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Technical Specifications of TOP244GN-TL

Datasheet  TOP244GN-TL datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family PMIC – AC DC Converters, Offline Switchers
Manufacturer Power Integrations
Series TOPSwitch?-GX
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Output Isolation Isolated
Internal Switch(s) Yes
Voltage – Breakdown 700V
Topology Flyback
Voltage – Start Up
Voltage – Supply (Vcc/Vdd)
Duty Cycle 66.5%
Frequency – Switching 66kHz ~ 132kHz
Power (Watts) 28W
Fault Protection Current Limiting, Over Temperature, Over Voltage
Control Features Frequency Control
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 150°C (TJ)
Package / Case 8-SMD (7 Leads), Gull Wing
Supplier Device Package SMD-8B
Mounting Type Surface Mount

TOP244GN-TL Introduction

Switch-mode power supply controllers, such as the TOP244GN-TL, are used a lot. It controls the current and voltage coming from a power source to make sure it works as well as possible and wastes as little energy as possible. We will talk in depth about the TOP244GN-TL, including its specifications, pinout, electrical properties, typical uses, design considerations, pros and cons, and more. This guide will help electronic designers of all skill levels get the most out of the TOP244GN-TL in their work.

TOP244GN-TL Description

The TOP Switch-GX is similar to the original TOP Switch in that it uses a single CMOS chip to combine the high-voltage power MOSFET, PWM control, fault prevention, and other control circuitry. This reduces the cost of making the switch and makes it more efficient. The cost of the system as a whole has gone down, and many new features have been added to make it more flexible, efficient, and effective.

Line sensing (OV/UV, rON/OFF, anN/OFF)),an an accurately externally set current limit, synchronization to an external lower frequency, and frequency selection (132 kHz/66 kHz) are all possible with 1 or 3 extra pins beyond the standard DRAIN, SOURCE, and CONTROL terminals of the TOP Switch. Soft-start, hysteretic thermal shutdown,  132 kHz switching frequency, wider DCMAX, frequency jittering for lower EMI,  and more creepage are all available in all package types. Also, the temperature and absolute tolerances of all-important parameters, like thelike current limit, frequency, and PWM gain, have been lowered to simplify the design process and lower the system’s overall cost.

Product Highlights

  • Low system costs and a lot of design freedom.
  • Wider power range for applications that need more power.
  • Using P/G packages, you can use up to 34 W without a heatsink.
  • Features get rid of or lower the price of external parts.
  • Fully built-in soft start for less stress and overshoot.
  • Accurate current limit that can be set from the outside.
  • More power from a smaller input capacitor and a wider duty cycle.
  • On Y/R/F packages, you should separate the pins for line sense and current limit.
  • Overvoltage (OV) shuts down the line, which raises the line surge limit.
  • Jittering the frequency lowers the cost of EMI and EMI filtering.
  • Sets the load to zero without dummy loading.
  • Frequency of 132 kHz makes transformers and power supplies smaller.
  • For video applications, the Y/R/F package has a half-frequency option.
  • Automatic fault recovery through hysteretic thermal shutdown.
  • PC boards don’t get too hot when they have a large thermal hysteresis.

Pin Functional Description

● DRAIN (D) Pin:

High voltage causes a MOSFET to lose power. This pin is connected to a switching high-voltage current source. When the device starts up, the first bias current comes from this pin. The drain’s internal sense point for current flow is there.

● CONTROL (C) Pin:

To control the duty cycle, an error amplifier and a current feedback input pin are used. An internal shunt regulator supplies the internal bias current during normal operation. It is also where the auto-restart/compensation capacitor and the bypass capacitor are connected to the power supply.


Remote ON/OFF and synchronization, inputs for OV and UV, line feed forward with DCMAX reduction, and other features are only available in packages Y, R, or F. The SOURCE pin cannot be used for anything while it is attached.


Only package Y, R, or F There are inputs for an external current limit, remote ON/OFF, and synchronization. When the SOURCE pin is plugged in, the pin can’t be used for anything else.


(just P or G packages) The LINE-SENSE (L) and EXTERNAL CURRENT LIMIT (X) pins of the Y package have been combined into this single pin. Remote ON/OFF and synchronization controls, as well as OV and UV inputs, as well as line feed forward with DCMAX reduction and external current limit modification. When the SOURCE terminal is connected, TOPSwitch-GX operates in a stripped-down, three-terminal configuration (like TOPSwitch-II).


Package Y, R, or F only Switching frequencies of 132 kHz when the SOURCE input is connected and 66 kHz when the CONTROL input is used. In P and G packages, the switching frequency is internally locked at a constant 132 kHz. SOURCE (S) (S) Connector for high-voltage power-return MOSFET output source. Connection and center of control circuitry on the primary side.

Detailed Description

The output of the power supply is managed by an integrated power supply chip called TOPSwitch-GX using a high voltage power MOSFET. To do this, a duty cycle that is delivered to the open drain output from the control input is converted from the current flowing through it. It has high voltage start-up, cycle-by-cycle current limiting, loop compensation circuitry, vehicle, and thermal shutdown in addition to other qualities that enhance system performance, reduce costs, and provide for design freedom.It has features like high voltage start-up, cycle-by-cycle current limiting, loop compensation circuitry, vehicle, and thermal shutdown, all of which improve system performance, lower costs, and give designers more freedom. The gadget includes all of these features.

Because it uses a high-voltage CMOS technology that has been patented, the TOPSwitch-GX is able to combine the high-voltage power MOSFET and the low-voltage control circuitry at a lower cost. The chip must either have just one terminal, known as MULTI-FUNCTION, or three terminals, such as FREQUENCY, LINE-SENSE, and EXTERNAL CURRENT LIMIT, in order to be able to perform these functions. The TOPSwitch-GX acts just like the conventional TOPSwitch, which has three terminals, when it is connected to the SOURCE pin.

The TOPSwitch-GX has a number of innovative and user-friendly features, such as a 10 ms soft-start that reduces or eliminates output overshoot during startup, a DCMAX of 78% that lets you use smaller input storage capacitors and a higher maximum output power, and multiple output supplies that reduce switching losses and ensure good cross regulation when light loads are present. All of these qualities are commonplace.

By increasing the TOPSwitch-switching GX’s frequency to 132 kHz, the transformer can be made smaller while keeping electromagnetic interference (EMI) at a low level. Line sensing is possible thanks to the LINE-SENSE (L) pin’s connection to the rectified DC high-voltage bus through a resistor. Line feed-forward with DCMAX reduction, line overvoltage (OV), and line undervoltage are all made feasible by this feature (UV).

In the end, the TOPSwitch-GX is an important part of electronic design because it has a number of cutting-edge features that improve system performance and lower costs at the same time.


In the end, the TOP244GN-TL is an important part of switch-mode power supplies and battery chargers because it works quickly and reliably. In this guide, we’ve talked about the TOP244GN-main TL’s features, pinout, electrical properties, typical applications, design considerations, pros and cons, and key features.

When using the TOP244GN-TL in electronic design, it is important to understand these things to get the best performance and efficiency. If you need a reliable source of electronic parts for a project, you can get in touch with ICRFQ. We offer the TOP244GN-TL at a good price with fast delivery and a knowledgeable staff. Check out ICRFQ right now to see how we might be able to help you with your next project.

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