Part Number: PIC16F690-I/P

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology

Description: IC MCU 8BIT 7KB FLASH 20DIP

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The PIC16F690-I/P is a beacon of innovation and versatility in the ever-changing field of embedded systems and microcontrollers. This little but powerful microcontroller is well-known for its outstanding capabilities and diverse uses. If you’re a fledgling electronics enthusiast, a seasoned engineer, or anybody interested by the power of embedded technology, this tutorial is your key to unlocking It microcontroller’s full potential.

Key Features

PIC16F690-I/P Features

It microcontroller has a number of significant features that make it an appealing option for a variety of embedded applications. Here’s a rundown of its notable features:

  1. Low Pin-Count:It is a tiny yet powerful microcontroller with only 20 pins. This low-pin arrangement simplifies circuit construction and makes it ideal for projects with limited space.
  2. Wide Voltage Range:This microcontroller has a wide voltage range of 2.0 to 5.5 volts. This adaptability allows it to work with a variety of power sources and adapt to a variety of situations and applications.
  3. EEPROM Data Memory:With 256 bytes of EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) data memory, It allows you to store and recover vital data even when the power is turned off. This functionality is useful for applications that require non-volatile data storage.
  4. nanoWatt Technology:The use of nanoWatt technology ensures that energy is consumed efficiently. It lets the microcontroller to work in low-power modes, making it perfect for battery-powered devices and applications that require high power efficiency.

These fundamental features contribute to the adaptability and efficiency of It, allowing developers to implement new solutions while conserving power and lowering the footprint of their designs. Whether you’re designing a low-power device or require a microcontroller with a wide operating voltage range, It has the functionality you need.Top of Form

Overview of PIC Microcontrollers

PIC microcontrollers, short for Peripheral Interface Controller microcontrollers, have a long history and play an important role in the electronics industry. They were first introduced by General Instrument Corporation in the late 1970s and are now part of the Microchip Technology family. Here’s why they matter:

  • Versatility:PIC microcontrollers are extremely versatile, with applications ranging from consumer electronics to industrial automation to medical devices.
  • Affordability:They provide low-cost solutions, making them accessible to a wide range of developers and sectors.
  • Innovation:The PIC microcontroller family is notable for its constant innovation, with each iteration providing new capabilities and upgraded peripherals.

The Significance of PIC16F690-I/P

It microcontroller stands out among these. It embodies the essential qualities of the family: adaptability, affordability, and innovation. This guide will assist you in realizing its full potential, bridging the gap between beginners and experts. It is your innovation tool, whether you’re learning about embedded systems or looking for an efficient solution.

Applications of PIC16F690-I/P

It microcontroller, with its compact design and versatile features, finds practical applications across a range of industries:

  1. Home Automation:Ideal for smart thermostats, lighting control, and security systems.
  2. Robotics:Used in robot control, motor drivers, and obstacle avoidance systems.
  3. Industrial Automation:Reliable in control systems for manufacturing and quality control.
  4. Medical Devices:Precise monitoring and portable diagnostic equipment.
  5. Automotive Electronics:Engine management, airbags, and security systems.
  6. Consumer Electronics:Remote controls, smart appliances, and digital audio devices.
  7. Education:Popular for learning microcontroller programming and electronics.
  8. IoT (Internet of Things):Suited for sensor nodes, data loggers, and edge devices.

The versatility and feature set of It enable developers to design unique and efficient solutions in these various domains, making it a great choice for a wide range of applications.

Advanced Features and Applications

It microcontroller has a slew of advanced capabilities that make it an effective tool for a variety of applications. Let’s take a closer look at these qualities and their practical applications:

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)

It includes a 4-channel Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) module, which is essential for precise control of motors and LEDs. PWM is a technique for controlling the average voltage supplied to a device by varying the duty cycle of a square wave. This enables the following applications:

  • Motor Control:PWM is widely used to control motor speed and direction, making it important in robotics and automation. You can successfully manage the motor’s speed by modifying the duty cycle.
  • LED Brightness Control:PWM is perfect for adjusting the brightness of LEDs. You may accomplish dimming effects, create visual patterns, or simply save power in battery-powered gadgets by adjusting the duty cycle.
  • Audio Generation:PWM can be used to generate audio, where the duty cycle regulates the volume or frequency of a tone.
  • Analog Simulation:Because PWM can replicate analog signals, it can be used to generate changeable voltage levels in analog circuits and components.

EEPROM Data Memory

It has 256 bytes of EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory). This non-volatile memory is useful for storing crucial data even when the power is turned off. Here’s how you can put it to use:

  • Data Logging:In applications such as temperature monitoring, data loggers, or environmental sensing, EEPROM can be used to store sensor readings, user settings, or other critical data.
  • Configuration Parameters:EEPROM is useful for storing setup parameters in devices such as smart thermostats with microcontrollers or IoT nodes.
  • User Profiles:User profiles or preferences can be saved in EEPROM in applications such as access control systems or personal gadgets.
  • Counters and Timers:EEPROM is useful for storing counts, timers, and other variables that must be kept consistent over power cycles.

Power Management with nanoWatt Technology

It’s nanoWatt Technology allows effective power management, particularly in battery-powered applications. This is accomplished with characteristics such as:

  • Sleep Modes:The microcontroller has the ability to enter low-power sleep modes, which reduce power consumption during idle periods.
  • Wake-Up Sources:You can configure external events, timers, or internal conditions to wake the microcontroller from sleep mode, ensuring power is conserved until needed.
  • Brown-Out Reset (BOR):nanoWatt Technology includes a software-selectable BOR feature, which prevents the microcontroller from operating below a certain voltage, safeguarding against unreliable operation.
  • Ultra-Low-Power Wake-Up (ULPW):This mode minimizes power consumption during wake-up from sleep mode.

Battery-powered gadgets such as wireless sensors, remote controls, and wearable electronics benefit from nanoWatt Technology.

Analog Peripherals

It includes analog functionality such as a 10-bit Analog-to-Digital (A/D) converter and comparators. These are required for applications involving sensor interface, precision measurements, and analog-based decision-making:

  • Sensor Interfacing:The 10-bit A/D converter reads analog sensor readings correctly, making it suited for applications such as temperature monitoring, light sensing, and environmental data collection.
  • Comparators:The comparators are useful for making analog voltage-based choices. They can be utilized in applications where specified actions must be triggered when an analog signal crosses a threshold.

The analog peripherals in It improve its capacity to communicate with the real world and make precise, data-driven decisions in a variety of applications like as industrial control and environmental monitoring.

It microcontroller’s extensive features open up a world of options for controlling devices, handling data, conserving power, and interacting with sensors, making it a versatile and important tool for electronics hobbyists and experts alike.


Remember that It microcontroller’s potential is limitless when you embark on your thrilling journey with it. It acts as your entry point into innovation, allowing you to turn your ideas into real-world solutions. It provides limitless opportunities for experimentation and innovation in your electronic creations.

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