Part Number: TPA3110D2PWPR

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


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Technical Specifications of TPA3110D2PWPR

Datasheet  TPA3110D2PWPR datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Linear – Amplifiers – Audio
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Series SpeakerGuard?
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Type Class D
Output Type 2-Channel (Stereo)
Max Output Power x Channels @ Load 15W x 2 @ 8 Ohm
Voltage – Supply 8 V ~ 26 V
Features Differential Inputs, Short-Circuit and Thermal Protection, Shutdown
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C (TA)
Supplier Device Package 28-HTSSOP
Package / Case 28-TSSOP (0.173″, 4.40mm Width) Exposed Pad


The TPA3110D2PWPR is a stunning 15-Watt (per channel) Class-D audio power amplifier that will transform your listening experience. In this detailed overview, we’ll look at the TPA3110D2PWPR’s essential features and functionalities, as well as its applications, benefits, and more.

Key Features of TPA3110D2PWPR

The TPA3110D2PWPR audio power amplifier has a number of distinguishing features that make it an excellent choice for a variety of audio applications. The following are the main characteristics of the TPA3110D2PWPR:

  • High Power Output: With a 15 Watts per channel (W/ch) output, this amplifier is capable of driving speakers with adequate volume and clarity.
  • It functions as a Class-D amplifier, which is highly efficient and minimizes power loss, resulting in less heat generation and a longer component lifespan.
  • The TPA3110D2PWPR has a wide supply voltage range, allowing it to work smoothly with input voltages ranging from 8V to 26V. This adaptability improves its suitability for diverse power sources.
  • Filter-Free Operation: This amplifier does not require external output filters, which simplifies the design and reduces component count and cost.

SpeakerGuard™ Protection Circuitry:

The amplifier features SpeakerGuard™ circuitry, which includes:

  • Adjustable Power Limiter:Enables users to set a virtual voltage rail to limit the amount of current through the speaker, protecting it from potential damage.
  • DC Detection Circuit:Monitors input conditions to detect DC signals and prevent potential harm to the system.

High Efficiency:

  • With a 90% efficiency rating, the TPA3110D2PWPR minimizes power loss, reducing the need for large external heat sinks in most applications.

Robust protective features:

  • The amplifier has short-circuit and heat protection devices, ensuring dependable and safe operation. For increased convenience, these capabilities include an auto-recovery option.

Selectable Gain levels:

  • Users can adjust the amplifier’s performance to specific audio applications and requirements by selecting one of four selectable, fixed gain levels.

Flow-Through Pinout:

  • The flow-through pinout of the amplifier simplifies board layout and ease of design, making it user-friendly for engineers and designers.

Differential Inputs:

  • By eliminating noise interference, differential input arrangement improves audio quality, resulting in cleaner and more pristine sound output.

THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise):

  • The TPA3110D2PWPR delivers great audio clarity while exhibiting low THD+N, ensuring high-quality sound reproduction.

Pop-Free Audio Quality:

  • This amplifier provides a pop-free audio experience throughout power-up and power-down, preventing unwanted noise or distortion.

These important qualities make the TPA3110D2PWPR audio power amplifier an appealing option for a variety of audio applications, including home audio systems, automobile audio, portable speakers, and DIY audio projects. Its efficiency, security features, and flexibility to different power sources make it a desirable component for music aficionados, pros, and hobbyists alike.

Inside the TPA3110D2PWPR

Let’s get deeper into the key features that distinguish the TPA3110D2PWPR audio power amplifier:

Understanding Efficiency and Power Output

The efficiency and power output of the TPA3110D2PWPR are pivotal factors that define its audio performance.

  • Efficiency: The TPA3110D2PWPR is a Class-D amplifier with exceptional efficiency. It makes the best use of input power to drive the speakers while wasting the least amount of energy as heat. This remarkable efficiency, which frequently exceeds 90%, has two key advantages:
  • Energy Savings: The amplifier converts electrical power into acoustic energy efficiently, lowering power consumption and extending battery life in portable applications.
  • Heat Management: Because there is less power dissipation, there is less need for external heat sinks. This compact design helps to make the solution more space-efficient and cost-effective.
  • Power Output: The capacity to deliver a substantial 15 Watts per channel (W/ch) output lies at the heart of this amplifier. This power output ensures that your speakers reproduce audio with clarity and volume, making it suited for a variety of applications ranging from home audio to automobile systems.

Wide Supply Voltage Range

The TPA3110D2PWPR’s power supply voltage flexibility is a notable feature.

  • The amplifier is designed to work smoothly across a large supply voltage range of 8 to 26 volts (V). This broad range gives designers and engineers the opportunity to select a variety of power sources to suit a variety of applications and settings.
  • Whether your project uses a low-voltage battery or a higher-voltage power source, the TPA3110D2PWPR remains adaptable, making it an excellent choice for a variety of audio settings.

Filter-Free Operation for Simplicity

The TPA3110D2PWPR was designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

  • One notable feature is the absence of a filter. Unlike some amplifiers that require external output filters for best performance, this amplifier performs effectively without any additional components.
  • The absence of filters simplifies the design process, decreasing component count and cost. It makes the amplifier’s integration into your audio system easier, making it a viable option for engineers and designers.

Understanding these critical points allows you to appreciate the TPA3110D2PWPR’s exceptional efficiency, flexibility to diverse power sources, and user-friendly design. These characteristics combine to make it an ideal choice for delivering high-quality audio in a variety of applications.

Applications and Integration

  • Home Audio Systems
  • Automotive Audio
  • Portable Speakers
  • DIY Audio Projects

SpeakerGuard™ Protection Circuitry

  • Adjustable Power Limiter: Allows users to create a virtual voltage rail to protect speakers from overheating and damage.
  • DC Detection Circuit: This circuit monitors the input conditions, detects DC signals, and protects the speakers and the system.
  • These characteristics assure the safety and longevity of the speaker.

Efficiency and Heat Management

  • High Efficiency: Often surpassing 90%, limiting power waste as heat and lowering power consumption, which is especially useful for portable applications.
  • Heat Sinks Are Not Required: The compact design eliminates the need for large external heat sinks, saving space and money.
  • Thermal protection that is dependable: prevents overheating and ensures long-term dependability.

Versatile and User-Friendly

  • Four Selectable, Fixed Gain Settings: Customize performance to meet the needs of various audio applications.
  • Flow-Through Pinout: Simplifies circuit board design and facilitates integration.
  • Differential Inputs: Improve audio quality by cutting down on noise interference.

Audio Purity and Performance

  • Low THD+N: Reduces Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise to ensure accurate sound reproduction.
  • Pop-Free Audio: Maintains pop-free audio during power-up and power-down.
  • The TPA3110D2PWPR’s innovative features emphasize speaker protection, efficiency, and high-quality audio performance, making it an ideal choice for audio enthusiasts and professionals.


Finally, the TPA3110D2PWPR represents the peak of Class-D audio amplification, prized by audiophiles, professionals, and hobbyists for its combination of efficiency, protection, and audio quality. This amplifier is more than simply a piece of equipment; it is your gateway to incredible audio experiences. Whether you’re improving home audio, upgrading automobile audio systems, listening to music with portable speakers, or dabbling in DIY audio projects, the TPA3110D2PWPR allows you to achieve new levels of aural brilliance.

This amplifier remains at the vanguard of audio innovation as technology progresses, demonstrating the promise of engineering and the bright future of Class-D audio amplification. Contact us at ICRFQ, a top electronic component wholesaler in China, to get this outstanding product at a competitive price and unlock its full potential today.

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