Part Number: PD57018TR-E

Manufacturer: Wolf Speed, Inc.

Description: IC AMP RF LDMOS H-37248-4

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Technical Specifications of PD57018TR-E

Datasheet  PD57018TR-E datasheet
Category Discrete Semiconductor Products
Family Transistors – FETs, MOSFETs – RF
Manufacturer STMicroelectronics
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Transistor Type LDMOS
Frequency 945MHz
Gain 16.5dB
Voltage – Test 28V
Current Rating 2.5A
Noise Figure
Current – Test 100mA
Power – Output 18W
Voltage – Rated 65V
Package / Case PowerSO-10RF Exposed Bottom Pad (2 Formed Leads)
Supplier Device Package PowerSO-10RF (Formed Lead)


In the world of telecommunications and wireless transmission, there has been an increase in the need for high-gain, broad-band RF power transistors. These transistors are a key part of making sure that business and industrial applications can communicate reliably and effectively. The PD57018TR-E, an N-channel enhancement-mode lateral field-effect RF power transistor with a shared source, has become a cutting-edge way to meet these needs.

Overview of PD57018TR-E

The PD57018TR-E is a strong RF power transistor made for uses with high gain and a wide frequency range. It works well at frequencies up to 1 GHz when it is set to use a shared source voltage of 28 V. This device is built on an architecture called “enhancement-mode lateral field effect,” which makes it as efficient and reliable as possible.

Operating Voltage, Frequency Range, and Advanced Technology

The PD57018TR-E has a lot of great features and works best at 28 V in common source mode. This level of voltage lets the transistor work well while using as little power as possible. Also, the device works well at frequencies up to 1 GHz, making it perfect for a wide range of communication protocols and applications.

STMicroelectronics’ latest LDMOS (Laterally Diffused Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) technology is used in the PD57018TR-E so that it can work so well. This new technology is better than traditional MOSFETs in many ways, such as having a higher breakdown voltage, being able to handle more power, and being more efficient overall. By using the benefits of LDMOS technology, the PD57018TR-E can handle higher power levels with better linearity and reliability. This makes it a great choice for base station uses.

The PD57018TR-E has great gain, linearity, and reliability, and it uses ST’s latest LDMOS technology to make sure that signals are amplified and sent well in high-frequency base station settings. So, the PD57018TR-E comes out as a better RF power transistor, offering performance that can’t be beaten and setting new standards for the efficiency of communication in the telecommunications and wireless communication industries.

Key Features and Benefits

● High Gain and Linearity

One of the most impressive things about the PD57018TR-E is that it has great gain and uniformity. This is especially helpful in base station applications, where signal amplification must be done correctly for transmission to go smoothly. With the PD57018TR-E, base stations can improve how they handle signals and how well they send them.

● Latest LDMOS Technology

The PD57018TR-E uses ST’s latest LDMOS (Laterally Diffused Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) technology. LDMOS technology has several benefits over traditional MOSFET technology, such as a higher breakdown voltage, better power handling, and better efficiency. So, the PD57018TR-E can handle higher amounts of power while still being stable and reliable.

● PowerSO-10RF is the first true SMD plastic RF power package.

The PD57018TR-E comes in the PowerSO-10RF package, which is the first high-power SMD package approved by ST JEDEC and made specifically for RF uses. This packaging option has a high level of reliability and great RF performance, which makes it a great choice for telecommunications environments with high standards. The PowerSO-10RF package is also easy to put together, which makes the manufacturing process easier, lowers costs, and improves total efficiency.


The PD57018TR-E has many uses in the business and industrial worlds, especially in base station settings. Some of the most important uses are:

● Base Stations

The PD57018TR-E is a great choice for base station amps because it is very linear and reliable. Signal amplification is a key part of base stations that are needed for reliable contact over long distances. The PD57018TR-E makes sure that there isn’t much distortion and that the signal is clear. This makes calls and data transfer better.

● Wireless Communication Systems

The PD57018TR-E works very well for wireless communication devices with a frequency range of up to 1 GHz. It can send signals efficiently because it has a high gain, and it can work with a wide range of communication methods because it has broadband.

● Industrial Applications

The PD57018TR-E is good for many industrial uses because it is built to last and can handle high amounts of power. This RF power transistor improves the reliability and efficiency of communication in industrial processes. It can be used in automated systems and for remote tracking and control.

Advantages of LDMOS Technology

LDMOS (Laterally Diffused Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) technology, which is used in ST’s latest generation, has several important benefits that make it the best choice for high-power RF uses like the PD57018TR-E. Let’s look at the benefits of LDMOS technology in more detail and see how it stacks up against standard MOSFET technologies:

● Higher Breakdown Voltage

The fact that LDMOS technology can handle higher breakdown voltages is one of its best features. Compared to traditional MOSFET technologies, LDMOS devices can handle much higher voltage levels without breaking down. This makes them perfect for uses that need a lot of power. This feature makes the gadget more durable and reliable as a whole.

● Improved Power Handling

LDMOS transistors are very good at handling high amounts of power. Because of their improved design and materials, they can handle more power without getting too hot and breaking down as often. This makes LDMOS technology more efficient and effective, which makes it a good choice for high-frequency, high-power uses like those in base stations.

● Enhanced Efficiency

LDMOS technology is more efficient at turning electrical power into RF output because its design is better. Because of this increased efficiency, less power is wasted and less heat is made, which improves thermal performance and increases long-term stability. It also helps save power and lower the cost of running RF power amplifiers.

● Linearity and Signal Fidelity

LDMOS transistors have good linearity, which means they can boost data without changing them much. This property is especially important for things like base stations, where keeping the signal’s integrity is important for reliable transmission. With its LDMOS technology, the PD57018TR-E has good linearity, which makes sure that signal amplification is clean and accurate.

● Wide Frequency Range

LDMOS devices can work at a wide range of frequencies, including RF and microwave frequencies. Because of this, they can be used in a variety of communication protocols and applications. This makes them flexible enough to meet the constantly changing needs of the telecommunications business.

● Simplified Cooling Systems

Because LDMOS technology has better temperature properties, cooling systems can be made that are easier to use and cost less. This benefit is especially useful in base station apps, where getting rid of heat is important for keeping things running smoothly and continuously.

● Reduced Distortion and Interference

LDMOS technology reduces signal distortion and interference because it is linear and can handle a lot of power. This makes transmission clearer and more reliable. This is especially helpful in busy frequency bands where interference can lower the quality of the stream.


In the realm of RF power transistors, the PD57018TR-E truly stands out as an exceptional choice, boasting high-gain, broadband capabilities, and cutting-edge advantages of ST’s latest LDMOS technology. Its application in the first true SMD plastic RF power package, PowerSO-10RF, reinforces its position as a reliable and efficient solution, particularly for base station applications. By incorporating the PD57018TR-E into their systems, businesses, and industries can experience seamless communication and heightened productivity, driving progress in their respective fields.

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