Part Number: TPS3808G01MDBVTEP

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


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Technical Specifications of TPS3808G01MDBVTEP

Datasheet  TPS3808G01MDBVTEP datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family PMIC – Supervisors
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Type Simple Reset/Power-On Reset
Number of Voltages Monitored 1
Output Open Drain or Open Collector
Reset Active Low
Reset Timeout Adjustable/Selectable
Voltage – Threshold Adjustable/Selectable
Operating Temperature -55°C ~ 125°C (TJ)
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case SOT-23-6
Supplier Device Package SOT-23-6


The TPS3808G01MDBVTEP is a microprocessor control circuit from the TPS3808xxx family. These circuits are designed to keep track of system voltages between 0.4 and 5.0 volts. When the SENSE voltage drops below a certain level or when the manual reset (MR) pin falls to a logic low, these circuits are set up to send an open-drain RESET signal. After the SENSE voltage and manual reset are brought back above their respective limits, the RESET output stays low for a time that the user can set.

TPS3808G01MDBVTEP Feature description

Wide Voltage Range Monitoring

The remarkable voltage range capabilities of the TPS3808G01MDBVTEP microprocessor supervisory circuit enables it to efficiently monitor system voltages ranging from 0.4 V to 5.0 V. This broad range guarantees compatibility with a variety of applications and offers accurate voltage monitoring at different voltage levels.

The TPS3808G01MDBVTEP’s high threshold accuracy is a standout feature. It achieves an excellent threshold accuracy of 0.5% for voltages up to 3.3 V (VIT). With such accuracy, the circuit can consistently identify voltage levels that are near to the target threshold, enabling precise monitoring and signaling.

Particularly useful in applications where accurate voltage monitoring is necessary for proper system operation is the high threshold accuracy of 0.5%. It enables system designers and engineers to have faith in the circuit’s capability to precisely detect voltage fluctuations and initiate the necessary actions when necessary.

The TPS3808G01MDBVTEP allows improved system stability, fault detection, and prompt response to voltage-related events by offering such accurate voltage monitoring within the designated range. It gives engineers the ability to create sturdy, dependable systems that can retain peak performance and ward off possible problems brought on by voltage swings.

Overall, the TPS3808G01MDBVTEP is a great option for applications that require accurate and reliable voltage monitoring due to its wide voltage range capability and high threshold accuracy of 0.5% for voltages up to 3.3 V (VIT).

Flexible Reset Delay Options

Users can customize the timing to meet their unique needs thanks to the varied reset delay choices offered by the TPS3808G01MDBVTEP microprocessor supervisory circuit. The three reset delay choices are as follows:

● 20 ms Delay

The TPS3808G01MDBVTEP circuit provides a preset reset delay period of 20 ms by disabling the CT pin. For applications requiring a short interval between voltage recovery and asserting the RESET signal, this option offers a quick and simple configuration. It is appropriate for circumstances when a prompt reaction to voltage fluctuations is required.

● 300 ms Delay

The TPS3808G01MDBVTEP adds a longer reset delay period of 300 ms when the CT pin is linked to VDD using a resistor. Applications that need a slightly longer delay before signaling a system reset should choose this option. It enables a more considered reaction to voltage changes, supporting conditions requiring more stability or initialization time.

● User-Adjustable Delay

Additionally providing flexibility, the TPS3808G01MDBVTEP features a user-adjustable reset delay. Engineers can use this capability to adjust the delay period within a range of 1.25 ms to 10 s by connecting the CT pin to an external capacitor. This choice is especially beneficial for applications with a range of time constraints. It offers fine-grained control over the reset delay, enabling system designers to adjust the time in accordance with their unique requirements. Engineers can tailor the delay to the specific characteristics and response times of their systems by changing the external capacitor value.

The TPS3808G01MDBVTEP circuit’s adaptable reset delay settings provide interoperability with a variety of applications. The circuit gives developers the ability to obtain the ideal reset delay, boosting the overall performance and usefulness of their systems, whether a quick response, a moderate delay, or configurable timing is required.

Ultra-Low Quiescent Current

Only 2.4 A is the extremely low quiescent current of the TPS3808G01MDBVTEP microprocessor supervisory circuit. For battery-powered applications in particular, this low quiescent current is extremely important for the following reasons:

Enhanced Power Efficiency

The low quiescent current in the TPS3808G01MDBVTEP ensures maximum power effectiveness. The circuit uses the least amount of electricity possible during typical operation, which reduces energy waste. This is essential for battery-operated gadgets since it enables them to run for longer periods of time on a single charge, extending the battery life in general.

Extended Battery Life

The TPS3808G01MDBVTEP considerably increases the battery life of portable and energy-conscious gadgets because it uses just 2.4 A of electricity. The decreased power requirements translate into longer usage periods before recharging or battery replacement becomes necessary. This function is quite helpful since it enables users to rely on their gadgets for longer periods of time without having to disturb themselves with regular battery swaps or recharges.

Preserving Limited Energy Resources

Utilizing limited energy resources as efficiently as possible is crucial for battery-powered applications. Due to the TPS3808G01MDBVTEP’s low quiescent current, devices can run effectively for longer periods of time while still conserving battery life. This is especially useful in circumstances where there is restricted access to power sources for recharging or replacement, such as in rural areas or during crucial activities.

Suitability for Energy-Sensitive Designs

Energy-sensitive designs benefit from the TPS3808G01MDBVTEP’s exceptionally low quiescent current. Engineers may create systems that prioritize energy conservation without sacrificing functionality or performance thanks to this technology. This functionality is especially important for wearable technology, Internet of Things sensors, and remote monitoring systems that must operate continuously on sparse power sources.

The TPS3808G01MDBVTEP microprocessor supervisory circuit guarantees improved power efficiency, prolonged battery life, and efficient exploitation of scarce energy resources in battery-powered systems by providing a low quiescent current of 2.4 A. It substantially improves the overall performance, dependability, and usability of energy-conscious devices through its capacity to decrease power usage.


The TPS3808G01MDBVTEP microprocessor supervisory circuit is a versatile and reliable solution for voltage monitoring. Its precision reference ensures accurate threshold monitoring, while flexible reset delay options cater to specific timing needs. With ultra-low quiescent current and a compact design, it suits battery-powered devices. Its robustness guarantees reliable performance across a wide temperature range. Choose the TPS3808G01MDBVTEP for efficient and adaptable voltage monitoring. Contact our experts at ICRFQ to unlock your project’s full potential.

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