Part Number: SS94A2D

Manufacturer: Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions


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Technical Specifications of SS94A2D

Datasheet  SS94A2D datasheet
Category Sensors, Transducers
Family Magnetic Sensors – Linear, Compass (ICs)
Manufacturer Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions
Series SS94
Packaging Bulk
Part Status Obsolete
Type Linear
Technology Hall Effect
Axis Single
Sensing Range ±250mT
Voltage – Supply 6.6 V ~ 12.6 V
Current – Supply (Max) 30mA
Current – Output (Max) 1mA
Output Type Analog Voltage
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 125°C (TA)
Package / Case 3-SIP
Supplier Device Package Ceramic SIP


When it comes to precise magnetic sensing, the SS94A2D is an outstanding device with unrivaled performance and dependability. In this comprehensive tutorial, we’ll delve into the SS94A2D’s details, investigating its features, operation, and applications. This article will offer you with a complete overview of the SS94A2D Hall effect sensor, whether you’re an engineer trying to integrate it into your project or simply interested about how it works.

Understanding the SS94A2D

What is the SS94A2D?

The SS94A2D is a magnetic sensor that makes use of a Hall effect integrated circuit chip to improve temperature stability and performance. It is a flexible sensor intended for a wide range of applications requiring accurate magnetic field sensing.

Key Features

Let’s take a closer look at some of the important features that distinguish the SS94A2D:

● Single Current Sinking or Current Sourcing Linear Output

The SS94A2D has a single current sinking or current sourcing linear output, allowing it to be used in a variety of circuit designs. This adaptability enables engineers to select the output type that best meets their individual requirements.

● Improved Temperature Stability

The SS94A2D’s improved temperature stability is one of its notable features. This is accomplished by utilizing laser-trimmed thick film resistors on the ceramic substrate as well as thin film resistors on the integrated circuit. These components work together to decrease temperature-related null and gain shifts, ensuring consistent sensitivity from one sensor to the next.

● Compact Three-Pin In-Line PCB Design

The SS94A2D is packaged as a three-pin in-line printed circuit board (PCB). This small form simplifies sensor integration and enables for easy placement on ordinary surfaces.Mounting centers of 100N.

● Wide Flux Range

The sensor has an outstanding flux range of 100 to 2500 gauss, making it excellent for measuring magnetic field intensity in a variety of applications. Because of its adaptability, it may be used in a wide range of industries and applications.

How the SS94A2D Works

The Hall effect, a fundamental physics principle, is at the heart of the SS94A2D’s technology. When subjected to a magnetic field, the Hall effect integrated circuit within the sensor generates a voltage proportionate to the magnetic field’s strength and polarity. This voltage is then transformed into a linear current output, which provides a consistent measurement of the magnetic field intensity.


The versatility and dependability of the SS94A2D make it an invaluable tool in a wide range of applications. Here are some specific applications for which this magnetic sensor excels:

● Position Sensing in Vehicle Applications:

Precision position sensing is crucial in the automotive sector for numerous components such as throttle position sensors. The SS94A2D can identify the position of objects correctly, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of automobile systems.

● Electric Vehicle Battery Management System Current Measurement:

To monitor and control battery performance, electric vehicles (EVs) rely on sophisticated battery management systems. The SS94A2D can measure current inside these systems, assisting in the management and optimization of the charging and discharging processes, and therefore enhancing battery life and overall vehicle economy.

● Measurement of Magnetic Fields in Scientific Experiments:

Magnetic field measurements are frequently required in scientific studies. Because of its ability to measure magnetic fields, the SS94A2D is an ideal choice for research applications including examining the Earth’s magnetic field, magnetic materials, or particle physics investigations.

● Quality Control and Industrial Processes

The sensor’s capacity to sense magnetic fields can be used for quality control in industrial settings. It may detect differences in material magnetic characteristics, assuring constant product quality in production operations.

● Security System Proximity Sensing:

Proximity sensors are often used in security systems to detect the presence of objects or people. The SS94A2D is an efficient proximity sensor, particularly in situations where magnetic objects must be detected quietly.

● Automation and Robotics:

Precision positioning and sensing skills are frequently required in robotics and automation systems. The SS94A2D can be used in these systems to provide precise input on the position of robotic arms, conveyors, or other moving parts.

● Electronics for the Home

The sensor’s small size and dependable performance make it ideal for usage in consumer devices. It can be utilized in devices such as smartphones and tablets for activities such as magnetic orientation-based screen rotation sensing.

The SS94A2D’s remarkable qualities, such as temperature stability, constant sensitivity, and wide flux range, making it a versatile and dependable solution for a wide range of applications in a variety of sectors. Its capacity to deliver precise magnetic field measurements and location sensing opens up possibilities for innovation and improved functionality in a wide range of devices and systems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the SS94A2D Hall Effect Magnetic Sensor

What exactly is a Hall Effect Sensor?

A Hall effect sensor is a type of transducer that detects magnetic fields and converts them into electrical signals. The SS94A2D is a type of Hall effect sensor.

What distinguishes the SS94A2D from other Hall Effect Sensors?

The SS94A2D distinguishes itself by increased temperature stability, constant sensitivity, and a broad flux range. These characteristics make it appropriate for a wide range of applications.

How does the SS94A2D function?

The Hall effect principle is used by the SS94A2D. When subjected to a magnetic field, it generates a voltage proportionate to the strength and polarity of the field. This voltage is then used to generate a linear current output.

What are the SS94A2D’s applications?

Position sensing in automotive systems, current measurement in electric vehicles, magnetic field measurement in scientific studies, and proximity sensing in security systems are just a few of the applications for the sensor.

Is the SS94A2D suitable for usage in severe environments?

While the SS94A2D is a versatile sensor, harsh climatic conditions may have an impact on its performance. When operating the sensor in harsh conditions, it is critical to check the datasheet and consider necessary environmental protection measures.

What is the SS94A2D’s working temperature range?

Depending on the manufacturer’s specs, the actual operating temperature range may vary. For specific information, it is best to consult the datasheet provided by the manufacturer.

Is it possible to use the SS94A2D for non-contact position sensing?

Yes, you can use the SS94A2D for non-contact position detection. It can detect the position of magnetic objects without physical contact, making it suitable for applications where precision and reliability are essential.

Is the SS94A2D suitable for battery-powered applications?

Yes, the SS94A2D’s low power consumption and reliable performance make it suitable for battery-powered applications, including those in the automotive and consumer electronics sectors.


In conclusion, the SS94A2D Hall effect magnetic sensor stands as a testament to cutting-edge technology, delivering unmatched performance with its temperature stability, sensitivity consistency, and expansive flux range. Its adaptability and dependability make it a crucial asset across a diverse spectrum of industries and applications, spanning from automotive advancements to pioneering scientific research.

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