Part Number: REF195ESZ-REEL

Manufacturer: Analogue Devices, Inc.

Description: IC VREF SERIES 0.04% 8SOIC

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of REF195ESZ-REEL

Datasheet  REF195ESZ-REEL datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family PMIC – Voltage Reference
Manufacturer Analog Devices Inc.
Series REF19
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Reference Type Series
Output Type Fixed
Voltage – Output (Min/Fixed) 5V
Voltage – Output (Max)
Current – Output 30mA
Tolerance ±0.04%
Temperature Coefficient 5ppm/°C
Noise – 0.1Hz to 10Hz 50μVp-p
Noise – 10Hz to 10kHz
Voltage – Input 5.1 V ~ 15 V
Current – Supply 45μA
Current – Cathode
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C (TA)
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case 8-SOIC (0.154″, 3.90mm Width)
Supplier Device Package 8-SOIC

REF195ESZ-REEL Introduction

A precision voltage reference power management solution is the REF195ESZ-REEL.

When it comes to managing power, accuracy and steadiness are the most important things. The REF195ESZ-REEL voltage reference power management device from Analogue Devices is made to give and keep a very accurate DC voltage, even if the power supply is very different. With a 5 V output, this gadget is a shining example of how power management should be done. It works perfectly within a voltage range of up to 18 V, which is more than enough power to get your electronics going.

Its performance is based on a starting accuracy of 2 mV, which makes sure that it is precise right from the start. This voltage reference circuit keeps the voltage level the same even when the load changes or the voltage coming in changes. The fact that its load regulation is 4 ppm/mA and its line regulation is 4 ppm/V makes it even more reliable and stable in changing situations.

The REF195ESZ-REEL fits into a series structure because it was made to do so.

General Description

Precision band gap voltage references in the REF19x series use a unique temperature drift curvature correction circuit and laser trimming of highly stable thin-film resistors to get a very low temperature coefficient and high initial accuracy. Micropower, low dropout voltage (LDV) devices like those in the REF19x line can keep a steady output voltage from inputs as low as 100 mV above the output voltage while using less than 45 A from the supply. When sleep mode is on, a low TTL or CMOS signal is sent to the sleep pin. This turns off the output and lowers the source current to less than 15 A. For applications like automotive, the usual performance parameters go beyond the standard industrial temperature range of 40°C to +85°C and cover the REF19x set of references. The lowest electrical grade is only available in the PDIP and TSSOP products. All other grades are available in the 8-lead SOIC package.

REF195ESZ-REEL Applications Information

● Output short-circuit behaviour

The REF19x family of devices is completely safe from damage caused by shorting the output to GND or VS by chance. In the event of an accidental short-circuit, the reference device shuts down and reduces its supply current to 40 mA.

● Device Power Dissipation Considerations

The REF19x family of references can give up to 30 mA of load current when the input voltage is between 3.3 V and 15 V. When these devices are used in situations with high input voltages, care should be taken not to exceed the maximum amount of power that these devices can handle on their own. If you go over the stated limits for maximum power dissipation or junction temperature, the device could break down early.

● Output Voltage Bypassing

Introducing the REF19x Family of References to Improve Stability and Performance

Low-dropout voltage regulators and references rely on the smart use of bypass capacitors to make sure they work well and don’t break down. When it comes to the REF19x line of references, they are so stable that they can easily handle capacitive loads that are more than 100 F. But a 1 F capacitor is enough to make sure the maximum performance is met.

We suggest adding a 0.1 F ceramic capacitor in parallel with the bypass capacitor to improve load current transient performance even more. This simple addition makes it easier for the REF19x family to handle different load situations.

For better line voltage transient performance, our experts recommend connecting a 10 F electrolytic capacitor and a 0.1 F ceramic capacitor in parallel to the voltage ports of these unique devices. By using this configuration, you can get the most out of the REF19x family, giving your power control applications performance and stability that can’t be beat.

● Sleep Mode Operation

The REF19x devices are simple and flexible because they have a sleep function that is easy to use. This feature works with both TTL and CMOS-level data, so it will fit right into your current setup.

The sleep pin is the most important part of this feature. It connects to a pull-up current source that is linked to the VS pin. This smart design lets the SLEEP pin get input from an open collector or drain driver, giving you more options for how to drive it.

To turn off the output stage and go into sleep mode, you must send a logic low signal or 0 V to the SLEEP pin. Once the standards are in sleep mode, the output changes to a high impedance state. In this state, the potential of the output is set by the electronics that are connected to it from the outside.

If your application doesn’t use the sleep function, connect the sleep pin to the VS pin (Pin 2) for the best performance and stability. This makes sure the computer works the same way every time and gets rid of any confusion that could happen if the sleep pin wasn’t connected.

● Membrane Switch-Controlled Power Supply

As low-dropout power supplies, the REF19x family of references gives hand-held instrument users more freedom and adaptability. The reference is turned on and off by a clever membrane switch.

During the first step of powering on, a 10 k resistor connects the SLEEP pin to ground. This turns off the REF19x output. This three-state situation makes sure that the start-up is controlled. When the membrane on switch is pressed, a momentary link pulls the SLEEP pin to the VS voltage, which turns on the REF19x output. So, the current going through the 10 k resistor goes down, and the current source inside the chip that is attached to the SLEEP pin takes over. The possibility of Pin 3 is then the same as that of VS.

When the membrane off switch is hit, however, a momentary connection between the SLEEP pin and GND turns the REF19x output back off. This smart control mechanism makes it easy to handle the operation of the reference in hand-held instrument applications, giving you control of the power supply at your fingertips.


In conclusion, the Analogue Devices REF195ESZ-REEL is a precise and reliable power control device for voltage reference. It stands out because it can maintain a precise DC voltage even when the power source changes in a big way. With a 5 V output and support for series topology, it makes sure that your apps can handle power well. The REF195ESZ-REEL has a starting accuracy of 2 mV, a load regulation of 4 ppm/mA, and a line regulation of 4 ppm/V. This makes sure that the voltage level stays the same. It works perfectly in a wide range of temperatures, from -40°C to 85°C, and has a maximum temperature coefficient of 5 ppm/°C, so it can be used in many different places. You can trust the REF195ESZ-REEL to do a great job of managing power.

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