Part Number: REF1112AIDBZR

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Description: IC VREF SHUNT 0.2% SOT23-3

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of REF1112AIDBZR

Datasheet  REF1112AIDBZR datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family PMIC – Voltage Reference
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Reference Type Shunt
Output Type Fixed
Voltage – Output (Min/Fixed) 1.25V
Voltage – Output (Max)
Current – Output 5mA
Tolerance ±0.2%
Temperature Coefficient 15ppm/°C Typical
Noise – 0.1Hz to 10Hz 25μVp-p
Noise – 10Hz to 10kHz
Voltage – Input
Current – Supply
Current – Cathode 1.2μA
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 125°C (TA)
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case TO-236-3, SC-59, SOT-23-3
Supplier Device Package SOT-23-3


Precision and reliability are critical in the field of electronics, and achieving these traits frequently depends on the selection of the proper components. The REF1112AIDBZR is one such device that is critical in power-sensitive applications that require voltage references. In this comprehensive study, we will look at the REF1112AIDBZR’s characteristics, specifications, and applications, as well as why it is such a popular choice in the electronics sector.

Understanding the REF1112AIDBZR

The REF1112AIDBZR shunt reference, with its two terminals, is ideal for uses where minimizing power consumption and maximising available space are of paramount significance. This powerful component is housed in a space-saving SOT23-3 packaging, making it ideal for compact layouts. Its enhanced performance at lower power consumption is a major benefit over larger voltage references such as the REF1004 and LT1004.

The Anatomy of REF1112AIDBZR

The REF1112AIDBZR is a compact powerhouse, as seen by its many impressive features and characteristics.

  • Small Package, Big Impact: The device’s SOT23-3 packaging is evidence of its dedication to minimalism. The REF1112AIDBZR makes the most of the limited space present in modern electronics.
  • Steadfast Voltage Reference: The REF1112AIDBZR guarantees a constant reference point for your circuit with a fixed reverse breakdown voltage of 1.25 V, which is crucial in maintaining precision.

Key Specifications

  • Unwavering Precision: The gadget has an impressive maximum output voltage tolerance of 0.2%. This level of precision is critical for applications that require unwavering accuracy.
  • A Silent Symphony: The REF1112AIDBZR’s typical output noise in the frequency range of 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz is only 25 Vpp. In the field of electronics, this low noise level is equivalent to a whisper, and it is a considerable advantage when dealing with sensitive circuits.
  • Temperature Extremes Welcome:  The REF1112AIDBZR functions efficiently in a wide temperature range, from -40°C to +125°C. Because of its temperature resilience, it is suitable for use in areas with extreme temperature swings.
  • Adaptable Current Consumption: With an operating current range ranging from 1.2 A to 5 mA, this device can adapt to a variety of power-sensitive applications, providing engineers with the adaptability they desire.
  • Temperature Stability: Temperature changes can be a nightmare for electronic systems, but the REF1112AIDBZR overcomes this issue with a low temperature coefficient of 30ppm/°C (maximum) across the temperature range of 0°C to +70°C. Even under extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C, the temperature coefficient remains modest, at 50ppm/°C (maximum).


The REF1112AIDBZR is a versatile and in-demand component that can be found in a wide range of applications:

  • Instruments that run on batteries:Devices that depend on batteries frequently require efficient power usage. The low power consumption and precise voltage reference of the REF1112AIDBZR are critical in extending battery life and assuring accurate readings.
  • Security Observers:The REF1112AIDBZR provides a constant reference voltage, which is critical in preserving the accuracy of security sensors and alarm systems in the domain of building security, where precision is paramount.
  • Precision in Healing:Precision is synonymous with the medical equipment industry. The REF1112AIDBZR ensures that measurements and readings are as accurate as possible while also regulating power consumption efficiently.
  • Communication from the Field:Accurate voltage references are critical for field transmitters in industrial contexts. The REF1112AIDBZR delivers the necessary stability and precision for these critical components.
  • Calibration Skills: Calibration equipment used in a variety of sectors necessitate consistent and accurate reference voltages. The REF1112AIDBZR is a trustworthy partner in obtaining precision in calibration processes.

The REF1112AIDBZR is more than a voltage reference; it’s a small miracle designed for power-efficient, space-constrained applications. The REF1112AIDBZR is a dependable and effective solution for designing battery-powered gadgets, improving building security, developing cutting-edge medical equipment, or guaranteeing that industrial field transmitters communicate precisely. Its compact form size, low power consumption, and great precision make it the go-to solution for engineers and designers seeking excellence in their electrical creations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) About the REF1112AIDBZR:

What exactly is the REF1112AIDBZR?

It is a two-terminal voltage reference device that is developed for power-efficient and space-constrained applications.

What kind of package is it?

  • The REF1112AIDBZR is housed in a SOT23-3 package.

What is its constant voltage?

  • It features a consistent reverse breakdown voltage of 1.25 V.

How precise is the output voltage?

  • For precision, the REF1112AIDBZR has a maximum output voltage tolerance of 0.2%.

Is it appropriate for low-noise applications?

  • Yes, it has minimal output noise (often 25 Vpp) in the 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz frequency range.

What temperature range does it function in?

  • It operates from -40°C to +125°C, making it adaptable to a wide range of temperatures.

How stable is it at different temperatures?

  • It has a low temperature coefficient, with a maximum of 30ppm/°C from 0°C to +70°C and a maximum of 50ppm/°C from -40°C to +85°C.

What are some examples of common applications?

  • It’s found in batteries, security sensors, medical equipment, field transmitters, and calibration instruments.

How does it improve device battery life?

  • Its low power consumption contributes to increased battery life in battery-powered applications.

Is it suitable for use in industrial transmitters?

  • Yes, it’s suitable for field transmitters in industrial settings, providing accurate voltage references.

What benefits does it bring to calibrating instruments?

  • The REF1112AIDBZR provides stable and reliable reference voltages, allowing for high-precision calibration.

In Conclusion

The REF1112AIDBZR isn’t just a compact voltage reference device; it’s an engineering marvel meticulously crafted for applications where precision and efficiency are paramount. With its tiny SOT23-3 package, unwavering 1.25 V reverse breakdown voltage, and remarkable specifications, it’s a versatile solution for a myriad of power-sensitive scenarios.

Whether you’re designing battery-powered innovations, securing buildings, advancing medical equipment, optimizing field transmitters, or fine-tuning calibration instruments, the REF1112AIDBZR stands as a beacon of reliability and efficiency. Its trifecta of a small footprint, low power consumption, and high precision make it the go-to choice for engineers and designers seeking excellence in their electronic creations. Contact us at ICRFQ, a premier Chinese distributor of electronic components, to place an order for this incredible device.

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