Part Number: S912ZVL64F0VLFR

Manufacturer: XP USA Inc.

Description: IC MCU 16BIT 64KB FLASH 48LQFP

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of S912ZVL64F0VLFR

Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Embedded – Microcontrollers
Manufacturer Freescale Semiconductor – NXP
Series S12 MagniV
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Core Processor S12Z
Core Size 16-Bit
Speed 32MHz
Connectivity I2C, IrDA, LIN, SCI, SPI, UART/USART
Peripherals LVD, POR, PWM, WDT
Number of I/O 34
Program Memory Size 64KB (64K x 8)
Program Memory Type FLASH
EEPROM Size 512 x 8
RAM Size 1K x 8
Voltage – Supply (Vcc/Vdd) 5.5 V ~ 18 V
Data Converters A/D 10x10b
Oscillator Type Internal
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 105°C (TA)
Package / Case 48-LQFP
Supplier Device Package 48-LQFP (7×7)


The S912ZVL64F0VLFR microcontroller is an outstanding example of 16-bit engineering, combining advanced capabilities with solid performance. It is a key player in the world of 16-bit microcontrollers because it strikes a compromise between power efficiency and computing capability.

This manual explains the features, applications, and technical specifications of the S912ZVL64F0VLFR microcontroller in detail. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned developer, you’ll learn about its essential architecture, memory systems, communication interfaces, and practical applications. This knowledge enables you to effectively harness its capabilities, hence fostering embedded system innovation.

Technical Specifications

The S912ZVL64F0VLFR microcontroller boasts a variety of important technical specifications, all of which contribute to its remarkable performance as well as its adaptability. Because of these characteristics, which serve as the basis for its capabilities, it is an excellent option for a wide range of applications.

● Flash Memory

A significant 64KB Flash memory may be found at the very center of the S912ZVL64F0VLFR. This storage capacity offers a generous amount of space, which may be used for storing program code as well as data and configuring the system. The Flash memory makes it possible to upgrade the firmware and manage the memory in a flexible manner, which ensures that the device can adapt to the ever-changing requirements of the project.

● Operating Frequency

The S912ZVL64F0VLFR executes instructions quickly and processes data well despite its clock frequency of 32 MHz. This is due to the chip’s efficient operation. Because of the microcontroller’s responsiveness, which is helped along by its high working frequency, this device is an excellent choice for real-time applications that require prompt decision-making and control.

● Temperature Tolerance

The S912ZVL64F0VLFR microcontroller has a wide temperature tolerance range of -40 degrees Celsius to +105 degrees Celsius, making it an excellent choice for use in harsh situations. This outstanding range provides reliable operation even in difficult conditions, which makes it a great choice for applications in the automotive and industrial sectors that are susceptible to extreme temperature changes.

● QFP 48-Pin Package

The microcontroller has 48 pins and is packed in a QFP (Quad Flat Package). This package type strikes a compromise between compactness and accessibility, making it ideal for designs with limited space. The QFP package promotes circuit board integration and simplifies the production process.

The combination of these technological specifications—ample Flash memory, high operating frequency, wide temperature tolerance, and the QFP 48-pin package—places the S912ZVL64F0VLFR microcontroller as a versatile and capable solution for a wide range of embedded systems and applications.

● Architecture and Core Features

The S912ZVL64F0VLFR microcontroller is based on the S12Z core architecture, which is a 16-bit processor that balances computational efficiency and memory use. A 16-bit MCU has enhanced code density and efficient memory use, making it well-suited for applications requiring moderate processing power without excessive memory use. The advantages of the S12Z core lay in its ability to execute instructions rapidly, handle real-time tasks, and manage memory efficiently, resulting in improved overall performance.

Memory System

Within the microcontroller, three primary memory types play crucial roles:

  1. Flash Memory:This non-volatile memory holds the program code and is used for firmware storage. Its large 64KB capacity accommodates complex applications.
  2. RAM (Random Access Memory):The RAM provides temporary storage for data during program execution, enabling quick data manipulation and processing.
  3. EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory):EEPROM allows data storage that persists even when power is removed, suitable for configuration settings or critical data.

Memory management and allocation ensure efficient utilization of these memory types, minimizing data overhead and optimizing overall performance.

Peripherals and I/O Ports

The S912ZVL64F0VLFR has a wide range of peripherals, including ADC (Analog-to-Digital Converter), PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter), and others. These peripherals improve the usefulness of the microcontroller by allowing it to interact with the outside environment. The ADC, for example, enables for analog signal conversion, PWM provides for precise control of motor speeds, and UART allows for serial connection.

I/O ports, which are frequently adjustable as input or output, act as gateways to link external devices to the microcontroller. Their settings govern how data is passed between the microcontroller and the associated components.

Communication Interfaces

SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface), I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit), CAN (Controller Area Network), and LIN (Local Interconnect Network) are among the communication interfaces supported by the microcontroller. These connections allow for the interchange of data between the microcontroller and other devices. SPI, for example, is suitable for high-speed serial communication; I2C is suitable for linking sensors and peripherals; CAN is suitable for automotive networking; and LIN is suitable for in-vehicle communication.

Sensor data collecting, device control, network connectivity, and other scenarios make use of these interfaces.

Interrupts and Timers

Interrupts are essential in managing real-time events. They enable the microcontroller to pause its current processes in order to respond quickly to significant events such as sensor input or system problems. This is critical for applications requiring quickness and precise timing.

The timer modules on the microcontroller help with tasks including producing accurate time intervals, event triggering, and generating PWM signals. Timers, for example, can govern the frequency of LED blinking or motor speeds.

Application Examples

The S912ZVL64F0VLFR microcontroller excels in a multitude of applications across diverse industries:

  1. Automotive Control Systems:Ideal for engine control, transmission systems, and airbag deployment.
  2. Industrial Automation:Used for process automation, sensor monitoring, and machine control.
  3. Home Appliances:Manages user interfaces, motor control, and sensor integration in appliances.
  4. Healthcare Devices:Enables accurate measurements in health trackers, thermometers, etc.
  5. Consumer Electronics:Powers user interfaces, signal processing, and connectivity in devices.
  6. Renewable Energy Systems:Handles power conversion, energy management, and grid communication.
  7. IoT Devices:Connects sensors, collects data, and communicates in IoT ecosystems.


The S912ZVL64F0VLFR microcontroller is a significant advancement in 16-bit microcontroller technology, with implications for industries such as automotive, industrial automation, and consumer electronics. Its power, efficiency, and connectivity let engineers to transform ideas into reality, accelerating developments in everything from control systems to IoT networks. This microcontroller demonstrates the capabilities of embedded systems, stimulating innovation and pushing the envelope. Connect with ICRFQ, a major electrical component distributor in China, to learn more and obtain your own S912ZVL64F0VLFR. Experience this innovation on a budget and become a part of the evolution.

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