Part Number: MP2615GQ-Z

Manufacturer: Monolithic Power Systems Inc.

Description: IC BATT CHG LI-ION 1-2CELL 16QFN

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of MP2615GQ-Z

Datasheet  MP2615GQ-Z datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family PMIC – Battery Chargers
Manufacturer Monolithic Power Systems Inc.
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Battery Chemistry Lithium-Ion/Polymer
Number of Cells 1 ~ 2
Current – Charging Constant – Programmable
Programmable Features Timer
Fault Protection Over Current, Over Temperature
Charge Current – Max 2A
Battery Pack Voltage 8.4V
Voltage – Supply (Max) 18V
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C (TA)
Package / Case 16-VFQFN
Supplier Device Package 16-FCQFN (3×3)


In the fast-paced world of portable electronic devices such as smartphones, portable media players, and handheld solutions, it is critical to provide effective and safe battery charging. The MP2615GQ-Z is a high-efficiency switch mode battery charger that is critical in keeping these devices charged. In this comprehensive tutorial, we’ll look at the MP2615GQ-Z’s characteristics, applications, and working principles to help you grasp its importance in the world of battery charging.

Introduction to the MP2615GQ-Z

The MP2615GQ-Z is a multi-purpose battery charger for 1- or 2-cell lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries. This smart charging solution comes with a number of features and capabilities that make it a perfect alternative for a wide range of portable electronic devices. Here are some of the MP2615GQ-Z’s important features:

● Wide Input Voltage Range

The MP2615GQ-Z can work efficiently across a wide input voltage range, from 4.75V to 18V. This adaptability enables it to work with a wide range of power sources, making it appropriate for a wide range of applications.

● Exceptional Efficiency

The MP2615GQ-Z maximizes its efficiency by operating at up to 99% duty cycle. This is especially useful when charging a battery that is near to the input voltage, as it ensures that charging remains rapid and efficient.

● Adjustable Charging Current

This charger allows you to program the charging current, giving you complete control over the charging process. It can provide a charging current of up to 2A, making it suitable for a wide range of battery kinds and capacities.

● Controlling Voltage Accurately

It is critical to have great precision in battery charging. The MP2615GQ-Z has an impressive 0.75% accuracy in full battery voltage regulation, guaranteeing that your battery is charged precisely.

● Choosing a Battery Voltage

For establishing the full battery voltage, this charger offers two voltage options: 4.1V/cell and 4.2V/cell. This function is required for compatibility with various battery chemistries and charging needs.

● Power Switches Built-In

The MP2615GQ-Z has fully integrated power switches, which simplifies the design and eliminates the need for additional external components. This integration simplifies the charging procedure as a whole.

● Compensation for Internal Loops

Internal loop compensation is built within the charger, which is critical for consistent and reliable charging performance. It aids in maintaining precise control over the charging process.

● Protection Against Reverse Blocking

One of the MP2615GQ-Z’s notable characteristics is its integrated reverse blocking protection. This eliminates the requirement for an external reverse blocking diode, simplifying and saving space in the design.

● Depleted Battery Preconditioning

The charger has a preconditioning capability, which is especially useful for completely exhausted batteries. It ensures that even the most deeply drained batteries can be charged safely and effectively.

● Indicator of Charging Operation

A charging operation indicator allows users and manufacturers to monitor the charging process. This visual feedback improves the user experience while also providing useful information about the charger’s status.

● Timer for Safety

The MP2615GQ-Z includes a programmable safety timer, which improves charging safety. This timer aids in the prevention of overcharging and the associated safety issues.

● Thermal Shutdown Safety

Thermal shutdown prevention is included into the charger to protect it from overheating. This safeguard guarantees that the charger functions within safe temperature ranges.

● Overcurrent Defense

In the event of an overcurrent problem, the charger includes cycle-by-cycle overcurrent protection, which helps avoid damage to the charger, battery, or connected devices.

● Temperature Monitoring and Protection for Batteries

During the charging procedure, the temperature of the battery is continuously checked. This function improves safety by preventing overcharging and overheating, both of which can be damaging to the battery.

The MP2615GQ-Z is a feature-rich battery charger designed to meet the demands of modern portable devices, providing efficiency, precision, safety, and convenience of use. The MP2615GQ-Z provides a substantial development in battery charging solutions, whether you’re building a new product or simply trying to comprehend your device’s charging technology.

Applications of the MP2615GQ-Z

The MP2615GQ-Z’s versatility and dependability make it an essential component in a wide range of portable electronic devices, including:

1. Smartphones

In an age where cellphones are practically indispensable in our everyday lives, effective battery charging is vital. The MP2615GQ-Z charges your smartphone’s battery rapidly and safely, allowing you to stay connected.

2. Portable Hand-Held Solutions

The MP2615GQ-Z is an excellent choice for powering a wide range of hand-held solutions, boosting user convenience.

3. Portable Media Players

Whether you’re listening to music or watching movies on the go, the MP2615GQ-Z is critical in keeping your portable media players powered, ensuring uninterrupted amusement.


The MP2615 operates as a peak current mode controlled charger for 1- or 2-cell lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries. It employs a three-phase charging cycle (TC → CC → CV) for efficient and accurate charging:

  • Trickle-Charge Mode (TC): When the battery voltage falls below a certain level, the charger employs trickle charge to gradually increase the voltage. If a timer is triggered, charging will halt.
  • Constant Current Mode (CC): When the battery voltage exceeds a certain threshold, the charger enters a constant current mode, which allows for faster charging.
  • Constant Voltage Mode (CV): When the battery is nearing capacity, the charger enters constant voltage mode to manage the voltage.

Charge termination and auto-recharge are two of the charger’s safety features. The charger stops charging if the charge current falls below a certain threshold during the constant voltage phase. If the battery voltage falls, recharging occurs automatically.

The MP2615 uses a constant off-time (COT) charge mode to achieve a 99% duty cycle and retain high efficiency. It also indicates charge status through the CHGOK and ACOK pins.

In conclusion, the MP2615 enables efficient, accurate, and safe charging of lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries, making it an important component in a variety of applications.


The MP2615GQ-Z represents the pinnacle of high-efficiency battery charging technology, offering a remarkable blend of versatility and cutting-edge safety features for a wide spectrum of portable electronic devices. With its remarkable capacity to deliver high charging currents, maintain constant current and voltage regulation, all within a sleek and compact design, it unquestionably emerges as an indispensable choice to ensure our modern devices remain powered, efficient, and secure.

As technology continues its relentless march forward, the MP2615GQ-Z solidifies its role as an essential component in the realm of power management. To learn more about this remarkable device, inquire about its capabilities, or to place an order for the MP2615GQ-Z and a plethora of other electronic components, don’t hesitate to contact us at ICRFQ, a prominent electronic component distributor based in China.

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