Part Number: T2035H-6I

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics


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Technical Specifications of T2035H-6I

Datasheet  T2035H-6I datasheet
Category Discrete Semiconductor Products
Family Thyristors – TRIACs
Manufacturer STMicroelectronics
Series Snubberless?
Packaging Tube
Triac Type Alternistor – Snubberless
Voltage – Off State 600V
Current – On State (It (RMS)) (Max) 20A
Voltage – Gate Trigger (Vgt) (Max) 1V
Current – Non Rep. Surge 50, 60Hz (Itsm) 200A, 210A
Current – Gate Trigger (Igt) (Max) 35mA
Current – Hold (Ih) (Max) 35mA
Configuration Single
Mounting Type Through Hole
Package / Case TO-220-3 Full Pack
Supplier Device Package TO-220AB Full-Pak


The T2035H-6I is a TRIAC Alternistor designed for high-voltage applications up to 600V and a current rating of 20A. With its snubberless feature and TO-220AB Full-Pak through-hole package, it provides efficient and reliable switching performance. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the T2035H-6I TRIAC, including its features, specifications, applications, and installation guidelines.

Introduction to TRIAC Alternistors

TRIAC (Triode for Alternating Current) Alternistors are semiconductor devices designed to control the flow of alternating current (AC) in various applications. They are widely used in power control and switching applications, especially where AC power needs to be controlled or modulated. TRIACs provide bidirectional current flow control, making them suitable for AC switching applications.

Unlike traditional TRIACs, TRIAC Alternistors incorporate snubberless designs, which offer enhanced performance and reliability. These snubberless devices are capable of handling high-voltage and high-current loads while minimizing the electromagnetic interference (EMI) produced during switching operations.

T2035H-6I Key Features and Benefits

The T2035H-6I TRIAC Alternistor is a specific model that stands out due to its unique features and benefits. Here are the key features and advantages of the T2035H-6I

● High Voltage and Current Rating

The T2035H-6I is designed to handle high-voltage applications up to 600V, making it suitable for various industrial and commercial applications. It has a current rating of 20A, enabling it to handle high-power loads effectively.

● Snubberless Design

The T2035H-6I is snubberless, meaning it incorporates internal protection against voltage spikes and transients without the need for additional external snubber circuits. This feature simplifies the circuit design, reduces component count, and enhances system reliability.

● TO-220AB Full-Pak Package

The T2035H-6I comes in a TO-220AB Full-Pak through-hole package, which provides convenient mounting and efficient heat dissipation. This package type is widely used and compatible with standard heatsinks, making it easier to integrate into various designs.

● Low On-State Voltage

The T2035H-6I offers a low on-state voltage, resulting in reduced power dissipation and improved energy efficiency in applications that require frequent switching.

● High Immunity to Voltage Transients

The device is designed to withstand high-voltage transients, ensuring reliable operation in harsh electrical environments. It provides protection against overvoltage conditions, ensuring longevity and stability in the circuit.

T2035H-6I Operating Principle

A TRIAC is a three-terminal semiconductor device that combines the functionality of a diode and a thyristor. It is designed to control the flow of alternating current (AC) by regulating the voltage applied to its gate terminal. The TRIAC can conduct current in both directions, making it suitable for bidirectional AC power control.

The basic operation of a TRIAC involves triggering it into the conducting state and maintaining conduction until the current naturally falls below a certain threshold. This triggering is achieved by applying a gate current that exceeds the TRIAC’s gate trigger current (Igt). Once triggered, the TRIAC remains conducting until the AC current reverses direction or the load current falls below the holding current (Ih). At this point, the TRIAC turns off and blocks the current flow until the next triggering event occurs.

Compared to other electronic switches, such as mechanical relays or solid-state relays (SSRs), TRIACs offer several advantages. Here are a few key differences:

  1. Bidirectional Current Control: Unlike mechanical relays and some SSRs, TRIACs can control current in both directions. This makes them suitable for applications that require AC power control, such as motor speed control and dimming of lights.
  2. Fast Switching Speed: TRIACs can switch on and off rapidly, enabling precise control of power delivery to the load. This high switching speed allows for efficient regulation and modulation of AC power.
  3. Compact Size and Solid-State Design: TRIACs are solid-state devices, which means they have no moving parts. This design results in compact sizes, longer lifespan, and faster response times compared to mechanical relays.
  4. Snubberless Design and Benefits of the T2035H-6I: The T2035H-6I TRIAC Alternistor incorporates a snubberless design, which provides additional benefits in terms of performance and reliability. The snubberless feature refers to the device’s ability to handle voltage spikes and transients internally, without requiring external snubber circuits.
  5. Here are the benefits offered by the snubberless design of the T2035H-6I:
  6. Reduced Electromagnetic Interference (EMI): Snubberless TRIACs, including the T2035H-6I, are designed to minimize the generation of electromagnetic interference during switching operations. This reduces the potential impact on other nearby electronic devices and improves the overall electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of the system.
  7. Improved System Reliability: By integrating snubber circuitry internally, the T2035H-6I enhances system reliability. Snubbers help mitigate voltage spikes and transients that can damage or degrade other components in the circuit. With the T2035H-6I’s snubberless design, the need for additional external snubber circuits is eliminated, simplifying the circuit design and reducing the chances of component failure.
  8. Cost and Space Savings: The snubberless design of the T2035H-6I eliminates the need for external snubber components, leading to cost savings in terms of component procurement and assembly. Additionally, it saves valuable board space, making it advantageous for designs with size constraints.

By utilizing the snubberless design of the T2035H-6I, designers can achieve improved system performance, reduced EMI, enhanced reliability, and cost savings in various AC power control applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

● Can I use the T2035H-6I to control DC loads?

No, the T2035H-6I is specifically designed for AC power control. For DC loads, consider using other suitable semiconductor devices like MOSFETs or IGBTs.

● What is the maximum voltage and current ratings of the T2035H-6I?

The T2035H-6I is rated for a maximum voltage of 600V and a maximum current of 20A.

● How do I determine the appropriate heat sink for the T2035H-6I?

The heat sink selection depends on factors such as maximum power dissipation, ambient temperature, and thermal resistance. Refer to the datasheet and application notes for guidelines on heat sink selection and thermal management.

● Can I directly drive the gate of the T2035H-6I with a microcontroller or low-power signal?

No, the gate of the T2035H-6I typically requires higher gate currents. Use appropriate gate driving circuitry, such as optocouplers or gate driver ICs, to achieve proper gate triggering.

● What precautions should I take while handling the T2035H-6I?

Follow standard ESD (electrostatic discharge) precautions to avoid damage to the device. Handle the TRIAC with proper grounding and use anti-static protection measures.


Discover the T2035H-6I TRIAC Alternistor: the ultimate semiconductor for high-voltage AC power control. With a snubberless design, it eliminates external circuits, reducing EMI and enhancing reliability while saving costs and space. Suitable for various applications like lighting, motors, heating, and power supplies. Contact ICRFQ to embark on your electronic innovation journey with the T2035H-6I TRIAC today. Experience its power, efficiency, and reliability firsthand.

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