Part Number: SN74HCT00N

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Description: IC GATE NAND 4CH 2-INP 14DIP

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Technical Specifications of SN74HCT00N

Datasheet  SN74HCT00N datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Logic – Gates and Inverters
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Series 74HCT
Packaging Tube
Part Status Active
Logic Type NAND Gate
Number of Circuits 4
Number of Inputs 2
Voltage – Supply 4.5 V ~ 5.5 V
Current – Quiescent (Max) 2μA
Current – Output High, Low 4mA, 4mA
Logic Level – Low 0.8V
Logic Level – High 2V
Max Propagation Delay @ V, Max CL 18ns @ 5.5V, 50pF
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Mounting Type Through Hole
Supplier Device Package 14-PDIP
Package / Case 14-DIP (0.300″, 7.62mm)

SN74HCT00N Introduction

Texas Instruments produces the SN74HCT00N, an integrated circuit that functions as a quadruple NAND gate with two inputs. It is a member of the HCT series, which is a high-speed CMOS logic family that is compatible with the input/output levels of the TTL (transistor-transistor logic) standard.

SN74HCT00N Description

Texas Instruments makes a triple NAND gate IC called the SN74HCT00N. It consists of four gates, each with two inputs, for a total of eight. The chip is a high-speed CMOS HCT logic family member, which is backward-compatible with TTL. Powered by a source of 4.5 V to 5.5 V, this device can power up to 10 LSTTL loads. The SN74HCT00N consumes little power despite its 20 A maximum ICC current and 10 ns typical tpd. The inputs are TTL-voltage-compatible, and the maximum input current is 1 A.

Measurements for the device’s PDIP package are 19.3 mm long, 6.35 mm wide, and 4.57 mm in height. It has 14 pins. It works in environments where the temperature is between -40 and +85 degrees Celsius. There is a 4 mA limit on the high output current and a -4 mA limit on the low output current. In a 50 pF test condition, the highest propagation delay time is 18 ns at 5.5 V and 20 ns at 4.5 V. For whatever reason, the gadget doesn’t have a Schmitt trigger input built in.

For reliable protection against power spikes and surges, a bypass capacitor of at least 0.1 uF must be connected across each VCC terminal. The frequency range of unwanted noise can be filtered out by connecting multiple bypass caps in parallel. Logic devices having multiple inputs and outputs must always be properly connected, and inputs must never be left unconnected. Depending on the device’s design, avoiding floating inputs in digital logic devices requires connecting all inputs to either ground (GND) or voltage (VCC).


  • 5 volts to 5.5 volts is the operating voltage range.
  • The outputs can drive up to ten LSTTL loads.
  • low power usage, with a maximum ICC current of 20 A.
  • Normal tpd is 10 nanoseconds, and the output drive at 5V is 4 milliamperes.
  • Modest current at the input, no more than 1 A.
  • Inputs are TTL-voltage compatible.

SN74HCT00N Specifications

Texas Instruments manufacture NAND gates; one of their models is the SN74HCT00N. It is a through-hole package with four elements, each of which has two inputs. This results in a total of eight inputs being present in the package. It belongs to the HCT logic family, which is a form of high-speed CMOS logic, and as such, it possesses its namesake. This NAND gate has a minimum operating supply voltage of 4.5 V and a maximum operating supply voltage of 5.5 V. The maximum operating supply voltage is used when the gate is powered on. The maximum current at the high output level is -4 milliamperes, while the maximum current at the low output level is 4 milliamperes.

The SN74HCT00N has a PDIP (plastic dual in-line package) type of packaging, which indicates that it comes with 14 pins and is housed in a plastic dual in-line package. 19.3 millimeters in length, 6.35 millimeters in width, and 4.57 millimeters in height are the measurements of the packaging, and its height is 4.57 millimeters. The NAND gate can operate at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius and as high as +85 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature at which it can function is -40 degrees Celsius.

The SN74HCT00N lacks a Schmitt trigger input on its side of the circuitry. The NAND gate has a maximum propagation delay time of 18 ns at 5.5 V and 20 ns when operating at 4.5 V. This is the case when the CL is at its maximum value. The value of 50 pF is utilized as the test condition for the propagation delay of this NAND gate.

In a nutshell, the SN74HCT00N is a through-hole NAND gate manufactured by Texas Instruments. It has four components, two inputs for each gate, and comes in a PDIP package type. It is a member of the HCT logic family and requires a power voltage ranging from 4.5 V to 5.5 V to function properly. It has a maximum low level output current of 4 mA, and a maximum high-level output current of -4 mA. A maximum propagation delay time of 18 ns at 5.5 V and 20 ns at 4.5 V. These specifications apply when the supply voltage is in the range of 4.5 V to 5.5 V., It can function in a temperature range that extends from -40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius and does not have a Schmitt trigger input.

Power Supply Recommendations

The power supply voltage might be anything between the lowest and maximum supply voltage ratings specified in the Recommended Operating Conditions. Each VCC terminal should have an effective bypass capacitor to forestall power disturbances. You should use a capacitor with a 0.1 uF with this device. It is not against the rules to connect numerous bypass caps in parallel to filter out the noise of varying frequencies. The capacitors with 0.1 uF and 1 uF are frequently employed in parallel configurations. To achieve the best possible outcomes, the bypass capacitor should be connected to the power terminal at the most immediate physical proximity possible.


● Layout Guidelines

When working with multiple-input and multiple-channel logic devices, inputs must never be left floating under any circumstances. In many applications, digital logic device functionalities or portions of functions are not being utilized. This can occur, for instance, when only two of the three inputs of a triple-input AND gate are being used or when only three of the four buffer gates are being utilized. These unused input pins must not be left unconnected because the unknown voltages at the outside connections will result in undefined operational states if they are left unconnected. To prevent digital logic devices’ unused inputs from floating, all of the inputs must be linked to either a logic high or low voltage, depending on which is specified in the device’s input voltage requirements. Applying a specific logic level to each of the device’s unused inputs is necessary, but the device’s functionality determines that level. In most cases, the inputs are connected to GND or VCC, whatever makes more sense for the logic function or is more convenient. In certain cases, the inputs are not connected at all.


In conclusion, the SN74HCT00N is a reliable and efficient NAND gate suitable for various applications. Its compatibility with TTL input/output levels and low power consumption make it an ideal choice for electronic designs. The specifications of the SN74HCT00N, such as its operating voltage range, output current, and package type, provide users with the necessary information to ensure proper usage and layout. The power supply recommendations and layout guidelines ensure the device operates correctly and reliably. The SN74HCT00N is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-speed CMOS logic family NAND gate.

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