Part Number: MSC035SMA170S

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology

Description: MOSFET SIC 1700V 35 MOHM TO-268

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The need for high-performance, cost-effective, and energy-efficient solutions in high-voltage applications has never been stronger than it is in today’s fast-paced technological environment. With unmatched benefits over conventional Silicon MOSFET and Silicon IGBT solutions, Microsemi’s Silicon Carbide (SiC) power MOSFET product line emerges as a game-changer in response to these requirements.

The MSC035SMA170S device, a 1700 V, 35 m SiC MOSFET in a TO-268 (D3PAK) packaging, stands out among its remarkable lineup. In this thorough tour, we will delve into the MSC035SMA170S universe, learning about its features, advantages, and potential to transform high-voltage applications.

Understanding the SiC Advantage

Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology has become a revolutionary force in the realm of high-voltage applications, providing a plethora of benefits above conventional Silicon-based solutions. This chapter will explore SiC MOSFETs’ distinctive features and how they have revolutionized power electronics by enabling higher efficiency, lower losses, and better system performance.

Higher Breakdown Voltage

SiC MOSFETs’ capacity to withstand higher breakdown voltages than their Silicon-based counterparts is one of their main advantages. SiC MOSFETs are better suited to function in high-power applications without running the danger of catastrophic failures thanks to their substantially higher breakdown voltage, which frequently reaches up to 1700 V as demonstrated by the MSC035SMA170S device. For enterprises looking to increase the reliability and efficiency of power conversion, this flexibility to operate at elevated voltage opens up new opportunities.

Lower On-Resistance

The naturally low on-resistance of SiC MOSFETs is a crucial feature. The MSC035SMA170S gadget ensures minimum power losses during conduction because to its low 35 m on-resistance. Higher power densities and better system performance are made possible by this improved energy efficiency and less heat generation.

Faster Switching Speeds

Comparing SiC MOSFETs to conventional Silicon devices, the former have much faster switching rates. Reduced switching losses are made possible by their quick on/off cycles, which shorten the amount of time the MOSFET is in a partially conducting condition. SiC MOSFETs are ideally suited for high-frequency applications due to this characteristic, which also improves system effectiveness and lowers electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Superior Thermal Conductivity

Power electronics require effective thermal control, particularly in high-voltage applications. Due to their better thermal conductivity, SiC MOSFETs can operate at higher temperatures than silicon-based devices without experiencing performance degradation. The capacity to withstand high temperatures without losing effectiveness makes cooling requirements simpler, which reduces costs and allows for more efficient and compact system designs.

Enhanced Efficiency and Reduced Losses

Superior system efficiency is the result of a combination of higher breakdown voltage, reduced on-resistance, and faster switching speeds. SiC MOSFETs can function at higher frequencies and power levels with greater efficiency thanks to less conduction and switching losses, which also results in lower power dissipation.

Improved Overall System Performance

High-voltage applications can reach a new level of performance by utilizing SiC MOSFETs’ power. For instance, the MSC035SMA170S device gives systems the capacity to manage sizable power loads while retaining stability and dependability. The increased efficiency and decreased losses cause systems to operate more smoothly, consume less energy, and require less maintenance.

MSC035SMA170S Key Specifications

A 1700 V, 35 m SiC MOSFET, the MSC035SMA170S device represents the cutting edge of SiC technology. To comprehend its capabilities, let’s dissect its main features:

● Voltage Rating: 1700 V

The MSC035SMA170S gadget stands out as a high-voltage powerhouse thanks to its 1700 V voltage rating. This makes it able to withstand significant electrical stress and function well in situations requiring higher voltage levels. Whether in industrial drives, renewable energy systems, or electric vehicle charging stations, the MSC035SMA170S can handle the most difficult power conversion tasks because of its outstanding voltage rating.

● On-Resistance: 35 mΩ

The MSC035SMA170S device boasts an incredibly low on-resistance of 35 m and provides effective power conduction with little loss. Because of its low on-resistance, less power is lost during conduction as heat, improving energy efficiency and reducing thermal stress on the system. This characteristic makes it the perfect option for high-power applications that call for reduced power losses and improved system efficiency.

The Advantage of TO-268 (D3PAK) Package

The MSC035SMA170S device is packaged in a TO-268 (D3PAK) package, a clever choice that provides the following major advantages:

● Thermal Management

When it comes to thermal management, the TO-268 (D3PAK) package excels, which is critical for high-power applications where effective heat dissipation is crucial. The design of the package enables efficient heat transport away from the MOSFET, reducing excessive temperature build-up and guaranteeing excellent device performance even under situations of high load. The package’s better thermal characteristics improve the MSC035SMA170S device’s overall dependability and lifespan.

● Durability and Robustness

Excellent mechanical robustness is provided by the TO-268 (D3PAK) packaging, shielding the sensitive MOSFET component from external shocks and environmental stressors. The MSC035SMA170S is appropriate for a wide range of demanding industrial and automotive applications thanks to its sturdy construction, which guarantees it can survive tough operating circumstances.

● Ease of Use and Mounting

The MSC035SMA170S device is easier to integrate into current systems and circuit designs because of the TO-268 (D3PAK) package’s easy handling and mounting features. Manufacturers may produce products more quickly and with a shorter time to market because to the package’s fixed dimensions and mounting arrangement.

MSC035SMA170S Efficiency Comparison

● Power Dissipation and Thermal Performance

In high-power applications, power dissipation is a crucial element since it directly affects the dependability and lifetime of power electronic devices. We will assess how the TO-268 (D3PAK) package and the MSC035SMA170S device’s excellent thermal conductivity contribute to effective heat dissipation, maintaining operating temperatures within bounds even under heavy loads. Conventional Silicon-based devices, in contrast, may find it difficult to withstand high temperatures, resulting in performance deterioration and decreased dependability.

Switching Speeds and EMI Reduction

● Reliability and Longevity

Any use of power electronics must take reliability into consideration. In comparison to conventional Silicon MOSFETs and Silicon IGBTs, we will evaluate the MSC035SMA170S device’s durability and long-term stability. SiC technology’s inherently improved thermal performance and greater breakdown voltage help increase device reliability and prolong operational life.


In conclusion, the MSC035SMA170S device is a game-changer in high-voltage power electronics. Its unparalleled performance advantages, cost-effectiveness, and diverse applications make it crucial in shaping a greener and technologically advanced future. Get this transformative SiC MOSFET from ICRFQ, a leading electronic components distributor in China. Embrace the MSC035SMA170S to achieve higher efficiency and sustainability in power conversion solutions, contributing to a cleaner and more advanced world.

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