Part Number: STM32F437IGT6

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics

Description: IC MCU 32BIT 1MB FLASH 176LQFP

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Technical Specifications of STM32F437IGT6

Datasheet  STM32F437IGT6 datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Embedded – Microcontrollers
Manufacturer STMicroelectronics
Series STM32 F4
Packaging Tray
Part Status Active
Core Processor ARM? Cortex?-M4
Core Size 32-Bit
Speed 168MHz
Connectivity CAN, EBI/EMI, Ethernet, I2C, IrDA, LIN, SPI, UART/USART, USB OTG
Peripherals Brown-out Detect/Reset, DMA, I2S, LCD, POR, PWM, WDT
Number of I/O 140
Program Memory Size 1MB (1M x 8)
Program Memory Type FLASH
RAM Size 256K x 8
Voltage – Supply (Vcc/Vdd) 1.8 V ~ 3.6 V
Data Converters A/D 24x12b, D/A 2x12b
Oscillator Type Internal
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C (TA)
Package / Case 176-LQFP
Supplier Device Package 176-LQFP (24×24)


The STM32F437IGT6, part of the STM32F437xx series, is an outstanding microcontroller unit (MCU) that combines the power of the Arm® Cortex®-M4 32-bit RISC core with a plethora of high-speed embedded memory, advanced peripherals, and communication interfaces. This detailed guide will lead you through the STM32F437IGT6’s essential features, capabilities, and potential applications, allowing you to realize its full potential for your projects.

Unveiling the Cortex-M4 Core

The Cortex-M4 core, which operates at an astounding frequency of up to 180 MHz, is at the heart of the STM32F437IGT6. This core not only provides high-performance processing but also a Floating Point Unit (FPU) with single precision capability. Because it can execute single-precision data-processing instructions, this FPU is appropriate for applications requiring complicated mathematical computations.

Furthermore, the Cortex-M4 core has a large number of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) instructions, allowing for real-time signal processing workloads. A Memory Protection Unit (MPU) is included into the core to improve application security by isolating and safeguarding memory regions.

Powerful Memories and Versatile I/Os

The STM32F437IGT6 has a variety of high-speed embedded memories, including up to 2 Mbytes of Flash memory and 256 Kbytes of SRAM. This large memory capacity is beneficial for data-intensive applications since it allows for efficient code execution and data storage.

Furthermore, this MCU has up to 4 Kbytes of backup SRAM to ensure data retention in the event of a power outage. Extensive peripheral integration, two AHB buses, connected to two APB buses, and a 32-bit multi-AHB bus matrix, enables the diverse I/O capabilities. This architecture enables smooth communication among peripherals, reducing latency and increasing overall system efficiency.

Advanced Timers, ADCs, and DACs

The STM32F437IGT6 includes a wide variety of timers and analog-to-digital/digital-to-analog converters (ADCs/DACs). Precision timing and motor control are at your fingertips thanks to twelve general-purpose 16-bit timers and two specialised PWM timers. Furthermore, two general-purpose 32-bit timers provide enhanced timing capabilities for a variety of applications.

The integration of three 12-bit ADCs and two DACs allows the MCU to successfully communicate with the analog world. This capability is very useful in sensor interface, data collecting, and audio processing applications.

Enhanced Security and Encryption

In today’s interconnected world, security has become a top priority for applications ranging from IoT devices to industrial control systems. To safeguard sensitive information and prevent unwanted access, it is critical to ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and system authenticity.

With its embedded Memory Protection Unit (MPU), the STM32F437IGT6 tackles these security problems. By segregating memory regions within the microcontroller, the MPU serves a critical role in strengthening security. It is a protection that prevents unauthorized access to crucial data and code portions.

The MPU limits the interaction of different software components by setting memory access rights and boundaries. This isolation ensures that even if a vulnerability in one portion of the system is exploited, the attacker’s access is limited to that single memory region, limiting the potential impact of an attack.

The cryptographic acceleration cell is one of the STM32F437IGT6’s notable characteristics. This dedicated hardware module is intended to perform cryptographic techniques such as encryption and decryption effectively. In contrast to software-based methods, which might be slower and require more resources, the cryptographic acceleration cell accelerates these activities, giving a significant performance improvement for security-related workloads.

The cell’s function goes beyond simply expediting cryptographic procedures. It also minimizes CPU burden, allowing the main processing unit to focus on other vital activities without jeopardizing security. This is especially useful in applications where real-time processing is required and computational efficiency is an important consideration.

Diverse Communication Interfaces

Introduction to Communication Interfaces

The STM32F437IGT6 has a wide range of communication interfaces, making it a viable choice for a variety of applications. These interfaces allow for easy data flow between the microcontroller and external devices, networks, and peripherals, opening up a world of connectivity and interaction possibilities.

Standard Interfaces: USART, SPI, I2C, and CAN

USART (Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter): USART is suited for point-to-point communication since it allows both synchronous and asynchronous communication. It is frequently used for debugging, serial communication, and connecting to devices such as GPS modules.

  • SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface): SPI is a synchronous serial communication standard that allows the STM32F437IGT6 to communicate data at fast speeds to peripheral devices such as sensors, displays, and memory chips. Its full-duplex capability enables efficient data exchange.
  • I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit): I2C is a two-wire serial communication standard that allows several devices to be connected to the same bus. It is frequently used for low-speed communication between sensors, EEPROMs, and other peripherals.
  • CAN (Controller Area Network): A robust communication protocol that is widely used in automotive and industrial applications. It allows for real-time communication between different electronic control units (ECUs), making it perfect for activities such as vehicle control and factory automation.

Advanced Interfaces: Ethernet and USB

  • Ethernet port: The STM32F437IGT6 includes an Ethernet port, allowing for high-speed wired networking. This interface is required for data-intensive communication applications such as remote monitoring, data logging, and industrial control systems. Ethernet connectivity allows devices to connect to local area networks (LANs) and allows for seamless data transmission between linked devices.
  • USB (Universal Serial Bus): The STM32F437IGT6’s USB interfaces offer a diverse solution for data transport and device interfacing. The high-speed USB interface allows for quick data interchange with external devices, making it ideal for USB storage devices, audio interfaces, and human-machine interfaces (HMIs).

Enabling Connectivity: Industrial Automation to IoT

● Industrial Automation

The STM32F437IGT6’s communication ports are critical in connecting sensors, actuators, and control units in industrial environments. Ethernet and CAN connections offer real-time data sharing and precise control, improving manufacturing process efficiency and precision.

● Internet of Things (IoT)

As the number of IoT devices grows, connection becomes increasingly important. The STM32F437IGT6’s communication ports, particularly Ethernet and USB, allow these devices to connect to cloud services smoothly, allowing for remote monitoring, data analytics, and over-the-air updates.

● Embedded Systems

The microcontroller’s communication interfaces are used in a wide range of embedded systems, from consumer electronics to medical devices, in addition to industrial and IoT applications. These interfaces allow devices to communicate with one another, exchange data, and provide end users with expanded capability.


The STM32F437IGT6 is a true powerhouse in the dynamic world of microcontrollers, combining the capability of the Cortex-M4 core with high-speed memory, advanced timers, adaptable I/O, and solid security features. This guide has provided you with a thorough grasp, but it is only the beginning.

The STM32F437IGT6 allows you to explore, experiment, and innovate, whether you’re a seasoned developer or new to microcontrollers. With this understanding, you are ready to use it in your project.

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