Part Number: TLE4935L

Manufacturer: Infineon Technologies

Description: Magnetic Switch Latch SSO-3-2

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of TLE4935LHALA1

Datasheet  TLE4935LHALA1 datasheet
Category Sensors, Transducers
Family Magnetic Sensors – Switches (Solid State)
Manufacturer Infineon Technologies
Series TLE
Packaging Tape & Box (TB)
Part Status Not For New Designs
Function Latch
Technology Hall Effect
Polarization South Pole
Sensing Range 20mT Trip, -20mT Release
Test Condition 25°C
Voltage – Supply 3.8 V ~ 24 V
Current – Supply (Max) 8mA
Current – Output (Max) 100mA
Output Type Open Collector
Features Temperature Compensated
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 150°C (TJ)
Package / Case 3-SIP, SSO-3-02
Supplier Device Package P-SSO-3-2

TLE4935LHALA1 Introduction

Welcome to the TLE4935L Complete Guide! In this piece, we’ll talk about the TLE4935L Digital Switch Latch Open Collector Hall Effect sensor in the PG-SSO-3-2 package. We’ll look at its features, how it can be used, and what it can do for you. Whether you’re an electronics hobbyist, a student, or a professional, this complete guide will give you all the information you need to understand and use this powerful monitor in your projects. Let’s dive in and find out more about what the TLE4935L can do.

Overview of the TLE4935L Sensor

The TLE4935L is a digital switch latch open collector hall effect sensor that comes in a small size but has great sensing abilities. This sensor was made by Infineon Technologies and is known for its dependability, accuracy, and wide range of uses. In this part, we’ll talk about the TLE4935L sensor’s main features and benefits and give an overview of the PG-SSO-3-2 package it comes in.

Hall Effect Sensor TLE4935L Digital Switch Latch Open Collector: The TLE4935L is a Hall Effect sensor that can sense magnetic fields by using the Hall Effect. It has a digital switch and a latch, which makes it perfect for apps that need proximity sensing, position detection, and switching without touching the object.

Unique Features and Advantages

The TLE4935L sensor is different from other Hall effect sensors on the market in a number of ways:

  • Digital Switch and Latch: The sensor has a digital output that turns on or off depending on whether a magnetic field is present or not. The latch function makes sure that the output state stays the same even when the magnetic field is no longer there. This makes for reliable and stable reading.
  • Open Collector Output: The TLE4935L has an open collector output that makes it easy to connect to microcontrollers or digital circuits. This configuration of the output makes it easy to create custom signal processing and to integrate it with different systems.
  • High Sensitivity and Accuracy: The TLE4935L’s powerful Hall Effect technology lets it pick up magnetic fields with high sensitivity and accuracy. This makes sure that the measurements are correct and consistent, making it good for applications that need reliable performance.
  • Wide Range of Operating Voltage: The sensor works with a wide range of voltages, usually from 2.7V to 5.5V, so it can be used with different power source systems. This makes it easy to use in many different kinds of electronic systems.

PG-SSO-3-2 Package Overview

The TLE4935L sensor is housed in the small, surface-mountable PG-SSO-3-2 box. The PG-SSO-3-2 package is made to make good use of space and be easy to put into small electronic devices. It has three lines for power, ground, and output connections, which makes it easy to connect to other parts on a PCB (printed circuit board).

The PG-SSO-3-2 package is small, so it can be used in places with limited room, like portable devices, car systems, industrial equipment, and consumer electronics.

In short, the TLE4935L Digital Switch Latch Open Collector Hall Effect sensor in the PG-SSO-3-2 package has a number of unique features and benefits. Its high sensitivity and accuracy, along with the fact that it has a digital switch and latch, make it a great choice for many proximity sensing and position recognition applications. The TLE4935L sensor is easy to use in designs with limited room because it comes in a small package.

Hall Effect Sensors: How They Work: Hall Effect monitors work because of the Hall Effect, which is when a magnetic field perpendicular to the flow of current is put across a conductor. This causes a voltage difference across the conductor. When a magnetic field is applied, the charge carriers (electrons or holes) inside the conductor feel a force that forms a potential difference or voltage that is perpendicular to both the current and the magnetic field. The Hall voltage is the name for this voltage.

Operating Principle of the TLE4935L Sensor

The Hall Effect is used by the TLE4935L sensor to find magnetic fields and turn them into electrical data. A constant current runs through a Hall plate made of a semiconductor material that is inside the sensor. When there is a magnetic field, it pushes on the charge carriers in the semiconductor material, which causes a Hall voltage.

The Hall voltage is processed by an amplifier and digital signal processing circuits that are built into the TLE4935L sensor. Then, this signal is used to figure out if there is a magnetic field or not, and a matching output is given.

Digital Switch and Latch Functionality: The TLE4935L sensor can be used as both a digital switch and a latch, which makes it more flexible and useful in a wide range of situations. How it works is as follows:

● Digital Switch

The TLE4935L monitor has a digital output that turns on or off depending on whether a magnetic field is present or not. When a magnetic field is found, the sensor sends out a sensible high signal, such as the Vcc voltage level, to show that the magnetic field is there. If the monitor doesn’t find a magnetic field, it sends out a logical low signal, such as ground or 0 volts.

● Latch Function

The TLE4935L has a catch that keeps the output state even when the magnetic field is removed. Once the sensor finds a magnetic field and switches to the logical high state, it stays in that state until it gets a reset signal or finds another magnetic field with the opposite polarity. This latch function makes sure that the output is stable and reliable, especially when constant monitoring or detection is needed.

By mixing the functions of a digital switch and a latch, the TLE4935L sensor makes it easier to connect to microcontrollers or digital circuits. It also gives a simple, reliable output signal that is easy to process and can be used in many different situations.

Overall, the TLE4935L sensor uses the Hall Effect to detect magnetic fields, and its digital switch and latch allow for precise and stable detection of the presence or absence of a magnetic field. This makes it a good choice for applications that need proximity sensing, position detection, and contactless switching.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

● What is the range of voltage that the TLE4935L monitor can work with?

The voltage range for the TLE4935L sensor is X volts to X volts. For specifics, look at the sensor’s specifications.

● Can I place more than one TLE4935L sensor close to each other?

Yes, you can use more than one monitor at the same time. But make sure they are far enough apart and in the right places so that their magnetic fields don’t get in the way of each other.

● How do I get the TLE4935L sensor’s latch function to work again?

You can reset the latch by removing the magnetic field for a short time or sending a reset signal to the right pin, as described in the sensor’s manual.

● How long does it take for the TLE4935L monitor to answer?

Response time can be different based on how the system is set up and what it is being used for. Read the manual to find out how long it takes for the sensor to respond in different situations.

● Can the TLE4935L sensor be soldered straight to a PCB?

The TLE4935L sensor usually comes in a package that can be mounted on a surface. To keep the sensor from getting damaged, make sure to use the right soldering methods and follow the recommended temperature profiles.


In conclusion, the TLE4935L sensor has high sensitivity, exact measurements, and reliable performance. Because it has a digital switch and a catch, it can be used for many things, like figuring out where something is and how close it is. Common problems were fixed with troubleshooting tips, and FAQs were answered to make things clear.

Check out what the TLE4935L monitor can do for your projects right now. Act now to use the TLE4935L sensor to its fullest potential in your projects. Get in touch with ICRFQ right away to get this powerful sensor and start a journey of creativity and discovery. Don’t pass up the chance to make your projects better with the TLE4935L sensor’s advanced features.

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