Part Number: TPS5450DDAR

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


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Technical Specifications of TPS5450DDAR

Datasheet  TPS5450DDAR datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family PMIC – Voltage Regulators – DC DC Switching Regulators
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Packaging Digi-Reel?
Part Status Active
Function Step-Down
Output Configuration Positive
Topology Buck
Output Type Adjustable
Number of Outputs 1
Voltage – Input (Min) 5.5V
Voltage – Input (Max) 36V
Voltage – Output (Min/Fixed) 1.221V
Voltage – Output (Max) 31.32V
Current – Output 5A
Frequency – Switching 500kHz
Synchronous Rectifier No
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 125°C (TJ)
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case 8-PowerSOIC (0.154″, 3.90mm Width)
Supplier Device Package 8-SO PowerPad

TPS5450DDAR Description

The high-output-current PWM converter TPS5450 has an N-channel MOSFET with low resistance and a high side. The substrate also incorporates a high-performance voltage error amplifier, in addition to an undervoltage lockout circuit, a voltage feedforward circuit to enhance the transient response, and an internally set slow-start circuit to reduce inrush currents. They also keep the voltage accurate even when things change quickly. During shutdown, the ENA pin is usually used to lower the supply current to 18 A.

Some of the other features are a thermal shutdown, active-high enable, overcurrent limiting, and overvoltage protection. The feedback loop in the TPS5450 is changed from the inside to reduce design complexity and the number of external parts. The TPS5450 device comes in an 8-pin SOIC PowerPAD package that has been made better to handle heat. TI offers evaluation modules and software tools to help engineers make high-performance designs for power supplies that can be built quickly.


  • wide input voltage range: 5.5 V to 36 V.  achieve a high efficiency of more than 90%.
  • Wide range of output voltages: can be changed all the way down to 1.22 V, with an initial accuracy of 1.5%.
  • Internal compensation reduces the number of external parts.
  • For a small filter size, the switching frequency is fixed at 500 kHz.
  • 18-A supply current to turn off.
  • By feeding forward the input voltage, the line’s regulation and response to sudden changes were improved .
  • Overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, and thermal shutdown all keep the system safe.
  • –40 °C to 125 °C is the range for the junction temperature.
  • available in a small 8-pin SOIC PowerPADTM package that is better at keeping heat out.

Detailed Description

The TPS5450 is a step-down (buck) regulator that has a high-side n-channel MOSFET and a 36-V, 5-A supply. To enhance line regulation and response to line transients, the device employs voltage feedforward and constant-frequency voltage-mode control. Internal compensation reduces the number of exterior elements and simplifies designs. The built-in 110-m high-side MOSFET can support high-efficiency power supply systems that can supply a load with 5 A of continuous current. ll-upt.rts has an input voltage of 5.3 V by default. The TPS5450 can be turned off via the ENA pin, which reduces the supply current to 18 A. The circuit can continue to function even if the EN pin is floating since it has an internal pull-up current source. By delaying the rise time of the output during startup, the TPS5450’s slow-start circuit cuts down on output voltage overshoot and rush current. The lowest voltage that can be output is the inbuilt 1.221-V feedback reference.

A comparator for overvoltage protection (OVP) minimizes output overvoltage jumps. The high-side MOSFET is disabled upon activation of the OVP comparator and remains so until the output voltage falls below 112.5 percent of the target output value. The peak current in the integrated high-side MOSFET is controlled by overcurrent protection that works cycle by cycle. If an overcurrent fault keeps happening, the TPS5450 will go into hiccup mode to cut down on the overcurrent. Thermal protection prevents the equipment from becoming overheated.

Feature Description

● Oscillator Frequency

An internal, freely running oscillator determines the 500 kHz PWM switching frequency. At a switching frequency of 500 kHz, the output ripple can be smaller, so a smaller output inductor can be used.

● Voltage Reference

The voltage reference system scales the output of a temperature-stable band-gap circuit to provide a precision reference signal. During production testing, the scaling and band-gap circuits are tuned for an output of 1.221 V at room temperature.

● Enable (ENA) and Internal Slow-Start

The ENA pin can be used to electrically turn on and off the regulator. When the voltage on the ENA pin reaches the threshold level, the regulator turns on and the internal slow-start ramps up to full power. If the voltage on the ENA pin falls below the threshold voltage, the regulator’s inbuilt slow-start is reset. Connecting the pin to ground or a voltage lower than 0.5 V will disable the regulator and put it into shutdown mode.

The TPS5450 uses about 18 A of quiescent current when it is powered down. An integrated pull-up current source allows the ENA pin to be left floating. If your application requires control over the state of the ENA pin, connect to it using open-drain or open-collector output logic. An internal slow-start circuit gradually raises the reference voltage from 0 V to its final value. This lowers the amount of current that flows when the device first turns on. The internal slow-start time is typically 8 ms.

● Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO)

The TPS5450 has a UVLO circuit that keeps the device off when the input voltage, VIN, falls below the UVLO start voltage threshold.its are kept off during power-up, and the internal slow-start is grounded up until VIN is higher than the UVLO start threshold voltage. The internal slow-start is removed and device start-up starts as soon removed, UVLO start threshold voltage is met. Until VIN is below the UVLO stop threshold voltage, the gadget is in operation. The UVLO comparator’s normal hysteresis is 330 mV.

Jumper Capacitor (BOOT) Between the PH pin and the BOOT pin, connect a 0.01-F ceramic capacitor with a low ESR value. This capacitor provides the high-side MOSFET’s gate-drive voltage. Due to their stable values over a wide range of temperatures, X7R or X5R grade dielectrics are advised.

● Output Feedback (VSENSE) and Internal Compensation

By sending the voltage at the network’s key node (VSENSE) back to the regulator, the output voltage of the regulator can be changed. When operating in steady-state, the voltage on the VSENSE pin ought to be identical to the 1.221 V reference. The TPS5450 streamlines the design of the regulator through internal compensation. Because the TPS5450 uses voltage mode control, an on-chip type 3 compensation network is needed to provide a high crossover frequency and a large phase margin for reliable operation.


Let’s sum up by saying that the TPS5450DDAR is a high-performance synchronous step-down DC-DC converter that is often used in many industries, such as telecom, networking, and industrial automation. It is the best option for powering high-performance processors, FPGA and ASIC core voltages, and high-speed SERDES due to its great efficiency, small size, and simplicity of usage.

The TPS5450DDAR’s technical specifications include how it works, the ranges of its input and output voltages, how efficient it is, and its safety features, such as thermal shutdown and overcurrent protection. The converter is perfect for applications with low space and power needs due to its tiny form factor and excellent efficiency.

Future breakthroughs and improvements in converter technology are likely to lead to higher power densities, better thermal management, and higher efficiencies. The TPS5450DDAR is currently available from reputable electronic component distributors like ICRFQ.

Overall, the TPS5450DDAR is a powerful and flexible converter that is used in many different fields. It will likely be important to the development of new technologies in the years to come. If you need to buy the TPS5450DDAR or any other electronic part, ICRFQ is a reputable supplier of premium parts and top-notch customer support.

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