Part Number: TPS27082LDDCR

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Description: IC PWR SWITCH P-CHAN 1:1 TSOT23-6

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Technical Specifications of TPS27082LDDCR

Datasheet  TPS27082LDDCR datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family PMIC – Power Distribution Switches, Load Drivers
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Switch Type General Purpose
Number of Outputs 1
Ratio – Input:Output 1:1
Output Configuration High Side
Output Type P-Channel
Interface On/Off
Voltage – Load 1.2 V ~ 8 V
Voltage – Supply (Vcc/Vdd) Not Required
Current – Output (Max) 3A
Rds On (Typ) 32 mOhm
Input Type
Features Slew Rate Controlled
Fault Protection
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 125°C (TA)
Package / Case SOT-23-6 Thin, TSOT-23-6
Supplier Device Package 6-SOT

TPS27082LDDCR Introduction

The TPS27082LDDCR is a power distribution switch manufactured by Texas Instruments. Its purpose is to protect the electronic components contained within a circuit. This device is perfect for applications that need switching on the high side and protection from overcurrent. In this article, we will present an in-depth analysis of the TPS27082LDDCR, covering its characteristics, benefits, and applications, among other topics.

TPS27082LDDCR Description

The TPS27082L integrated circuit is a high-side load switch with a control circuit and a Power PFET into a very small TSOT-23 packaging. The TPS27082L has a very low quiescent current requirement in the ON state and delivers a very low leakage in the OFF state, optimizing the system’s power efficiency. Hysteresis is incorporated into the TPS27082L ON or OFF logic interface, making it possible to achieve a robust logic interface despite the presence of very loud working conditions. The TPS27082L ON/OFF interface supports direct connecting to low voltage GPIOs as low as 1 V. There is no need for an external level shifter when using the TPS27082L because it can level shift the ON or OFF logic signal to VIN levels.

When the load switch is OFF, the TPS27082L’s novel OFF isolation circuit prevents PMOS from turning on, making it ideal for use when fast transients are possible. This circuit is located at the VIN pin.

TPS27082LDDCR Features

The TPS27082LDDCR well serves applications that require power distribution since it possesses several qualities that make it a great choice. The following are some of its most notable characteristics:

  • Overcurrent Protection: The TPS27082LDDCR offers overcurrent protection to components in a circuit, preventing those components from being harmed by currents too strong to handle safely.
  • High-Side Switching: Because this device was developed for high-side switching, it can switch the positive voltage rail of a circuit. This ability allows it to be employed in a variety of applications.
  • The TPS27082LDDCR features a low on-resistance, which helps reduce the lost power and improves the device’s efficiency.
  • Fault Indication: The component has a pin for fault indication, which indicates whenever an overcurrent or an overtemperature condition has triggered a fault.
  • Thermal Shutdown: The TPS27082LDDCR also comes equipped with a thermal shutdown feature that, when activated, helps prevent the device from being harmed due to high heat.

TPS27082LDDCR  Benefits

The TPS27082LDDCR provides several advantages, including the following:

  • Overcurrent Protection: This component offers overcurrent protection to other components in a circuit, hence assisting in preventing damage to those components that an excessive current could have caused.
  • Switching on the High Side Because the TPS27082LDDCR was developed specifically for switching on the high side, it is an excellent choice for use in situations where a positive voltage rail must be switched.
  • Low On-Resistance: The fact that the gadget has a low on-resistance helps to enhance its efficiency and decrease the amount of power that it wastes.
  • Fault Indication: The fault indication pin of the TPS27082LDDCR is designed to offer an indicator when an overcurrent or overtemperature fault has occurred. This enables problems to be identified and fixed more rapidly.
  • Thermal Shutdown: The feature of the device known as thermal shutdown helps to safeguard it from harm that could be caused by extreme heat, which in turn helps to extend the gadget’s lifespan.

TPS27082LDDCR  Applications

The TPS27082LDDCR is an excellent choice for usage in a variety of different applications, including the following:

  • Industrial Automation: This device is perfect for industrial automation applications since it can safeguard equipment from problems caused by overcurrent and overtemperature.
  • Consumer Electronics: The TPS27082LDDCR can be utilized in many applications within the realm of consumer electronics, including but not limited to power supply, battery chargers, and USB hubs.
  • Automotive: The device can also be utilized in automotive applications, where it can be used to safeguard components from problems caused by overcurrent as well as over-temperature.
  • Telecommunications: The TPS27082LDDCR can be used in applications related to telecommunications, including switches and routers, to safeguard devices from problems related to overcurrent and overtemperature.

TPS27082LDDCR  Detailed Information

The TPS27082L IC packs a Power PFET and associated control circuit into a tiny TSOT23 package, making it ideal for a high-side load switch. This switch can be used in a variety of applications. TPS27082L can support a supply input of up to 8V and a load current of up to 3A. The TPS27082L is versatile and can be utilized in several different contexts. A programmable slew rate is included in the device, and this feature helps lessen or eliminate power supply droop caused by excessive inrush currents. Leakage currents are extremely low while the gadget is in shutdown mode.

TPS27082LDDCR Feature Description

The pass element or switch of the TPS27082L is a low-voltage power PMOS transistor. It also incorporates an NMOS transistor, which may interface with various GPIO voltages to turn the PMOS on and off. When an input voltage is applied more than Vih (1V), the NMOS and the NMOS driving the PMOS gate are flipped to point towards the ground, allowing the PMOS switch to conduct. TPS27082L incorporates a 12.5 k series resistance for the NPN source connection. An external capacitor connected to pin 6 of the device can be used to delay the PMOS’s activation time, hence controlling the output’s rising time.

Application Information

This high-side load switch, the TPS27082L IC, combines a Power PFET and a Control NMOS into a single, compact device. Internal components of the TPS27082L can handle up to 3A of load current at 8V supply voltage.

OFF Isolation Under VIN

When the power field enhancement transistor (PFET) is turned off, the TPS27082L’s architecture aids in isolating fast transients at the VIN. With a lack of a capacitor across VOUT and R1/C1 terminals, transient isolation is maximized. The ratio of C1 to CL determines the capacitive coupling between VIN and VOUT when a capacitor C1 is present. The design of the TPS27082L circuit board precludes PFET from being used for direct current.


In summary, the TPS27082LDDCR power switch from Texas Instruments is a reliable and efficient tool for managing high frequencies. With a single output, 0.155 Ohm switch-on resistance, and maximum power dissipation of 1190 mW, this charge controller is valuable for any electronic project. At ICRFQ, we provide high-quality components and exceptional customer service, making it easy to order and receive the TPS27082LDDCR power switch quickly and safely.

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