Part Number: T1635-600G-TR

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics


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Technical Specifications of T1635-600G-TR

Datasheet  T1635-600G-TR datasheet
Category Discrete Semiconductor Products
Family Thyristors – TRIACs
Manufacturer STMicroelectronics
Series Snubberless?
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Triac Type Alternistor – Snubberless
Voltage – Off State 600V
Current – On State (It (RMS)) (Max) 16A
Voltage – Gate Trigger (Vgt) (Max) 1.3V
Current – Non Rep. Surge 50, 60Hz (Itsm) 160A, 168A
Current – Gate Trigger (Igt) (Max) 35mA
Current – Hold (Ih) (Max) 35mA
Configuration Single
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case TO-263-3, D2Pak (2 Leads + Tab), TO-263AB
Supplier Device Package D2PAK


The T1635-600G-TR is a medium-current Triac with through-hole and surface-mount options. It is designed with a number of essential features that make it suitable for a wide range of applications. In this article, we will look at its essential features and applications to help you make the most of its possibilities.

Features and Applications

Triacs are the unsung heroes responsible for perfect AC power regulation in a variety of electrical gadgets. The T1635-600G-TR stands out as a versatile and high-performance component among these. Feature Breakdown

Let’s have a look at the features that make the T1635-600G-TR Triac a popular choice for power control applications:

● Medium Current Handling

Because of its medium current capacity, the T1635-600G-TR Triac is a dependable choice for applications demanding moderate power levels. This capability enables it to support a wide range of electronic devices.

● Efficient Thermal Management

Heat dissipation is critical in power electronics, and the T1635-600G-TR excels at it. It combines low heat resistance with clip bonding to ensure that it remains cool even under extreme situations. This characteristic improves the component’s durability and dependability.

● Insulation for Enhanced Safety

The T1635-600G-TR offers low thermal resistance insulating ceramics for applications that require insulation. This insulation maintains the device’s safety and eliminates any undesired electrical contacts, which is critical in applications where isolation is critical.

● Commutation Capabilities

The T1635-600G-TR has exceptional commutation capabilities, with options for high commutation (4Q) and very high commutation (3Q). The SnubberlessTM function, which is available in select models, is very useful when dealing with inductive loads, ensuring smooth and reliable operation in such situations.

● Certified and Compliant

In today’s electronics, safety and environmental regulations are paramount. The T1635-600G-TR is part of the UL1557-certified BTA series (file ref: 81734). This accreditation confirms the device’s safety and dependability. Furthermore, the packages are RoHS (2002/95/EC) compliant, guaranteeing that your designs follow severe environmental laws.

● Insulated Tab

The BTA series, which includes the T1635-600G-TR, has an insulated tab with a 2500 VRMS rating. This improves safety even more, especially in applications where electrical isolation is critical.


Triacs, such as the T1635-600G-TR, are the key to achieving seamless AC power regulation in a variety of electronic applications. In this article, we’ll look at how to use the T1635-600G-TR’s features in various settings.

Inductive Load Control

Because of their inherent features, inductive loads such as motors and transformers provide particular issues. In such cases, the T1635-600G-TR with SnubberlessTM is your best ally. This is why:

  • High Commutation Performance: When turned off, inductive loads generate back EMF (electromotive force). The SnubberlessTM T1635-600G-TR’s outstanding commutation performance guarantees that this back EMF is properly handled, eliminating voltage spikes and maintaining dependable operation.
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is reduced: Inductive loads frequently introduce undesired electrical noise. The SnubberlessTM function reduces EMI, ensuring that your sensitive electronics are not harmed.
  • Smooth and Reliable Control: Whether it’s motor starting circuits or induction motor control, the T1635-600G-TR in SnubberlessTM mode ensures smooth and dependable operation.

ON/OFF and Phase Angle Control

Triacs are invaluable when you need to switch AC power on and off or implement phase angle control. Here are some applications where the T1635-600G-TR shines:

● Static Relays

Static relays are electronic switches that control power without moving parts, making them highly reliable. The T1635-600G-TR can serve as the heart of your static relay, ensuring precise power switching in a wide range of applications.

