Part Number: SP0503BAHTG

Manufacturer: Littelfuse Inc

Description: TVS DIODE 5.5VWM 8.5VC SOT143-4

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of SP0503BAHTG

Datasheet  SP0503BAHTG datasheet
Product Photos SOT143
Product Training Modules TVS Diode Arrays – ESD Suppressors for I/O Interfaces
Catalog Drawings SP0503BAHTG Circuit
Standard Package 3,000
Category Circuit Protection
Family TVS – Diodes
Series SP05, SPA?
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Type Zener
Unidirectional Channels 3
Bidirectional Channels
Voltage – Reverse Standoff (Typ) 5.5V (Max)
Voltage – Breakdown (Min)
Voltage – Clamping (Max) @ Ipp 8.5V
Current – Peak Pulse (10/1000μs)
Power – Peak Pulse
Power Line Protection No
Applications General Purpose
Capacitance @ Frequency
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C (TA)
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case TO-253-4, TO-253AA
Supplier Device Package SOT-143-4
Online Catalog SPA? SP05 Series
Other Names F2715TR

SP0503BAHTG Introduction

Do electrostatic discharges that damage your electrical equipment make you angry? Look no further than Littelfuse’s SP0503BAHTG ESD protection device. With a maximum clamping voltage of 8.5 V and a maximum ESD protection device voltage of 20 (Min)@Contact Disc/30 (Min)@HBM kV, this ESD diode is certain to safeguard your equipment from dangerous electrical discharges. It can also survive even the harshest situations because of its working temperature range between -55 °C and 125 °C. Additionally, it is a flexible and efficient option for various applications thanks to its triple common anode arrangement and the capacitance value of 30(Typ) pF. Choose the SP0503BAHTG ESD protection device to have peace of mind knowing your expensive electronics are completely secured instead of taking chances with them.


This family of surface-mount arrays reduces ESD and other transient overvoltage phenomena. These parts can assist in safeguarding delicate digital or analog input circuits on data, signal, or control lines with voltage levels up to 5VDC when used to comply with IEC transient immunity standards (IEC 61000-4-2 for Electrostatic Discharge Requirements).

The structures used in the monolithic silicon arrays for transient voltage suppression (TVS) are particularly created. These buildings’ sizes and shapes have been specifically designed for temporary protection. This diode array offers lower off-state capacitance and clamping voltage than MOVs.


  • a grouping of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 TVS avalanches diodes in an SC70, SOT-23, SOT-143, or MSOP package that is incredibly compact.
  • Protection of the Input for Applications Up to 5VDC.
  • Quick Response Time… 1 ns.
  • Low Input Capacitance… Usually 30pF.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 125 degrees Celsius.
  • MSL-1, or moisture sensitivity level.


An electrostatic discharge (ESD) can harm electronic devices. Hence the SP0503BAHTG is a TVS (Transient Voltage Suppression) diode. The device’s main features are listed below:

  • 5V is the maximum clamping voltage.
  • The maximum voltage for an ESD protection device is 20 (Min)@Contact Disc/30 (Min)@HBM Kv.
  • Value of the capacitor: 30(Typ) pF.

Overall, the SP0503BAHTG provides a high level of protection for electronic equipment and is a flexible and dependable ESD protection device. It is a popular choice for engineers and designers searching for a TVS diode that can handle various applications due to its distinctive triple common anode arrangement and wide temperature range.

The SP0503BAHTG delivers a low clamping voltage of 8.5V in addition to its distinct configuration and temperature range, ensuring the voltage across the protected item stays within acceptable limits during an ESD event. The device can tolerate high levels of electrostatic discharge. It can defend against various ESD events thanks to its maximum ESD protection device voltage of 20(Min)@Contact Disc/30(Min)@HBM kV.

Additionally, the SP0503BAHTG may be easily integrated into circuit boards and other electrical devices because of its small SOT-143 surface mount packaging. Additionally, the gadget is packaged in tape and reels for safe delivery and quick component placement.

In conclusion, the SP0503BAHTG is a flexible and dependable ESD protection tool that provides high levels of protection for electronic devices in a small, convenient design. Thanks to its special features and characteristics, it is a fantastic option for engineers and designers searching for a high-performance TVS diode to safeguard their electronic devices from ESD damage.


The SP0503BAHTG is a useful ESD protection tool for several reasons.

The first benefit of the device is its excellent protection against electrostatic discharges for electrical equipment. ESD incidents have the potential to seriously harm delicate electronic components, which could result in a device’s performance being compromised or even failing. The SP0503BAHTG’s 8.5V maximum clamping voltage ensures that, in the case of an ESD event, the voltage across the protected device stays within safe bounds. The device also has a maximum ESD protection device voltage of 20(Min)@Contact Disc/30(Min)@HBM kV, meaning it can withstand high electrostatic discharge levels and provide protection from various ESD situations.

Second, with an extreme temperature range of -55°C to 125°C, the SP0503BAHTG is a dependable ESD protection device. This makes it appropriate for use in various applications with challenging operating conditions.

Last, but not least, the SP0503BAHTG can be purchased in a small SOT-143 surface mount package, enabling simple integration into circuit boards and other electrical devices. A tape and reel packing method is also used to send the device, ensuring safe delivery and a speedy component mounting process.

Applications for the SP0503BAHTG include consumer electronics, medical equipment, telecommunications, and industrial control systems. For instance, in consumer electronics like smartphones and tablets, the device can shield delicate parts like touchscreens and CPUs from ESD damage brought on by user-generated static electricity. The gadget can guard against ESD damage brought on by lightning strikes or power surges in telecommunications equipment like routers and switches.

The gadget can guard against ESD damage brought on by medical equipment and static electricity from the human body in medical equipment like ultrasound machines and MRI scanners. The gadget can guard against ESD damage in industrial control systems by switching or inductive loads.

All things considered, the SP0503BAHTG provides outstanding protection against electrostatic discharges and is a dependable and adaptable ESD protection device that can be utilized in a range of applications.


To sum up, Littelfuse’s SP0503BAHTG ESD protection device is a great option for safeguarding your electronic equipment from electrostatic discharges. It is a great choice for engineers and designers wishing to protect their products because of its remarkable features and dependable performance. Why then wait? Put an end to the risk of ESD damage to your devices. The SP0503BAHTG ESD protection device may be purchased right now, reminding you that your gadgets are completely protected.

At ICRFQ, we appreciate the benefits of using top-quality electronic components like the SP0503BAHTG ESD. We provide reasonable prices on this and other components, and we have qualified employees available to assist you with any orders you may have.

Therefore, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help buying the SP0503BAHTG ESD or any other electronic component. We are excited to work with you to select the components that will best meet your needs.

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