Part Number: SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology

Description: IC FLASH 16MBIT SPI 50MHZ 8SOIC

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF

Datasheet  SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Memory
Manufacturer Microchip Technology
Series SST25
Packaging Tube
Part Status Active
Format – Memory FLASH
Memory Type FLASH
Memory Size 16M (2M x 8)
Speed 50MHz
Interface SPI Serial
Voltage – Supply 2.7 V ~ 3.6 V
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C (TA)
Package / Case 8-SOIC (0.209″, 5.30mm Width)
Supplier Device Package 8-SOIC

SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF-T Introduction

Serial flash memories are essential components in modern electronics, as they provide dependable storage solutions for data storage and retrieval purposes. This guide will provide an overview of the SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF, an advanced serial flash memory device known for its exceptional performance, low power consumption, and small size. This device provides an ideal solution for various applications in the constantly changing electronic landscape, thanks to its advanced features. Let’s explore the specifics and uncover the advantages of incorporating the SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF into your design projects.

Overview of SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF

The SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF is a highly advanced serial flash memory device designed to cater to the specific needs of modern electronics. It boasts a wide array of features and specifications. Here are its key attributes:

  • The interface is compatible with SPI and uses four wires. The SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF is equipped with a four-wire, SPI-compatible interface, allowing for easy integration into current systems. This interface enables efficient and fast data transfer, facilitating high-performance operations.
  • The Low Pin-Count Package (LPC) is a type of packaging used in electronic devices. The SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF is designed with a low-pin-count package, which allows for efficient utilization of board space. This ultimately leads to lower system costs. The compact design of this product makes it perfect for applications that have limited space constraints while still maintaining full functionality.
  • The SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF demonstrates reduced power consumption when compared to previous versions. This enhancement results in increased energy efficiency, which extends the battery life of portable and battery-powered devices.
  • The SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF is produced using advanced CMOS SuperFlash technology, known for its high performance. The split-gate cell design and thick-oxide tunneling injector used in this proprietary technology improve both reliability and manufacturability. These advancements guarantee a strong and reliable memory solution for a wide range of applications.
  • The SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF offers a reliable and efficient solution for data storage and retrieval. It achieves this through its four-wire SPI-compatible interface, low pin-count package, and reduced power consumption. The utilization of CMOS SuperFlash technology enhances the reliability and manufacturability of the product, making it a preferred choice for various electronic designs.

Improved Performance and Reliability

The SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF stands out for its superior performance and reliability, which can be attributed to its advanced design features and optimized specifications. Let’s examine how these factors contribute to its outstanding performance:

  • The Split-Gate Cell Design and Thick-Oxide Tunneling Injector are two important components in electronic devices. The SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF utilizes a split-gate cell design and a thick-oxide tunneling injector. These innovations enhance the reliability and manufacturability of the device. The split-gate cell design is implemented to enhance charge retention, thereby ensuring the integrity of data over a longer period of time. The use of a thick-oxide tunneling injector improves the efficiency of programming and erasing, leading to a more reliable and consistent operation.
  • The SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF allows for faster data transfers due to its improved operating frequency. This implies that the memory can be accessed and updated at a faster speed, resulting in improved performance and responsiveness of the entire system. This improved operating frequency can greatly benefit applications that require quick data access and seamless multitasking.
  • The SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF is notable for its low power consumption. The optimized design, combined with the advanced CMOS SuperFlash technology, guarantees efficient power utilization. This attribute makes it an excellent choice for applications that use batteries, as it helps to prolong battery life and improve overall energy efficiency. Optimizing performance and conserving energy are key considerations for devices that rely on limited power resources.
  • The SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF is a high-performance device that offers exceptional performance, reliability, and energy efficiency. It achieves this through its incorporation of a split-gate cell design, thick-oxide tunneling injector, improved operating frequency, and low power consumption. It is a dependable and efficient solution for both data-intensive applications and power-constrained devices.

Programming and Erasing

The SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF provides convenient programming and erasing features, along with efficient energy consumption. Here are the key aspects of the programming and erasing process:

● Single-Power Supply Operation

The SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF is capable of operating with a single power supply within the voltage range of 2.7V to 3.6V. This feature enables seamless integration into different electronic systems, eliminating the need for complicated power management configurations.

● Efficient Use of Current and Short Erase Times

The SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF uses current effectively during programming and erasing, resulting in less energy being used. The SuperFlash technology used in this device enables faster erase times and needs less electricity for programming compared to alternative flash memory technologies. This improves the system’s overall energy efficiency by greatly reducing the overall energy used during erase or program operations.

Enhanced System Energy Efficiency

The SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF helps improve the system’s energy efficiency by streamlining the programming and erasing procedure. It is a great option for battery-powered applications and energy-conscious designs due to the effective use of current and shorter erase times, which both preserve energy and lighten the load on power sources.

The SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF ensures dependable and energy-efficient operation thanks to its support for single-power supply operation, efficient current usage during programming and erasing, and reduced energy consumption. It is therefore a good fit for situations where performance and power efficiency are crucial.

Package Options and Availability

To meet various design requirements, the SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF is offered in two different package options: an 8-lead SOIC (200 mils) and an 8-contact WSON (6mm x 5mm). The following are some benefits for system integration provided by these small package options:

  • Design for Saving Space: The printed circuit board (PCB) has a lower footprint thanks to the low pin-count arrangement of the 8-lead SOIC and 8-contact WSON packages. This compact form allows for more effective use of the available space, which is especially useful in applications where board space is limited.
  • Lower System prices: The SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF’s compact package options help keep system prices down. Fewer materials are required for PCB assembly due to the reduced board space requirements. Costs are reduced during production and total system integration as a result.

The ability to choose the best package for a given application is made possible by the availability of both the 8-lead SOIC and 8-contact WSON packages. The small package options of the SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF offer workable solutions for maximizing board space and lowering system costs, regardless of whether the project is cost- or space-constrained.


The SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF serial flash memory offers improved performance, low power consumption, and compact package options. With advanced design features, it ensures reliability and efficient data transfers. Its low power consumption makes it perfect for battery-powered devices. Available in 8-lead SOIC and 8-contact WSON packages, it saves space and reduces system costs. Consider the SST25VF016B-50-4I-S2AF for your data storage needs, available through ICRFQ, a leading electronic component distributor in China.

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