Part Number: TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Description: IC PWR SWTCH N-CHAN 1:1 28HTSSOP

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1

Datasheet  TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1 datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family PMIC – Power Distribution Switches, Load Drivers
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Series Automotive, AEC-Q100
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Switch Type General Purpose
Number of Outputs 4
Ratio – Input:Output 1:1
Output Configuration High Side
Output Type N-Channel
Interface On/Off
Voltage – Load 3.4 V ~ 40 V
Voltage – Supply (Vcc/Vdd) Not Required
Current – Output (Max) 2.5A
Rds On (Typ) 165 mOhm
Input Type Non-Inverting
Features Status Flag
Fault Protection Current Limiting (Fixed), Over Temperature
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 125°C (TA)
Package / Case 28-TSSOP (0.173″, 4.40mm Width) Exposed Pad
Supplier Device Package 28-HTSSOP

TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1 Introduction

The TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1 device is a smart high-side switch with advanced features like an internal charge pump and four channels of NMOS power FETs that are built in. These high-tech parts help improve its performance and usefulness. This guide aims to give a full picture of the TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1 device by looking at its most important features, benefits, and uses. This guide will give you the information you need to use the device well in your projects, whether you are an engineer, a creator, or just a hobbyist.

Overview of TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1

The TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1 is a smart high-side switch with advanced features that can be used in many different situations. Its job is to provide efficient and effective high-side switching, which lets you control how power is distributed in different systems.

Key Features and Benefits

High-Side Switching: The TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1 device has the ability to switch on the high side, which lets it control the flow of power between the load and the power source. This feature makes it easy to add it to systems that need to switch power in a precise and controlled way.

  • Internal Charge Pump: The gadget works better and is more efficient when it has an internal charge pump. Charge pump technology lets the TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1 reach optimal gate drive voltage levels for the built-in NMOS power FETs. This makes sure that switching power is done in a safe and efficient way.
  • Quad-Channel Integrated NMOS Power FETs: The TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1 chip has four NMOS power FETs that are built in. This integration makes it possible to control multiple channels at the same time, reducing the number of system components and making better use of space.
  • Fault Detection and Diagnostic Capabilities: The device has fault detection and diagnostic features that make it possible to watch and find problems like overcurrent, overheating, and short circuits. This makes the system safer and makes it easier to figure out what’s wrong.

TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1 Specifications

  • Voltage Ratings: The TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1 device usually works within a certain voltage range, such as 4.5 volts to 40 volts, which makes it compatible with a wide range of power sources.
  • Current Ratings: The device is made to handle certain amounts of current, such as a maximum continuous current rating of 5 A per channel. This number makes sure that the device works well even when the current is high.
  • Temperature Range: The TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1 device is made to work in a certain range of temperatures, like -40°C to +125°C. This wide range of temperatures makes it useful in many different settings and industries.
  • Package Options: The device comes in a variety of packages, including ones with a small footprint and ones that are better at managing heat. This gives freedom for different board layouts and thermal management needs.

Overall, the TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1 device’s high-side switching ability, internal charge pump, quad-channel integration, and fault detection features make it a flexible and reliable choice for a wide range of uses, such as automotive systems, industrial automation, and consumer electronics. It can be used in a variety of system designs and working conditions because of its specifications, voltage and current ratings, temperature range, and package options.

Internal Charge Pump Technology

The TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1 device’s internal charge pump produces a gate drive voltage that is higher than the supply voltage. This improves performance and economy in high-side switching applications. It raises the gate voltage, making it possible to use less power, switch faster, and give more power. Some of the benefits are compatibility with high voltage, improved efficiency, a simpler design, and better reliability. The internal charge pump gets rid of the need for external parts and makes the system more reliable, which makes it a useful part of the device.

Quad-Channel Integrated NMOS Power FETs

Quad-channel integrated NMOS power FETs are devices like the TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1 that have four NMOS power FETs built into one. These power FETs are made to handle loads with a lot of energy and to switch quickly.

Use of the TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1 Device

The TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1 device has four integrated NMOS power FETs that let it switch between various channels. Each channel is made up of an NMOS power FET that can be handled separately. This means that multiple channels can be switched at the same time on a single device.

Benefits of Quad-Channel Integration

● Reduced Component Count

The TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1 lowers the total number of components in a system by combining four NMOS power FETs into a single device. By doing this, the design process is made simpler while also requiring fewer external parts, such as extra FETs, gate drivers, and control circuits.

● Improved Space Efficiency

By combining several power FETs into a single device, quad-channel integration frees up significant board space. This small form factor makes it possible to use the PCB’s available space more effectively, which is especially useful in applications where space is at a premium.

Control and wiring requirements are streamlined thanks to the TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1’s quad-channel integration. Designers can manage numerous channels with a single device rather than handling individual FETs separately, simplifying the control logic and lessening the complexity of the system wiring.

● Enhanced System Performance

The TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1 device integrates quad-channel NMOS power FETs to guarantee uniform performance across all channels. This balanced integration improves overall system performance while reducing fluctuations in individual FET characteristics, leading to more dependable and stable power switching operations.

Overall, the TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1 device benefits from the use of quad-channel integrated NMOS power FETs by reducing the number of components, improving space efficiency, streamlining control, and improving system performance. This integration enables effective power management, enables applications needing simultaneous switching of many channels, and contributes to optimised system design.

Key Points

  • With cutting-edge features, the TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1 device is a clever high-side switch.
  • A higher gate drive voltage is produced by its internal charge pump, which enhances performance and efficiency.
  • Multiple channel switching is possible in a single device because of the quad-channel integrated NMOS power FETs.
  • Reduced component count, increased space efficiency, easier control, and greater system performance are all benefits.
  • The gadget has uses in consumer electronics, industrial automation, automobile systems, and more.


With integrated power FETs, fault detection, and diagnostic functions, the TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1 device offers superior high-side switching capabilities. Due to its adaptability, it can be used in a variety of applications, including consumer electronics, industrial automation, and automotive systems. The benefits of the device include a lower component count, better space efficiency, easier control, and higher system performance.

We advise getting in touch with our experts at ICRFQ for additional details and to discover the TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1’s full potential. You can better comprehend how this tool may take your projects to new heights with the aid of our experience. The TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1 adds a further level of accuracy and dependability to your devices by ensuring correct frequency synthesis. Discover the TPS4H160BQPWPRQ1’s full capabilities to open up a world of possibilities for your projects.

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