Part Number: SN74AVC32T245ZKER

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


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Technical Specifications of SN74AVC32T245ZKER

Datasheet  SN74AVC32T245ZKER datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Logic – Translators, Level Shifters
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Series 74AVC
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Translator Type Voltage Level
Channel Type Bidirectional
Number of Circuits 4
Channels per Circuit 8
Voltage – VCCA 1.2 V ~ 3.6 V
Voltage – VCCB 1.2 V ~ 3.6 V
Input Signal
Output Signal
Output Type Tri-State, Non-Inverted
Data Rate 380Mbps
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C (TA)
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case 96-LFBGA
Supplier Device Package 96-PBGA MICROSTAR (13.6×5.6)

SN74AVC32T245ZKER Introduction

The SN74AVC32T245ZKER translation transceiver is an electronic component that is highly versatile and specifically designed for efficient voltage-level translation applications. The device offers a reliable solution for interfacing signals between different voltage domains thanks to its impressive features and compact form factor. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the SN74AVC32T245ZKER, including its key features and its significance in various applications.

SN74AVC32T245ZKER Overview and Features

The SN74AVC32T245ZKER translation transceiver is a component that has been specifically designed for voltage-level translation applications. It is highly versatile and efficient in its functionality. With its robust design and advanced features, this product is an excellent choice for a wide range of projects. Now, let’s examine its key features and specifications in more detail.

The SN74AVC32T245ZKER features a 4-element configuration that enables the simultaneous voltage level translation of four independent signal lines. This feature makes it perfect for applications that need multiple signal translations, thus minimizing the requirement for extra components.

The 8-Bit Per Element Design allows each element of the transceiver to support 8 bits of data, enabling bidirectional voltage level translation. The flexibility of this technology allows for smooth communication between voltage domains, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

The SN74AVC32T245ZKER provides bidirectional signal translation, enabling efficient transfer of signals between voltage domains. This capability streamlines the design process and improves compatibility among different systems.

The transceiver offers control over high-impedance states through its 3-state output feature. This feature is especially beneficial in situations where multiple devices need to share a common bus or when there is a need to prevent bus contention.

The SN74AVC32T245ZKER is packaged in a compact 96-PBGA Microstar package, which has dimensions of 13.6×5.6 mm, making it both compact and durable. The design is ideal for applications that have limited board space, as it effectively saves space. The package also guarantees durability and reliable operation in challenging environments.

SN74AVC32T245ZKER Specifications

● Operating Voltage Range

The transceiver is designed to operate within a specific voltage range, which allows it to be compatible with various power supply levels.

● Operating Temperature

It is built to function reliably and steadily in a temperature range that is suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

● Output Drive Capability

A high-output driving capability is provided by the transceiver to ensure effective signal transmission across the voltage domains.

● Data Rate

High-speed data transfer is supported, enabling prompt and effective communication between devices.

The SN74AVC32T245ZKER translation transceiver allows flawless bidirectional voltage level translation by utilizing the 4-element arrangement and 8-bit per element architecture. It is a useful component for a variety of applications thanks to its adaptable features and dependable performance.

SN74AVC32T245ZKER Functionality and Operation

A versatile interface between several voltage domains, the SN74AVC32T245ZKER translation transceiver enables seamless communication between disparate systems. By transforming signals from one voltage level to another, it provides dependable data transfer. Let’s examine its operation and features:

● Voltage Level Translation

The transceiver is excellent at translating signals between various voltage domains, allowing for seamless communication with systems that operate at various voltage levels. In order to guarantee compatibility and effective data transfer, it can handle bidirectional translation.

Information can be transferred in both directions because of the SN74AVC32T245ZKER’s bidirectional data flow capability. It efficiently supports systems that require the transmission and reception of data across various voltage domains.

regulating mechanisms Control pins built into the transceiver specify the direction of data flow and enable bus control. The Output Enable (OE) pin and the Direction (DIR) pin are examples of these control pins.

● Output Enable (OE) Pin

The OE pin regulates the transceiver’s output enable and disable capabilities. Data transmission is possible when the OE pin is set to logic high (active), which enables the outputs. On the other hand, the outputs are deactivated and move into a high-impedance state when the OE pin is set to a logic low (inactive).

The Direction (DIR) Pin controls the direction of the transceiver’s data flow. Data is sent from the A-port (input) to the B-port (output) when the DIR pin is set to a logic low. On the other hand, data is sent from the B-port to the A-port when the DIR pin is set to a logic high. The continuous connection between several voltage domains is made possible by this bidirectional control.

The SN74AVC32T245ZKER translation transceiver provides flexibility and control over the direction and enable/disable capabilities of data flow by utilizing the control pins. This makes it possible for systems using various voltage levels to communicate effectively and dependably.

Performance and Benefits

A variety of performance advantages provided by the translation transceiver SN74AVC32T245ZKER support effective and dependable signal transmission. Let’s examine its main benefits:

● High-Speed Operation

The transceiver is built for high-speed communication, making it possible to transport data between voltage domains quickly and effectively. It guarantees a short propagation delay, reducing signal transmission latency and improving system performance as a whole.

● Low Power Consumption

The SN74AVC32T245ZKER is designed to use less power. It has a power-saving design that contributes to energy conservation and increases battery life in portable devices. This makes it ideal for applications that require a lot of power and where energy efficiency is vital.

● Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection

The transceiver includes ESD protection capabilities to guard against potential harm from static energy. The ESD protection ensures dependable functioning even in settings where electrostatic discharge events could happen, increasing the transceiver’s robustness and lifetime.

● Strong Construction

The SN74AVC32T245ZKER was made to survive difficult working conditions. It can be used in harsh industrial settings or automotive systems because it is made to withstand a wide range of temperatures and is resistant to a variety of environmental variables.

The SN74AVC32T245ZKER translation transceiver gives reliable and effective performance by combining high-speed operation, low power consumption, ESD protection, and a rugged design. It guarantees smooth communication between voltage domains while providing security from outside disturbances and guaranteeing long-term dependability.


There are many different applications and industries that use the SN74AVC32T245ZKER translation transceiver. It is appropriate for bridging several voltage domains in systems, including communication modules, FPGAs, and microcontrollers.

This transceiver is essential for a variety of applications, including communication between microprocessors, ensuring compatibility between communication modules, and aiding seamless integration in industrial automation and automotive electronics. It is a crucial component in systems requiring accurate voltage level translation due to its adaptability and durable architecture.


The SN74AVC32T245ZKER translation transceiver offers bidirectional voltage level translation, high-speed operation, low power consumption, and a robust design. It is an ideal choice for various applications, including microcontrollers, FPGAs, and communication modules, enabling seamless signal translation between voltage domains.

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