Part Number: SI7461DP-T1-GE3

Manufacturer: Vishay Siliconix

Description: MOSFET P-CH 60V 8.6A PPAK SO-8

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of SI7461DP-T1-GE3

Datasheet  SI7461DP-T1-GE3 datasheet
Category Discrete Semiconductor Products
Family Transistors – FETs, MOSFETs – Single
Manufacturer Vishay Siliconix
Series TrenchFET?
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
FET Type MOSFET P-Channel, Metal Oxide
FET Feature Standard
Drain to Source Voltage (Vdss) 60V
Current – Continuous Drain (Id) @ 25°C 8.6A (Ta)
Rds On (Max) @ Id, Vgs 14.5 mOhm @ 14.4A, 10V
Vgs(th) (Max) @ Id 3V @ 250μA
Gate Charge (Qg) @ Vgs 190nC @ 10V
Input Capacitance (Ciss) @ Vds
Power – Max 1.9W
Operating Temperature -55°C ~ 150°C (TJ)
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case PowerPAK? SO-8
Supplier Device Package PowerPAK? SO-8

SI7461DP-T1-GE3 Introduction

The demand for effective and potent electronic amplifiers is at an all-time high in today’s fast-paced, technologically advanced society. The Vishay SI7461DP-T1-E3 power MOSFET is a game-changer when it comes to building an amplifier that offers exceptional performance while guaranteeing safety and simplicity of installation. This MOSFET transistor opens up a world of possibilities for both professionals and electronics hobbyists thanks to its cutting-edge TrenchFET technology and remarkable power dissipation characteristics. Let’s examine the specifics and see how this tool can enable you to realize the full potential of your amplifier designs.

PowerPAK® SO-8 Mounting and Thermal Considerations

With die-on resistances as low as 1 m and the capacity to handle large currents of up to 85 A, power MOSFET technology has made amazing strides. Power MOSFET packaging must, however, be able to match these remarkable die capabilities. It is undesirable and can reduce performance when a high-performance die degrades as a result of poor packing. PowerPAK, a ground-breaking technology, has been developed to address this problem. This cutting-edge packaging technology was created especially to deal with these problems and guarantee top performance. In this in-depth application note, we will examine PowerPAK’s design and discuss some of its distinctive features.

We will also go over crucial mounting information, such as the ideal soldering profiles and recommended land patterns. Finally, we will talk about PowerPAK’s thermal and electrical performance, demonstrating how it may improve reliability and efficiency in power MOSFET applications. Prepare to maximize the performance of your power MOSFET designs with PowerPAK, the next generation of packaging.

● THE PowerPak Package

The well-known SO-8 package served as the foundation for the development of the PowerPAK package. The PowerPAK SO-8 differs from the regular SO-8 package in that it makes use of the same pin-outs and footprint. The PowerPAK package can be seamlessly swapped out for a typical SO-8 package thanks to this exceptional compatibility.

The PowerPAK SO-8’s leadless design optimizes the total footprint by removing the area that leads traditionally take up. Compared to a conventional SO-8 package, the PowerPAK can handle a bigger die size because of this design advancement. In fact, to further improve its capabilities, the PowerPAK SO-8 houses a die that is somewhat bigger than a full-sized DPAK die.

The bottom of the die attach pad is purposefully left exposed to allow effective temperature control. A direct and low-resistance heat route is created between the die and the substrate that the device is mounted on thanks to this design element. The PowerPAK package reduces the possibility of overheating and promotes dependable operation even in demanding applications by placing a priority on thermal conductivity.

The PowerPAK package is a great option for applications with limited space since it has a lower package height than the conventional SO-8. This compact profile makes greater design flexibility for small-footprint and streamlined electronic systems possible.

The PowerPAK package offers a superior packaging solution for power MOSFET applications thanks to its seamless interoperability, increased die size, effective thermal control, and decreased package height. With the amazing features and performance of the PowerPAK package, explore the possibilities and take your creations to new heights.


Because the PowerPAK single is so user-friendly, incorporating it into your designs is a breeze. The pin configuration is simple, with the drain, source, and gate pins arranged in the same sequence as in typical SO-8 devices. Additionally, the pin diameters perfectly match those of the common SO-8 package.

The PowerPAK connection pads smoothly match the equivalent pads on the SO-8 package when it comes to making connections. The expanded drain connection area, which allows for improved operation, is the only noticeable improvement.

The best aspect is that you may immediately and hassle-free begin enjoying the advantages of PowerPAK SO-8 single devices. You can save time and effort throughout the integration process by mounting these devices quickly and simply into existing SO-8 land patterns.

You may benefit from the ease and convenience of a simplified packaging solution with the PowerPAK single. Say goodbye to laborious adjustments and hello to the simplicity of adding PowerPAK to your designs, utilizing the already-existing SO-8 land patterns. Prepare to utilize the user-friendly PowerPAK single to your full capacity when using power MOSFET applications!

● PowerPAK SO-8 DUAL

In order to guarantee smooth compatibility, the PowerPAK SO-8 dual package keeps the same pin configuration (drain, source, and gate pins) and pin size as regular SO-8 dual devices. This indicates that the PowerPAK device’s connection pads exactly line up with those of the SO-8 package. The increased drain connection area, which improves the performance of the package, is the only distinguishing change.

By directly mounting PowerPAK SO-8 dual devices onto existing SO-8 dual land patterns, manufacturers can easily take advantage of the benefits of SO-8 dual devices. As a result, the PowerPAK technology can be used right away without the need for intricate changes or redesigns. Utilize PowerPAK’s compatibility with current SO-8 dual land layouts to save time and materials.

Manufacturers have an easy and effective option for integrating cutting-edge power MOSFET technology into their designs thanks to the PowerPAK SO-8 dual package. Take advantage of improved performance and reliability without having to make major changes to your current manufacturing methods. Take advantage of the strength of PowerPAK SO-8 dual devices to easily open up new options for your power MOSFET applications.


Finally, the PowerPAK SO-8 package maintains the same footprint as the traditional SO-8 package while delivering superior thermal performance. This indicates that it can support higher die sizes, similar to those supported by the DPAK package, without sacrificing performance due to package constraints. Recommended PowerPAK SO-8 land patterns are offered to help with PC board layout in designs utilizing this ground-breaking package, facilitating seamless integration.

When employing PowerPAK SO-8 devices in designs intended for the conventional SO-8 package, thermal considerations have shown considerable advantages. The minimal and typical thermal performance in a SO-8 environment is shown through experimental data from a variety of applications, coupled with tips on how to achieve the best thermal performance, such as the usage of spreading copper. This underlines the PowerPAK SO-8’s favorable thermal properties and emphasizes its equivalent to the DPAK package.

With the security and dependability of PowerPAK SO-8, you may confidently introduce your creative designs and fully utilize the SI7461DP-T1-E3 power MOSFET’s enormous potential. Let’s work together to make your ideas a reality by utilizing this incredible technology’s boundless potential. Get in touch with ICRFQ right away to start your journey into a world of limitless possibilities, where creativity thrives, obstacles are surmounted, and cutting-edge digital systems of the future are brought to life.

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