Part Number: Si7021-A20-IM1R

Manufacturer: Silicon Labs

Description: SENS HUMID/TEMP 3.6V I2C 3% 6DFN

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of SI7021-A20-IM1R

Datasheet  SI7021-A20-IM1R datasheet
Category Sensors, Transducers
Family Humidity, Moisture Sensors
Manufacturer Silicon Labs
Part Status Active
Sensor Type Humidity, Temperature
Humidity Range 0 ~ 100% RH
Output Type I2C
Output 12b
Accuracy ±3% RH
Response Time 18S
Voltage – Supply 1.9 V ~ 3.6 V
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 125°C


In today’s technological world, the capacity to measure and monitor environmental variables is critical for a wide range of applications. Having accurate and dependable humidity and temperature sensors is critical whether establishing a climate control system for a building, tracking assets in a supply chain, or creating consumer electronics. The Si7021-A20-IM1R, a versatile and feature-rich device, is one such sensor that has gained popularity in recent years. We will go over everything you need to know about the Si7021-A20-IM1R sensor in this comprehensive tutorial.

Understanding the Si7021-A20-IM1R

The Si7021-A20-IM1R is an integrated sensor that is packed with characteristics that make it an excellent choice for humidity and temperature sensing. Here’s a rundown of its primary features:

● Monolithic CMOS IC

The Si7021-A20-IM1R is made up of a CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) IC that is all one piece. With this integration, humidity and temperature sensors, an analog-to-digital converter, signal processing, recording of calibration data, and an I2C interface can all be put on a single chip without any problems.

● Precision Sensors

The readings made by the Si7021-A20-IM1R are very accurate. It has a humidity sensor that can be off by no more than 3% RH between 0 and 80% RH and a temperature sensor that can be off by no more than 0.4°C between –10 and 85°C. These high levels of accuracy are important for applications that need accurate info about the environment.

● Wide Operating Range

This sensor is very flexible because it can work in a range that goes from 0 to 100% relative humidity and from –40 to +125°C. It can work in a wide range of environments, so it can be used for many different things.

● Low Power Consumption

Many modern products depend on how well they work, and the Si7021-A20-IM1R does well in this area. It has a low operating current of only 150 A, which makes it a good way to save energy. In standby mode, it uses only 60 nA of power, which makes it even better for apps that run on batteries.

● Factory-Calibrated

The sensor is already calibrated when it leaves the factory, and the data on how it was calibrated is kept in a memory that doesn’t lose power. This function makes sure that each Si7021-A20-IM1R sensor is ready to use right out of the box, without having to be re-calibrated or have software changes made.

● I2C Interface

The I2C interface makes it easier to link the sensor to microcontrollers and other devices, allowing for simple data exchange and control.

● Compact Package

The Si7021-A20-IM1R is small and easy to integrate, measuring only 3×3 mm in a DFN (Dual Flat No-Lead) packaging. Its ability to be reflow soldered improves assembly procedures.’

● Long-Term Stability

This sensor provides good long-term stability due to its use of low-K polymeric dielectrics for humidity detection, assuring constant and reliable performance throughout time.

● Optional Protective Cover

An optional factory-installed cover is available for enhanced durability. This low-profile cover shields the sensor from liquids and particles during construction.


The Si7021-A20-IM1R is a highly versatile sensor with uses that go beyond those listed above. Here are some additional specific applications for this sensor in various sectors and projects:

● Agriculture

The Si7021-A20-IM1R can be used in agriculture to monitor and manage the atmosphere in greenhouses and grow rooms. It is critical to maintain the proper humidity and temperature levels for optimal plant growth and crop yield. This sensor can assist farmers and horticulturists in creating perfect conditions for their plants, resulting in higher crop quality and yield.

● Weather Stations

The Si7021-A20-IM1R can be used by weather enthusiasts and meteorologists to build personal weather stations or to contribute to community-based weather monitoring networks. The precision and extensive operating range of this sensor enable accurate and dependable data collection, which can be shared with the public or used for study.

● Automotive Industry

This sensor can be installed into automobiles in the automotive industry to monitor cabin conditions. It maintains passenger comfort by altering climate control systems in real time depending on humidity and temperature data. It can also be used to defog windows, prevent windshield condensation, and improve overall driving safety.

● Medical Devices

Incubators, anesthetic machines, and laboratory equipment that require environmental monitoring can benefit from the accuracy and low power consumption of the Si7021-A20-IM1R. It contributes to the maintenance of steady and controlled circumstances, which are vital for medical care and scientific studies.

● Food and Beverage Industry

Food safety and quality are critical in the food and beverage sector. This sensor can be used to monitor food storage, transit, and processing conditions. It aids in the prevention of rotting, the preservation of freshness, and the compliance with regulatory temperature and humidity control criteria.

● Museums and Art Conservation

The preservation of important objects, artworks, and historical documents necessitates exact environmental management. The Si7021-A20-IM1R can be used to monitor temperature and humidity levels in museums, art galleries, and archives, assisting in the prevention of harm from fluctuations and the preservation of cultural heritage.

● Data Centers

To protect sensitive electronic equipment, data centers rely on stringent environmental conditions. This sensor can assist prevent overheating and humidity-related equipment failures in data centers by continually monitoring temperature and humidity.

● Green Energy

Accurate environmental data is critical in renewable energy systems such as solar and wind farms for improving energy output and equipment maintenance. The Si7021-A20-IM1R can be used to monitor weather conditions in order to ensure effective energy generation and the longevity of renewable energy installations.

● Home Automation

This sensor can improve the comfort and energy efficiency of homes in the field of home automation. It can be integrated into smart thermostats, humidity controls, and other devices to make living more enjoyable and environmentally responsible.

The versatility and precision of the Si7021-A20-IM1R make it an important tool for a wide range of applications in a variety of sectors. In a variety of settings, its ability to give accurate humidity and temperature data provides better decision-making, greater product quality, energy savings, and enhanced user experiences.


In conclusion, the Si7021-A20-IM1R sensor offers precision, versatility, and efficiency in a compact package. Whether you’re an engineer or an IoT enthusiast, its reliability and factory calibration simplify integration for consistent performance.

As technology advances, sensors like the Si7021-A20-IM1R are crucial for improving environmental monitoring and industry efficiency. Partner with us at ICRFQ, a trusted Chinese supplier of electronic parts, to explore limitless possibilities. Contact us today and embark on a journey to shape the future of motion-sensing technology. Don’t wait, take action now!

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