervision, providing the consistent stability and reliability of microprocessor-based systems and embedded applications. Its precision, efficiency, low power consumption, and versatility make it an excellent choice for a variety of design scenarios, whether you’re working on battery-powered devices or complex microprocessor systems.

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