Part Number: TPS2491DGSR

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


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Technical Specifications of TPS2491DGSR

Datasheet  TPS2491DGSR datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family PMIC – Hot Swap Controllers
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Packaging Digi-Reel?
Part Status Active
Type Hot Swap Controller
Number of Channels 1
Internal Switch(s) No
Applications General Purpose
Features Auto Retry
Programmable Features Current Limit, Fault Timeout, UVLO
Voltage – Supply 9 V ~ 80 V
Current – Output (Max)
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Current – Supply 1mA
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case 10-TFSOP, 10-MSOP (0.118″, 3.00mm Width)
Supplier Device Package 10-VSSOP
Feature Pins EN, PG, PROG, TIMER

TPS2491DGSR Introduction

The TPS2491DGSR is part of the TPS249x family, which is made up of Hot Swap Power Manager devices with 10 pins and positive high voltage that are easy to use. These devices are made to safely drive an external N-channel MOSFET switch, giving reliable and efficient control over power management functions. This guide aims to give an all-around look at the TPS2491DGSR, focusing on its features, uses, and benefits.

Introduction to Hot Swap Power Management

Hot Swap Power Management is the process of adding or taking away a power source or load from a live system without causing any damage or problems. It is often used in systems like computers, telecommunications equipment, and industrial systems that need to work all the time. Hot swap controls, like the TPS2491DGSR, make power changes go smoothly by controlling the inrush current, preventing faults, and keeping the system stable.

Features of the TPS2491DGSR

The TPS2491DGSR is a good Hot Swap Power Manager because it has a number of features that make it work well. Some important features are:

  • External N-channel MOSFET Driver: The TPS2491DGSR is made to handle the power of an external N-channel MOSFET switch.
  • changeable Power Limit and Current Limit: Both the power limit and the current limit are changeable, and they can be set separately from each other. This feature makes sure that the external MOSFET works within a chosen safe operating area (SOA), even when working in harsh circumstances.
  • Wide Range of Input Voltage: The TPS2491DGSR can work with a wide range of input voltages, usually from 4.5V to 80V, so it can be used in a variety of high-voltage tasks.
  • Protection against faults: The device has several ways to protect against faults, such as overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, and thermal stop. These safeguards help keep the system safe and stop damage when something goes wrong.
  • Fast Response Time: The TPS2491DGSR has a quick response time, which makes it easy to find and fix faults quickly. This function makes the system more reliable and cuts down on downtime.
  • room-Saving Package: The TPS2491DGSR comes in a small 10-pin VSSOP (Very Small Outline Package) footprint, which helps save valuable board room in small designs.

Power Limit and Current Limit Functions

The power and current limits on the TPS2491DGSR can be changed so that the external MOSFET switch can work safely. These limits can be changed separately to meet the needs of different applications.

  • Safe Operating Area (SOA) Considerations: The TPS2491DGSR checks the voltage and current levels to keep the external MOSFET within its safe operating area (SOA). This keeps the MOSFET from going over its limits and reduces the chance that it will break or get damaged.
  • Limits that can be changed and independent control: The TPS2491DGSR lets you control and change the power and current levels separately. This makes it possible to improve system performance and meet different application needs, such as limited inrush current, protecting circuits, controlling when a load turns on, and protecting the power feed.


  • Inrush Current Limiting: The TPS2491DGSR limits the inrush current when the system is turned on or when a load is connected. This protects the components and puts less stress on the power source.
  • Electronic Circuit Breaker Protection: The TPS2491DGSR works as an electronic circuit breaker because it can detect overcurrent and respond quickly. This protects circuits from too much current or short circuits.
  • Controlled Load Turn-On: The TPS2491DGSR allows for smooth and controlled load turn-on by gradually increasing the output voltage, avoiding voltage dips and ensuring a stable system startup.
  • Interfacing with Downstream DC-to-DC Converters: The TPS2491DGSR makes sure that downstream DC-to-DC converters work efficiently and safely by setting correct current and power limits. This keeps their performance up and protects them from overloading.
  • Power Feed Protection: The TPS2491DGSR constantly monitors and protects power feeds by reacting quickly to faults like overcurrent or overvoltage. This keeps devices that are connected from being damaged.

Design Considerations

Layout Guidelines: When creating with the TPS2491DGSR, it’s important to follow the layout guidelines to make sure it works well and reduce noise and interference. Important things to think about are:

  • To reduce coupling and noise, keep lines that carry a lot of current away from analog traces that are sensitive.
  • Put decoupling capacitors near the TPS2491DGSR to make sure the power source is stable.
  • Keep high-current lines short and straight to cut down on voltage drops and power losses.
  • Follow the rules for copper pouring and grounding to get the best heat transfer and the fewest ground loops.

Thermal Considerations: The TPS2491DGSR must work reliably because of how it handles heat. To make sure the heat works right:

  • To get rid of heat quickly, there should be enough copper on the PCB.
  • Connect thermal vias from the TPS2491DGSR’s visible thermal pad to the power or ground planes inside the chip for good heat transfer.
  • Make sure that the ambient temperature stays within the TPS2491DGSR’s working range.
  • If working conditions require more thermal management, you could use heatsinks or other cooling methods.

Choosing an external part: To get the speed and reliability you want, it’s important to choose the right external parts. Think about the following things:

  • For the best system function, choose MOSFETs with the right voltage and current ratings, on-resistance, and gate charge.
  • Choose capacitors with the right voltage and capacitance ratings and make sure they meet the specs for ripple current and ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance).
  • To set limits on power and current, use resistors with the right power levels and tolerances.
  • Think about the voltage value and temperature coefficient of external resistors and capacitors to make sure their performance is stable and accurate.

Designers can get the most out of the TPS2491DGSR in their power management systems by paying close attention to layout rules, thermal management, and choosing the right external components.


The TPS2491DGSR is a versatile Hot Swap Power Manager that offers adjustable power and current limits, ensuring safe and efficient operation of external MOSFET switches in various applications. With features such as inrush current limiting, circuit breaker protection, controlled load turn-on, and power feed protection, the TPS2491DGSR provides comprehensive power management solutions.

Designers can benefit from layout guidelines, thermal considerations, and careful selection of external components to maximize the performance and reliability of the TPS2491DGSR in their designs.

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