Part Number: SI5351A-B-GTR

Manufacturer: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


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Technical Specifications of SI5351A-B-GTR

Datasheet  SI5351A-B-GTR datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Clock/Timing – Clock Generators, PLLs, Frequency Synthesizers
Manufacturer Silicon Labs
Series MultiSynth?
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Type Clock Generator
Input Crystal
Number of Circuits 1
Ratio – Input:Output 1:3
Differential – Input:Output No/No
Frequency – Max 200MHz
Divider/Multiplier Yes/No
Voltage – Supply 1.71 V ~ 3.6 V
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case 10-TFSOP, 10-MSOP (0.118″, 3.00mm Width)
Supplier Device Package 10-MSOP


The Si5351A-B-GTR clock generator is an important part for low-cost uses. It can replace crystals, crystal oscillators, VCXOs, PLLs, and fanout buffers in a variety of electronic systems. As the need for higher frequency accuracy and flexibility grows, the Si5351A-B-GTR offers a new way to meet these needs through its design.

A complex PLL/VCXO and MultiSynth fractional divider design is at the heart of the Si5351A-B-GTR. This design makes it possible to produce frequencies up to 200 MHz with great accuracy. This makes it possible for electronic circuits to have very accurate timing. With its high resolution, the Si5351A-B-GTR ensures that frequency errors are kept to a minimum, making it a trusted source of clock signals for a wide range of uses.

The Si5351A-B-GTR has many benefits because it can replace standard parts like crystals, crystal oscillators, VCXOs, PLLs, and fanout buffers. It makes circuit design easier, cuts costs, and improves the general performance of the system. The Si5351A-B-GTR is a great choice for low-cost applications that need accurate clock signals but don’t have a lot of space. It is small and has great frequency production capabilities.

Si5351A-B-GTR Features and Versions

The Si5351A-B-GTR clock generator comes in different versions and with different functions to meet the needs of different applications.

The Si5351A version has an onboard oscillator that can make up to 8 free-running clocks. This version is especially useful for apps that need precise clock signals but don’t need them to be in sync with anything else. By getting rid of the need for extra parts like crystals and external oscillators, the Si5351A offers a solution that is both inexpensive and accurate in terms of frequency.

The Si5351B version is even more useful because it has a VCXO (voltage-controlled crystal oscillator) built right in. With this new feature, the Si5351B can replace both free-running and synchronous clocks. This gives it more options for different timing uses. Because it has an internal VCXO, it doesn’t need special pullable crystals, which saves even more money and makes sure it works well over a wide tuning range.

The Si5351C version is the best choice for apps that need to sync to an external reference clock. It can be used in the same ways as the Si5351B, but it can also sync with an external reference clock (CLKIN). This version is good for situations where exact synchronization with other devices or systems is needed, making sure that the timing is correct throughout the whole system.

With these different models, the Si5351A-B-GTR clock generator can be used for a wide range of applications, saving money, being flexible, and generating precise frequencies.

Si5351A-B-GTR Application Areas

The Si5351A-B-GTR clock generator is used in a variety of electronic systems that need accurate clock data. It can be used for a wide range of things thanks to its flexibility and accurate frequency generation.

● Microcontroller

The Si5351A-B-GTR can be used in systems with microcontrollers where time is very important. It makes sure that everything is in sync and makes it easier for microcontroller units (MCUs) to work well in places like industrial automation, robots, and embedded systems.

● Communication Devices

For data transmission and synchronization, it is important for communication devices to keep accurate time. The Si5351A-B-GTR can be used to make stable clock signals in devices like modems, routers, network switches, and wireless communication modules. This makes sure that data transfers smoothly and that communication is reliable.

● Audio/Video Equipment

Audio and video applications need precise timing for synchronization and smooth playback. The Si5351A-B-GTR can send accurate clock signals to audio codecs, digital signal processors (DSPs), video decoders, and video encoders. This helps home theater systems, multimedia devices, and professional audio tools make high-quality audio and video.

● Test and measurement instruments

For accurate data collection and signal processing, test and measurement instruments need to have accurate and stable timing. The Si5351A-B-GTR can be used as a clock source for oscilloscopes, signal generators, frequency counters, spectrum analyzers, and other instruments, providing accurate timing and measurements.

● In other situations

The Si5351A-B-GTR can be used in many different areas, such as instrumentation, data acquisition systems, precise timing devices, car electronics, and more. It can be used in GPS units, industrial control systems, data loggers, precise clocks, and other devices that keep track of time.

In each of these areas, the Si5351A-B-GTR offers accurate and reliable clock signals, which improve the overall performance and functionality of the electronic systems. It can be used for a wide range of electronic uses because it is easy to use, doesn’t cost much, and generates accurate frequencies.

Si5351A-B-GTR Design Considerations

The Si5351 is a clockmaker that is self-contained and needs very few extra parts. The following general rules should be followed to get the best results:

● Power Supply Decoupling and Filtering

The Si5351 incorporates power supply filtering circuitry as well as comprehensive internal Low Drop Out (LDO) voltage regulators, both of which serve to reduce the amount of external bypass components that are required. One decoupling capacitor with a value between 0.1 and 1.0 F is all that is suggested to be used for each power supply pin. It is recommended that this capacitor be installed without the use of any vias and as closely as possible to the VDD and VDDOx pins.

● External Crystal

For optimal performance, it is recommended to mount the external crystal as close as possible to the pins using short PCB traces. It is recommended to keep the XA and XB traces separate from other high-speed signal traces.

● External Crystal Load Capacitors

The Si5351 gives users the option to use either internal or external crystal load capacitors in their circuits. Capacitors with a value of less than 2 pF can be utilized to boost the equivalent load capacitance of a device if the internal load capacitance is insufficient. In the event that external load capacitors are utilized, it is important to position them in close proximity to the XA and XB pads.


The Si5351A-B-GTR clock generator offers a versatile and cost-effective solution for electronic applications. By replacing crystals, VCXOs, and other components, it simplifies design and reduces costs in cost-sensitive applications. With high-frequency generation capability and precise timing, it finds applications in microcontrollers, communication devices, audio/video equipment, and test and measurement instruments. Explore the capabilities of the Si5351A-B-GTR and leverage its features to enhance your electronic projects.

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