Part Number: TPS22810DRVR

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Description: IC PWR SWITCH N-CHAN 1:1 6WSON

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TPS22810DRVR Introducing

Presenting the TPS22810, a single channel load switch that is incredibly adaptable and adjustable and ideal for a variety of applications. You can be sure that your devices are constantly functioning at the highest levels of safety and effectiveness thanks to its integrated rapid output discharge (QOD), thermal shutdown prevention, and safe operating area. This robust load switch has an N-channel MOSFET that can function over a 2.7 V to 18 V input voltage range, making it appropriate for a variety of applications. Also, you can lower inrush current and do rid of power supply droop brought on by large bulk load capacitances because to the rise time’s variable nature. Undervoltage lock-out protects downstream circuitry from voltage drops, and the programmable QOD pin adds more design flexibility by letting you manage the device’s fall time. The TPS22810, which is available in SOT-23 and WSON packages, is the ideal load switch for your upcoming project.

TPS22810DRVR Description

The TPS22810 is a single channel load switch with an inbuilt rapid output discharge and a programmable rising time (QOD). The device also has a thermal shutdown mechanism to safeguard it against high junction temperatures. As a result, the device’s safe functioning region is inherently guaranteed. The component has an N-channel MOSFET that can function between 2.7 V and 18 V of input voltage. A maximum current of 2 A can be supported by the SOT23-5 (DBV) package. A maximum current of 3 A can be supported by the WSON (DRV) package. An on and off input that can interface with low-voltage control signals directly controls the switch.

The device’s adjustable rise time significantly minimizes the inrush current brought on by large bulk load capacitances, which lessens or completely eliminates power supply droop. In order to prevent downstream circuitry from being harmed by being supplied by a voltage that is lower than intended, undervoltage lock-out is utilized to shut off the device if the VIN voltage falls below a threshold value. To enable design freedom for power down, the device’s fall time is controlled by the programmable QOD pin. Leaded SOT-23 package (DBV) with the ability to visually inspect solder connections and WSON packaging are both options for the TPS22810 (DRV). The gadget is designed to function in the -40°C to +105°C free-air temperature range.

TPS22810DRVR Features

  • Thermal Shutdown.
  • Undervoltage Lock-Out (UVLO).
  • Adjustable Quick Output Discharge (QOD).
  • Configurable Rise Time with CT Pin.
  • Input Voltage Range: 2.7 V to 18 V.
  • Absolute Maximum Input Voltage: 20 V.

TPS22810DRVR Applications

  • HD TV
  • Industrial Systems
  • Set Top Box
  • Surveillance systems

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TPS22810 is a 6-pin, 2.7-18V load switch that offers heat protection and comes in two different packages. The device uses a low-resistance N-channel MOSFET to lessen the dropout voltage, making it suitable for use with high-current rails while maintaining a low-voltage input. The gadget’s initial activity consists of listening to the VIN bus. Whenever VIN goes beyond the undervoltage-lockout threshold, the EN/UVLO pin is read. When this pin is set to high, the on-board MOSFET is activated. When VIN becomes high enough, the device’s onboard MOSFET begins conducting, allowing power to flow from VIN to VOUT.

It is possible to disable the built-in MOSFET by bringing EN/UVLO to a low state (below VENF). By applying a voltage to this pin that is less than V(EN/UVLO) V(ENF), the internal FET is disabled, and VIN is cut off from VOUT. This also happens when the voltage is lowered below V(SHUTF), putting the device into shutdown mode with an IQ of less than 1 A. With its adjustable slew rate, the device can mitigate or even eliminate power supply droop caused by significant inrush currents. After the switch is turned off, the internal RPD resistor discharges VOUT to complete the circuit. Low leakage currents during shutdown help keep downstream modules from leaking power when they aren’t needed. There are fewer parts in the solution and in the bill of materials (BOM) because the control logic, driver, charge pump, and output discharge FET are all integrated.

With the switch deactivated, the device’s QOD pin lets you set the current drain of VOUT to your liking. Protection from overheating is built into the gadget. This prevents the gadget from overheating or being damaged by an overload of current or voltage. In this way, the Safe Operating Area (SoA) standards are automatically satisfied by the board designer.

Feature Description

● On and Off Control

The switch’s status is determined by the EN/UVLO pin. EN/UVLO can interface with low-voltage signals since it is active high and has a low threshold. The logic threshold of the EN/UVLO pin is compatible with that of most GPIOs. Any microcontroller with a GPIO voltage of 1.2 V or greater can use it. For proper operation, this pin must be driven high or low and cannot be left floating.

● QOD when System Power is Removed

When the power is cut to a system, the programmable QOD can still be utilized to sequence its shutdown. When power-off, CIN, the input capacitor, discharges at voltage VIN. Once the output voltage rises beyond the UVLO threshold, the pull-down resistance RPD is turned off. In the event that the output capacitor still has charge, the fall times will be lengthened. It is important to make sure that the CIN is large enough to accommodate the UVLO parameters of the device.


EN/UVLO is an input pin used to toggle the internal MOSFET between the ON and OFF positions. When it’s in its high position, the on-board MOSFET is turned on. The inbuilt MOSFET is disabled by bringing this pin low. The parametric table in the datasheet includes the high and low limits. By applying a voltage to this pin that is less than V(EN/UVLO) V(ENF), the internal FET is disabled, cutting power to VIN and VOUT, and a value that is less than V(SHUTF) puts the device into shutdown mode, with IQ less than 1 A to prevent unnecessary power consumption.

One of the general-purpose output pins (1.8 V, 3.3 V, or 5 V) can be used to directly power the EN/UVLO pin. By design, the EN/UVLO falling edge internal de-glitch latency is maintained short (about 2.5 s) to facilitate rapid power loss detection.


In conclusion, the TPS22810 is a highly reliable and configurable load switch that offers a range of features to enhance the performance and safety of your electronic devices. The device is designed to operate over a wide range of VIN, and it’s essential to ensure that the supply is well regulated and placed close to the device terminal, with the recommended bypass capacitor. ICRFQ is the right supplier for your electronic component needs, with top-quality products and excellent customer service. So, whether you’re working on a personal project or a large-scale application, you can trust ICRFQ to provide the components you need to achieve your goals. Place your order today and experience the difference in quality and service!

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