Part Number: MSC025SMA120S

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology

Description: SICFET N-CH 1.2KV 100A D3PAK

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Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology is changing the power electronics business because it can improve performance and efficiency in high-voltage applications in amazing ways. Microsemi’s MSC025SMA120S Silicon Carbide N-Channel Power MOSFET product line is a game-changer that beats standard silicon MOSFET and silicon IGBT solutions. In this in-depth guide, we look at the MSC025SMA120S’s features, benefits, and uses to show why it’s a top choice for current power electronics.

Understanding Silicon Carbide (SiC) Technology

Understanding the foundations of SiC technology is crucial to fully appreciating the relevance of MSC025SMA120S. In contrast to conventional silicon-based components, silicon carbide is a wide-bandgap semiconductor material with exceptional electrical properties that enable it to operate at greater voltages, temperatures, and frequencies. SiC is the perfect material for high-power, high-frequency applications due to its better thermal conductivity and less switching losses.

Introducing the MSC025SMA120S Power MOSFET

A 1200 V, 25 m SiC MOSFET called the MSC025SMA120S was created by Microsemi to meet the rising demand for effective power management in high-voltage applications. This device, which is housed in a TO-268 (D3PAK) package, has a sturdy design that can withstand higher power levels without sacrificing dependable performance.

Key Features and Specifications

The Silicon Carbide N-Channel Power MOSFET from Microsemi, model number MSC025SMA120S, differs from conventional silicon MOSFET and IGBT solutions in a number of significant ways. Let’s examine each of these attributes in more depth:

  • Low On-Resistance (RDS(on)): With only 25 m, the MSC025SMA120S has an incredibly low on-resistance. Because of its low RDS(on) value, the MOSFET provides little resistance while it is in the conducting state. Due to decreased conduction losses, it operates more efficiently and dissipates less power in high-power applications. This characteristic is essential for minimizing thermal stress on the device and achieving energy-efficient power management.
  • High Breakdown Voltage (VDS): The MSC025SMA120S can tolerate high voltage levels without failing or experiencing a breakdown with a breakdown voltage of 1200 V. It is suitable for usage in high-voltage situations where conventional silicon-based MOSFETs might not be able to manage the voltage requirements due to its high voltage rating. Its capacity to function at higher voltages results in better power handling abilities and a wider range of applications.
  • Fast Switching Speed: The MSC025SMA120S is capable of making a quick switch between the ON and OFF states thanks to its fast switching characteristics. Due to the MOSFET’s quick switching rate, it spends much less time in the transition area, lowering switching losses. The device is perfect for high-frequency switching applications where quick switching is essential because lower switching losses equate to improved efficiency and less wasted energy.
  • Improved Thermal Performance: The MSC025SMA120S produces less heat when operating because of Silicon Carbide’s better thermal conductivity. In high-power applications where thermal control is critical, the MOSFET can sustain larger current levels without incurring an excessive temperature rise, which is particularly advantageous. The longer lifespan and overall dependability of the gadget are both influenced by improved thermal performance.
  • Simpler Parallel Operation: The MSC025SMA120S is made to make parallel operation simpler. Effective current sharing between the devices is crucial when numerous MOSFETs must operate in tandem to manage larger current levels. The MSC025SMA120S has features that enable it simpler to accomplish balanced current sharing in parallel setups, streamlining the design process and boosting system reliability.

The MSC025SMA120S is able to outperform conventional silicon MOSFETs and IGBTs in a variety of high-voltage applications thanks to the combination of these crucial properties, offering higher efficiency, better thermal management, and more power handling capabilities. These characteristics can be used by designers to produce more efficient, dependable, and energy-efficient power electronics systems.

Advantages of MSC025SMA120S over Silicon MOSFET and Silicon IGBT Solutions

● Higher Efficiency

SiC MOSFETs are much more efficient than conventional silicon MOSFETs and IGBTs thanks to their decreased on-resistance and reduced switching losses.

● Increased Power Density

larger voltage ratings and greater thermal performance enable designs with larger power densities, resulting in smaller and lighter systems.

● Higher Operating Temperatures

The MSC025SMA120S can work at higher temperatures thanks to SiC technology, expanding its range of applications and obviating the need for elaborate cooling systems.

● Faster Switching Speeds

SiC MOSFETs’ innate characteristics allow for quicker switching, less energy loss during transitions, and high-frequency functioning.


The MSC025SMA120S Silicon Carbide N-Channel Power MOSFET is a flexible component that is used in a variety of high-voltage systems and industries. Due to its outstanding functionality and performance, it is the go-to option in the following applications:

  • Systems for Renewable Energy: Effective power conversion is essential in renewable energy applications, such as solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind power systems, to maximize energy harvesting and minimize energy losses. The MSC025SMA120S is a good choice for power inverters used in solar and wind energy systems due to its low on-resistance and high breakdown voltage. These MOSFETs allow renewable energy systems to increase the efficiency of their energy conversion, which boosts power output and enhances grid integration.
  • Industrial motor drives: To control and regulate the speed and torque of electric motors, industrial motor drives frequently need high-power, high-efficiency devices. The MSC025SMA120S’s quick switching times and low on-resistance allow for precise motor control, lower power losses, and more effective motor drives in industrial applications. For sectors including manufacturing, robotics, and transportation, these MOSFETs help enhance energy efficiency and lower operating costs.
  • EVs (electric vehicles) and HEVs (hybrid electric vehicles): The need for effective power electronics is growing as the automobile industry continues to move toward electric and hybrid vehicles. The MSC025SMA120S is perfect for usage in EV and HEV powertrain systems because of its high voltage rating and fast switching capabilities. Manufacturers may create more effective and dependable electric drivetrains by integrating these MOSFETs, which results in increased driving range, shorter charging periods, and better overall performance for electric vehicles.
  • Inverters and High-Power Converters: The high-power converters and inverters utilized in a variety of applications, including data centers, industrial machinery, and telecommunications infrastructure, are well suited for MSC025SMA120S MOSFETs. Because of their high voltage rating and quick switching speed, which enable high-frequency operation and more compact, effective power conversion systems, they can manage huge power loads.

Real-World Examples

MSC025SMA120S MOSFETs can boost the overall energy conversion efficiency of a solar PV system by up to 98%, resulting in better power generation and a quicker return on investment for solar plant operators.

MSC025SMA120S MOSFET integration increases drivetrain efficiency in electric car powertrains by up to 5%, extending the driving range and speeding up charging times.

MSC025SMA120S MOSFETs can save up to 15% on energy when used in place of traditional MOSFETs in industrial motor drive systems, which increases productivity and lowers operating costs.

Overall, by delivering greater efficiency, improved reliability, and superior performance in high-voltage applications, the MSC025SMA120S MOSFETs are revolutionizing a number of industries. They are a popular option for engineers and designers looking to optimize power management in their systems because of their broad applicability and practical impact.


A notable development in the field of power electronics is the Microsemi MSC025SMA120S Silicon Carbide N-Channel Power MOSFET. It performs better than standard silicon MOSFET and IGBT solutions thanks to its outstanding features, improved efficiency, and broad application range. The MSC025SMA120S is a top option for design engineers wanting to optimize power management in high-voltage applications because it offers better performance and a cheaper total cost of ownership.

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