Part Number: PE43704MLCA-Z

Manufacturer: pSemi

Description: RF ATTENUATOR 31.75DB 32VFQFN

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Technical Specifications of PE43704MLCA-Z

Datasheet  PE43704MLCA-Z datasheet
Category RF/IF and RFID
Family Attenuators
Manufacturer Peregrine Semiconductor
Series UltraCMOS?, HaRP?
Part Status Active
Attenuation Value 31.75dB
Tolerance ±0.25dB
Frequency Range 9kHz ~ 8GHz
Power (Watts)
Impedance 50 Ohm
Package / Case 32-VFQFN Exposed Pad

PE43704MLCA-Z Introduction

The PE43704MLCA-Z is made by pSemi Corporation. It is a high-performance RF digital step attenuator (DSA). As a member of the HaRPTM family of devices, it is known for its high linearity, low distortion, and low power usage. This makes it a top choice for RF applications that require a lot of power.

PE43704B-Z Key Features

There are a number of things that make the PE43704MLCA-Z stand out.

  • With HaRPTM technology, uniformity is improved and distortion is reduced, allowing for better RF performance.
  • With a frequency range from DC to 8 GHz, this DSA can be used for many different RF uses, making it versatile and flexible.
  • Adjustable in steps of 0.25 dB, 0.5 dB, or 1.0 dB, the 31.75 dB attenuation range gives exact control over signal power levels, allowing for the best possible customization.
  • Pin compatibility with the PE43703 makes it easier for current designs to be upgraded, which saves time and effort.
  • Multiple CMOS control ports make system integration and control more flexible and meet different needs.
  • The optional VssEXT bypass mode improves the performance of spurious signals in certain apps, making the signal cleaner.
  • High attenuation accuracy is kept over a wide range of frequency and temperature, so it will work well even in tough settings.
  • The PE43704MLCA-Z has low insertion loss and low power usage. This makes it useful for designing systems that are efficient and good for the environment.

Manufacturing Technology

The PE43704MLCA-Z is made using pSemi’s state-of-the-art UltraCMOS® method, which is a patented variation of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology on a sapphire substrate. This unique way of making things combines the performance benefits of GaAs with the cost benefits and integration powers of regular CMOS. This makes sure that both performance and cost-effectiveness are at their best.

Manufacturing Technology

The PE43704MLCA-Z is made using pSemi’s cutting-edge UltraCMOS® method, which is a patented variation of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology built on a sapphire substrate. This new way of making things blends the best parts of Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) technology with the advantages of CMOS technology in terms of cost and integration.

Using silicon-on-insulator technology has a number of positive effects. The sapphire substrate has good electrical isolation, which cuts down on parasitic capacitance and leakage currents that aren’t needed. This means that the RF performance is better and less power is used. Also, the UltraCMOS method makes it possible to put both active and passive parts on a single chip. This makes the chip work better overall and reduces the need for extra parts.

The PE43704MLCA-Z has great RF performance because it takes advantage of GaAs technology. GaAs is known for having high electron mobility, which lets it switch quickly and have low noise. This means that the reduction will work more linearly and with less distortion.

Integration of traditional CMOS technology also has economic benefits, such as low-cost manufacturing methods and the ability to make a lot of products at once. It makes it possible for the PE43704MLCA-Z to be made at a price that is competitive without sacrificing efficiency or reliability.

In short, pSemi’s UltraCMOS technology, which is built on a sapphire substrate, blends the performance benefits of GaAs with the cost benefits and ease of integration of traditional CMOS. This unique way of making the PE43704MLCA-Z makes sure that it has high-quality RF performance, uses power efficiently, and is a cost-effective answer for a wide range of RF applications.

PE43704B-Z Application Areas

The PE43704MLCA-Z is a digital RF step attenuator that can be used in many different systems and businesses. Some of the places where it could be used are:

  • Systems for wireless communication: The PE43704MLCA-Z works well with wireless transmission systems like cell phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It allows for exact control of attenuation, making sure that wireless transmissions have the best signal strength and quality.
  • RF Test and Measurement Equipment: The PE43704MLCA-Z is a key part of RF test and measurement equipment. It is used to change the power levels of RF devices during testing, calibration, and evaluation. Its wide range of attenuation and small steps make it easy to control the power in measurement sets.
  • Radar Systems: Signal processing and power control have to be accurate and reliable for radar systems to work. The PE43704MLCA-Z gives you exact control over signal power levels. This makes sure that radar systems like automotive radar, weather radar, and aerospace radar systems work as well as possible.
  • Satellite Communication Systems: For satellite communication systems to work, signals must be sent and received in a quick and effective way. The PE43704MLCA-Z lets you turn down the signal in satellite uplink and downlink apps to improve communication.
  • RF Transceiver Modules: The PE43704MLCA-Z makes it easy to handle the signal power levels of RF transceiver modules, which are used in things like wireless data transmission, radio systems, and remote control devices. It helps these devices get the best signal quality, range, and power use.
  • Applications in Military and Defense: The PE43704MLCA-Z is used in military and defense applications that need strong and effective RF systems. It helps control signal strength, improve the accuracy of attenuation, and improve spurious performance. This makes sure that mission-critical communications, surveillance systems, and electronic warfare applications work as well as possible.

These are just a few examples of what the PE43704MLCA-Z could be used for. Its high-performance features, wide frequency range, and precise attenuation control make it a useful part of RF systems in many industries.

PE43704B-Z Benefits and Advantages

The PE43704MLCA-Z has a lot of benefits and advantages that make it a top choice for makers and engineers of RF systems. These things are:

  • Improved RF Performance: Adding HaRPTM technology improves uniformity and reduces distortion, which makes the RF system work better as a whole. It makes it possible to send and receive high-quality data with very little interference.
  • exact Control of Signal Power: The PE43704MLCA-Z gives exact control over signal power levels, which lets RF signals be fine-tuned and optimized. It has a wide reduction range of 31.75 dB and can be adjusted in steps of 0.25 dB, 0.5 dB, or 1.0 dB, so signal strength can be changed to meet different needs.
  • Easy to fit in: The pin compatibility with the PE43703 makes it easier for system makers to put the two together. Existing designs can be easily upgraded to the PE43704MLCA-Z, saving time and money while taking advantage of its improved features and performance.
  • Control and System Integration freedom: The PE43704MLCA-Z has multiple CMOS control interfaces, which gives control and system integration freedom. This makes it easier to work with different control schemes and makes it easier to fit into different system designs.
  • Improved Spurious Performance: In some programs, the optional VssEXT bypass mode improves spurious performance. By turning on this mode, the PE43704MLCA-Z makes sure that the signals are cleaner, reduces interference, and keeps the purity of the signals.


In summary, the PE43704MLCA-Z is a highly suitable option for a variety of RF applications. These include wireless communication systems, RF test and measurement equipment, radar systems, satellite communication systems, RF transceiver modules, as well as military and defense applications. The device’s high-performance features, precise signal power control, and ability to contribute to superior RF system performance make it a dependable and efficient solution for RF engineers and system designers. For more information or to order this product, please contact us at ICRFQ, the leading electronic component distributor in China. We are committed to providing you with the best product at an affordable price.

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