Part Number: SN74LVC1G08QDBVRQ1

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Description: IC GATE AND 1CH 2-INP SOT23-5

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Technical Specifications of SN74LVC1G08QDBVRQ1

Datasheet  SN74LVC1G08QDBVRQ1 datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Logic – Gates and Inverters
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Series Automotive, AEC-Q100, 74LVC
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Logic Type AND Gate
Number of Circuits 1
Number of Inputs 2
Voltage – Supply 1.65 V ~ 5.5 V
Current – Quiescent (Max) 10μA
Current – Output High, Low 32mA, 32mA
Logic Level – Low
Logic Level – High
Max Propagation Delay @ V, Max CL 6ns @ 5V, 50pF
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 125°C
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Supplier Device Package SOT-23-5
Package / Case SC-74A, SOT-753

SN74LVC1G08QDBVRQ1 Introduction

In the fast-paced world of electronic components, technology moves forward because of new ideas. The SN74LVC1G08QDBVRQ1 is one of these innovations. This tiny but powerful IC gate fits inside a small SOT23-5 chip, but it changes what can be done with integrated circuits. The SN74LVC1G08QDBVRQ1 is the pinnacle of engineering because it was made to have the best speed, efficiency, and versatility.

Join us as we go on an amazing trip to learn about the amazing things this electronic powerhouse can do and how it can be used in a wide range of cutting-edge ways. Get ready for an exciting look at the SN74LVC1G08QDBVRQ1, where the limits of technological progress are pushed further than you can imagine.

SN74LVC1G08QDBVRQ1 Description

This single 2-input positive-AND gate is made to work with VCC between 1.65 V and 5.5 V. The Boolean function or in positive logic is done by the SN74LVC1G08-Q1 chip. This device meets all the requirements for apps that use I off to power down partially. When the device is turned off, the I off electronics turns off the outputs. This keeps current from flowing back through the device and doing damage. The CMOS device has a high output drive while using very little idle power over a wide range of VCC. The SN74LVC1G08 comes in different packages, such as the small DRY package, which has a body size of 1.45 mm 1.00 mm.

SN74LVC1G08QDBVRQ1 Feature Description

● Compact SOT23-5 Package

The SN74LVC1G08QDBVRQ1 comes in a small SOT23-5 package, which makes it easy to fit into electronic circuits with little wasted room. Its small size makes it perfect for applications where board space is limited or where making things smaller is a concern.

● High-Speed Operation

This IC gate is made to work quickly, so it can quickly receive signals and respond to them. It makes sure that applications that need fast data manipulation or logical processes work well and in real time.

● Low Propagation Delay

The SN74LVC1G08QDBVRQ1 has a short propagation delay, which means that it takes as little time as possible for changes to the input to show up in the output. This function is essential for keeping applications that depend on time in sync and accurate.

● 2-Input AND Gate Functionality

As a 2-input AND gate, the SN74LVC1G08QDBVRQ1 takes in two signals and uses the logical AND operation to make an output signal. It has important functions for logical processes, routing data, and manipulating signals.

● Signal Buffer Capability

This IC gate can act as a signal buffer, which means it can boost weak input signals while keeping them intact. It makes sure that signals are sent reliably, especially in situations where signal strength needs to be increased or kept the same.

● Voltage Translation Capability

The SN74LVC1G08QDBVRQ1 can act as a voltage translator, making it easier for circuits with different voltage levels to talk to each other. It makes it easy for systems that need different voltages to work together and share data. This improves compatibility and communication.


  • Supports operation at 5 V VCC.
  • Overvoltage-tolerant inputs can handle voltages up to 5.5 V.
  • Down Translation to VCC is provided.
  • Low Power Consumption, Max ICC of 10 A.

Application Information

The SN74LVC1G08Q is a high-drive CMOS chip that can be used for AND logic with a high output drive, like in an LED application. It can make 24 mA of drive current at 3.3 V, which makes it perfect for driving multiple outputs and good for high-speed uses up to 100 MHz. The inputs can handle up to 5.5 V, so it can transform up to VCC.


  • Fully approved for use in automobiles.
  • Power good signs for more than one power rail are combined.
  • Stop a signal from going through until a certain condition is met.
  • Combine error signs that are active-low.

SN74LVC1G08QDBVRQ1 Device Functional Modes

The SN74LVC1G08QDBVRQ1 is a very flexible IC gate that can work in three different ways. First, it works as a 2-input AND gate, which routes signals and does logical processes. Second, it acts as a signal buffer, which means that it boosts weak input signals while keeping them intact. Lastly, it works as a voltage translator, allowing circuits with different voltage levels to talk to each other without any problems. This small device is a key building block for a wide range of electronic uses. It has changed the way integrated circuits are made and will change the way electronics are made in the future.


● Absolute Maximum Ratings

The SN74LVC1G08QDBVRQ1’s Absolute Maximum Ratings show how far the gadget can go and still work safely. These ratings show the highest voltage, current, and temperature that should not be exceeded to keep the IC gate from getting damaged or not working right. By following these ratings, the gadget will last longer and work reliably.

● ESD Ratings

The SN74LVC1G08QDBVRQ1’s Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Ratings tell us how well it can handle electrostatic discharge events without getting damaged. ESD can happen when the device is being handled or used, and it offers a big risk to the sensitive parts inside. The ESD ratings offer some security against electrostatic discharge, keeping the IC gate safe from damage and making sure it works well in a variety of situations.

● Thermal Information

The SN74LVC1G08QDBVRQ1’s Thermal Information gives important information about how it handles heat. It has factors like thermal resistance, thermal impedance, and junction temperature, which are very important for figuring out the thermal performance of the device. Understanding these thermal qualities makes it easier to build effective cooling systems that keep the IC gate from overheating and keep it running in the best way possible, which increases its reliability and lifespan.

● Parameter Measurement Information

The Parameter Measurement Information gives detailed instructions on how to measure and evaluate the SN74LVC1G08QDBVRQ1’s performance. It includes detailed directions on test setups, equipment requirements, and measurement methods to ensure precise and consistent results. Engineers and technicians can use this information to accurately describe the electrical properties of the device, such as its input and output voltage levels, propagation delay, and power usage. By following the instructions for measuring, users can be sure of how well the SN74LVC1G08QDBVRQ1 works and how well it fits into their electronic systems.


● Layout Guidelines

When using gadgets with more than one bit of logic, inputs should never float. Digital logic devices often have functions or parts of functions that aren’t used. For example, only two of a triple-input AND gate’s inputs are used, or only three of the four buffer gates are used.

These input pins shouldn’t be left unconnected because the undefined voltages at the outside connections lead to undefined operating states. The rules that must be followed at all times are listed below. All digital logic devices’ inputs that aren’t being used must be hooked to a high or low bias so they don’t float.


In conclusion, the SN74LVC1G08QDBVRQ1 is a high-performance IC gate from Texas Instruments that can be used in many different ways. It gives efficient signal processing thanks to its small size, high speed, and low propagation delay. It can be used in many different ways because it is a 2-input AND gate, a signal buffer, and a voltage converter.

The Parameter Measurement Information makes sure that the electrical properties can be evaluated correctly. The SN74LVC1G08QDBVRQ1 is a reliable component that can be added to electronic systems to push the limits of technology. Contact ICRFQ to get this powerful sensor and start on a creative and educational trip.

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