Part Number: STPS20200CT

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics

Description: DIODE ARRAY SCHOTTKY 200V TO220

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of STPS20200CT

Datasheet  STPS20200CT datasheet
Category Discrete Semiconductor Products
Family Diodes – Rectifiers – Arrays
Manufacturer STMicroelectronics
Packaging Tube
Diode Configuration 1 Pair Common Cathode
Diode Type Schottky
Voltage – DC Reverse (Vr) (Max) 200V
Current – Average Rectified (Io) (per Diode) 10A
Voltage – Forward (Vf) (Max) @ If 860mV @ 10A
Speed Fast Recovery =< 500ns, > 200mA (Io)
Reverse Recovery Time (trr)
Current – Reverse Leakage @ Vr 15μA @ 200V
Mounting Type Through Hole
Package / Case TO-220-3
Supplier Device Package TO-220AB


The STPS20200CT is a high-performance dual center tap Schottky rectifier made for switch mode power supplies (SMPS) and high-frequency DC-to-DC converters. This detailed guide will tell you everything you need to know about this device, including its features, uses, package choices, and most important specs.

Overview of STPS20200CT

The STPS20200CT is a dual center tap 200 V Schottky rectifier that is made to be used in switch mode power supplies (SMPS) and high-frequency DC-to-DC converters. It is a great choice for secondary rectification in SMPS systems because of its high efficiency, low forward voltage drop, and fast switching. It also works well in LED lighting because of how well it works and how reliable it is.

Introduction to Schottky Rectifiers

Schottky rectifiers are a type of diode that works by connecting a metal and a semiconductor. Schottky rectifiers are different from regular PN-junction diodes in that they have a lower forward voltage drop and a faster switching speed. This makes them perfect for applications where they need to use little power and work at a high frequency. The STPS20200CT is a type of Schottky rectifier made for SMPS and LED lighting systems that need to convert power quickly and efficiently.

Features and Benefits of STPS20200CT

The STPS20200CT is a good choice for power supply and lighting uses because it has a number of features and benefits:

● Dual Center Tap Configuration: The device is made with two center taps, so it can be used in different circuit topologies and give designers more freedom in how they build.

● High Voltage Rating: The STPS20200CT can handle higher voltage levels because it has a maximum voltage rating of 200 volts.This makes it good for applications that need to rectify AC or DC inputs with higher voltage levels.

● Low Forward Voltage Drop: Compared to other diodes, the STPS20200CT has a much lower forward voltage drop because it is made with Schottky technology. This makes power conversion more efficient and reduces the amount of power that is lost.

● Fast Switching Speed: The STPS20200CT can switch on and off quickly because it has fast recovery. This is helpful for high-frequency uses that need to switch quickly.

● High Operating Temperature: The device is made to work at high temperatures, so it will be reliable and work well even in tough conditions.

Applications of STPS20200CT

The STPS20200CT was made for two main uses in particular:

● (SMPS) Switch Mode Power Supplies

In SMPS applications, the STPS20200CT is used as a secondary rectifier to turn alternating current (AC) or pulsating direct current (DC) into smooth direct current (DC). Its low forward voltage drop and fast switching make SMPS designs more efficient and lower the amount of power that is lost.

● LED Lighting

Because of its high voltage limit, low forward voltage drop, and fast switching speed, the STPS20200CT is a good choice for LED lighting. It can be used in LED driver circuits to turn the AC or DC electricity coming in into the stable, regulated DC voltage needed to power LEDs.

Note: The STPS20200CT may also be useful in other high-frequency DC-to-DC converter systems if its features and specs match the needs of the system.

Importance of Secondary Rectification

In switch-mode power supplies (SMPS), rectification is a key part of turning alternating current (AC) or pulsating direct current (DC) into smooth, controlled direct current (DC). The rectifier stage is in charge of turning the voltage waveform that comes in into a waveform that goes only one way. This gets rid of the negative or reverse voltage cycles.

Especially important for improving the SMPS’s efficiency and general performance is the secondary rectification stage, which comes after the primary rectification stage. It includes smoothing and filtering the rectified waveform even more to reduce ripple and make the DC voltage output stable.

How STPS20200CT Enhances SMPS Performance

As a dual center tap 200V Schottky rectifier, the STPS20200CT has a number of benefits that improve the performance of SMPS:

● Low Forward Voltage Drop: The STPS20200CT has a low forward voltage drop, which lowers power losses during rectification. This makes the SMPS more efficient and helps it use energy more efficiently as a whole.

● Fast Switching Speed: Because of how quickly it switches, the STPS20200CT has low switching losses and can work well at high rates. This is especially helpful in SMPS systems that need to switch quickly in order to convert power efficiently.

● High Voltage Rating: The STPS20200CT can handle higher voltage levels in SMPS applications because it can handle up to 200 volts of energy. This makes sure that the rectification is stable and strong and can handle a wide range of input voltage needs.

● Dual Center Tap setup: The STPS20200CT’s dual center tap setup gives designers a lot of freedom and lets them use different circuit topologies in SMPS applications. It lets creators optimize the layout of the circuit and choose the configuration that works best for their needs.

Design Considerations and Recommendations

When designing for SMPS systems with the STPS20200CT, the following design considerations and suggestions should be taken into account:

● Current and Power Ratings: Make sure that the STPS20200CT’s current and power ratings can handle the predicted load. Check the device’s datasheet and think about things like continuous current, peak current, and power consumption to make sure it works reliably and safely.

● Heat Dissipation: When the STPS20200CT is running, power loss may cause heat to be produced. The right heat sinking and thermal management methods should be used to keep temperatures from rising too much and make sure the system works well.

● Input and Output Capacitance: For the rectified signal to be smoothed and filtered well, the input and output capacitors must be chosen and sized correctly. Think about the capacitance values, voltage ratings, and ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) standards to reduce ripple and ensure stable DC output.

● Switching Frequency: Think about how often the SMPS switches on and off, and make sure that the STPS20200CT can work within the range of frequencies given. For the best results, make sure that the switching characteristics of the device match the desired frequency.

● Circuit Layout and PCB Design: Use best practices for circuit layout and PCB design to limit parasitic effects, cut down on noise, and make sure that thermal management is done right. Think about how to route the traces, where to put the components, and how to ground the circuit to get the best performance and the least amount of electromagnetic interference.


Unleash the power of the STPS20200CT, a reliable and efficient dual center tap 200 V Schottky rectifier designed for SMPS and LED lighting applications. Its exceptional features and performance make it the perfect choice for secondary rectification in SMPS and LED lighting systems. Seamlessly integrate the STPS20200CT into your designs for optimal performance, and let your creativity shine. For sourcing and assistance, contact us at ICRFQ and embark on your journey of electronic innovation with the STPS20200CT.

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