● Light Dimmers

Creating the ideal ambiance frequently necessitates dimming lights. Because of its ability to alter phase angles, the T1635-600G-TR is a great choice for light dimmers. It provides smooth and flicker-free dimming performance in residential, business, and industrial environments.

● Appliance Motor Speed Controllers

Motor speed management is crucial for efficient and silent operation in appliances such as washing machines and HVAC systems. The T1635-600G-TR allows for precise motor speed control, ensuring that your appliances work effectively.

Absolute Maximum Ratings of T1635-600G-TR Triac

Understanding the absolute maximum ratings of the T1635-600G-TR Triac is critical for ensuring reliable and safe functioning in your electrical systems. These ratings provide critical information regarding the device’s limits and operating conditions, as well as the danger of damage or failure.

RMS On-State Current (IT(RMS))

  • Tc = 100 °C for TO-220AB and D2PAK: Under these conditions, the maximum RMS on-state current that the T1635-600G-TR can tolerate is 16 A.
  • TO-220AB Tc = 86°C: The Triac can handle a maximum RMS on-state current of 16 A when running in a TO-220AB Insulated package at a lower case temperature.

Non-Repetitive Surge Peak On-State Current (ITSM)

  • Tj initial = 25 °C, F = 50 Hz, tp = 20 ms:The T1635-600G-TR can manage a maximum current of 160 A for a non-repetitive surge peak on-state current with a frequency of 50 Hz and a pulse width of 20 ms.
  • tp = 16.7 ms, F = 60 Hz:The Triac can tolerate a maximum surge current of 168 A if the frequency is increased to 60 Hz with a somewhat shorter pulse width of 16.7 ms.

I2t Value for Fusing (dl/dt)

  • tp = 10 ms: The I2t value is 144 A2s, which is the amount of energy necessary to blow a fuse in 10 ms. This setting is critical in applications where fuses must be protected from excessive current.

Critical Rate of Rise of On-State Current (dl/dt)

  • Tj = 125 °C, IG = 2 x IGT, tr = 100 ns, F = 120 Hz: Under these conditions, the critical rate of rise of on-state current, dl/dt, is 50 A/s. When the gate current is double the gate trigger current (IGT), this value specifies how quickly the on-state current can climb.

Non-Repetitive Surge Peak Off-State Voltage (VDSM/VRSM)

  • Tj = 25 °C, tp = 10 ms: The Triac can tolerate a maximum non-repetitive surge peak off-state voltage of +100 V for a 10 ms pulse at 25 °C.

Peak Gate Current (IGM)

  • tp = 20 s, Tj = 125 °C: The maximum gate current that the T1635-600G-TR can take for a 20 s pulse at 125 °C is 4 A.

Average Gate Power Dissipation (PG(AV))

  • Tj = 125 °C: At a junction temperature of 125 °C, the average gate power dissipation is limited to 1 W. This value specifies the maximum power that can be safely applied to the Triac’s gate.

Storage and Operating Temperature Ranges

  • Temperature Range for Storage Junction: The Triac can be securely stored at temperatures ranging from -40 to +150 °C.
  • Operating Junction Temperature Range: The Triac should be utilized within an operating junction temperature range of -40 to +125 °C for normal operation.

Understanding these absolute maximum ratings is essential for designing circuits that use the T1635-600G-TR Triac. Operating the Triac within these specified limits will help ensure its longevity and reliability in your electronic applications.


In conclusion, the T1635-600G-TR Triac is a versatile and dependable option for a wide range of power control applications, with medium current capacity, low thermal resistance, and outstanding commutation capabilities. This Triac offers efficient and safe AC power switching whether you’re constructing static relays, light dimmers, or appliance motor speed controllers.

When selecting the T1635-600G-TR for your project, select the suitable package type and version based on your needs. Its certifications and compliance increase its usefulness for a wide range of electronic designs. Investigate its potential with ICRFQ, a reputable Chinese electrical component distributor, and take the opportunity to improve the performance of your project.

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