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Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


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Technical Specifications of TPS60400DBVR

Datasheet  TPS60400DBVR datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family PMIC – Voltage Regulators – DC DC Switching Regulators
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Function Ratiometric
Output Configuration Positive or Negative
Topology Charge Pump
Output Type Fixed
Number of Outputs 1
Voltage – Input (Min) 1.8V
Voltage – Input (Max) 5.25V
Voltage – Output (Min/Fixed) -Vin, 2Vin, Vin/2
Voltage – Output (Max)
Current – Output 60mA
Frequency – Switching 50kHz ~ 250kHz
Synchronous Rectifier No
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 125°C (TJ)
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case SC-74A, SOT-753
Supplier Device Package SOT-23-5

TPS60400DBVR Introduction

The TPS60400DBVR is a charge pump voltage inverter created to produce a negative voltage supply from a positive voltage source. It is a very effective and adaptable gadget that may be utilized in various electrical devices that need a negative voltage supply. The TPS60400DBVR is particularly helpful in battery-operated and portable devices where space and power consumption are important considerations. The TPS60400DBVR is a well-liked option among designers and engineers for a number of applications because of its tiny form factor, low quiescent current, and great efficiency.

Description of the TPS60400

The TPS6040x series of components uses an input voltage range of 1.6 V to 5.5 V to produce an unregulated negative output voltage. A 5 V or 3.3 V pre-regulated supply rail typically powers the devices. Due to the wide input voltage range, they can also be powered by two to three alkaline, NiMH, NiCd, or one Li-Ion battery cell.

A total of three external 1-F capacitors are all that are required to build a functioning DC-DC charge pump inverter. A 50-mm2 board surface may accommodate the full converter when it is installed in a 5-pin SOT-23 package. By substituting integrated circuitry for the Schottky diode generally required for load startup, additional board space is gained, and the component count is decreased.

The TPS6040x has a wide output current range and a maximum output current of 60 mA, with a typical conversion efficiency of over 90%. Three different device alternatives operate at fixed frequencies of 20 kHz, 50 kHz, and 250 kHz. The TPS60400 has a variable switching frequency that lowers the operating current in applications with a wide range of loads and permits using low-value capacitors in the design.

Features for the TPS60400

  • The voltage input supply is inverted.
  • 60-mA Maximum Output Current.
  • There is only a need for three tiny 1-F ceramic capacitors.
  • Range of Input Voltage: 1.6 V to 5.5 V.
  • Improved Efficiency at Low Output Currents with PowerSave Mode (TPS60400).
  • The typical device quiescent current is 65 A.
  • 5-Pin SOT-23 Miniature Package.
  • Available Evaluation Module TPS60400EVM-178.


The TPS60400DBVR charge pump voltage inverter is a flexible device that can be utilized in various applications. The TPS60400DBVR is frequently used in the following situations:

  • Battery-powered devices: The TPS60400DBVR is perfect for battery-powered devices since it can produce a negative voltage from a positive voltage source. This makes it ideal for applications like LCD displays, which need a negative voltage to run the display.
  • Audio equipment: The TPS60400DBVR can be used in audio equipment to produce a negative voltage for biasing the input stages of audio amplifiers. As a result, the audio signal has less noise and distortion.
  • Medical equipment that requires a negative voltage supply is compatible with the TPS60400DBVR. For instance, a negative voltage must drive the transducer in medical imaging devices like ultrasound machines.
  • Equipment for industry: The TPS60400DBVR can also be utilized in machinery for an industry that needs a negative voltage supply. For instance, in applications for process control, a negative voltage might be needed to power specific sensors or actuators.
  • automobile electronics: The TPS60400DBVR can also be utilized in automobile electronics when driving sensors or actuators requires a negative voltage. It is a suitable option for automotive applications because of its wide input voltage range and great efficiency.
  • LED lighting applications that require a negative voltage to drive the LED driver can use the TPS60400DBVR. This enhances efficiency while reducing the total size of the LED driver circuitry.
  • A negative voltage supply may be necessary to power components like LCD displays or touchscreens in portable devices like smartphones and tablets; therefore, the TPS60400DBVR is also appropriate for these devices.
  • The TPS60400DBVR can be utilized in data transmission applications where a negative voltage is needed to power specific components, such as transceivers or receivers.

All things considered, the TPS60400DBVR is a flexible device that may be employed in various applications where a negative voltage source is required. It works particularly well in battery-powered applications where limited space and low power consumption are important considerations because of its low quiescent current and compact form factor.

Detailed Description

The charge pumps TPS60400 and TPS60401 reverse the input voltage. Choose capacitors (such as ceramic ones) with low equivalent series resistance for optimum performance. The capacitor (C(fly)) charges to the voltage at VI during the first half-cycle, characterized by switches S1 and S3 closing, S2 opening, and S4 closing. S1 and S3 open during the second half-cycle, followed by S2 and S4. This connects the positive and negative terminals of the C(fly), respectively, to GND and VO. By combining C(fly) in parallel, CO becomes negatively charged. The real voltage at the output is higher positive than -VI due to switches S1-S4’s resistance and the load’s capacity to draw charge from CO.

Application Information

The TPS6040x components convert an input voltage between 1.6 and 5.5 volts into an unregulated negative output voltage.

Design Consideration

There are a number of important factors to keep in mind when designing with the TPS60400DBVR to achieve optimum performance and dependability. These consist of the following:

  • Input voltage constancy For the TPS60400DBVR to function properly, the input voltage must be constant. It’s crucial to ensure the input voltage doesn’t fall below the minimum input voltage rating of the device or go above its maximum input voltage rating. Designers may require voltage regulators or filtering capacitors to ensure the stability of the input voltage.
  • In applications that call for a stable voltage supply, the TPS60400DBVR’s output voltage ripple, which it can produce, maybe a problem. Designers can avoid this by reducing the output voltage ripple by including output capacitors in their circuit design.
  • PCB layout: When using the TPS60400DBVR, a proper PCB layout is essential for attaining the best performance. To reduce noise and interference in the circuit, designers should be careful with the positioning and routing of their components. They should additionally use a ground plane to provide a low-impedance return channel for the device’s current.
  • Thermal considerations: The operation of the TPS60400DBVR might generate heat, which may impact its dependability and performance. To prevent overheating, designers must make sure the gadget is properly cooled. Heat sinks and appropriate airflow around the device can also help with this.
  • The TPS60400DBVR can output up to 60mA of current when fully loaded. To prevent breaking the device, designers must ensure their circuit design stays within this range.

Suitable design considerations are essential for the best performance and reliability when using the TPS60400DBVR. Designers may ensure their circuit design complies with the device’s requirements and offers a dependable performance by paying close attention to issues including input voltage stability, output voltage ripple, PCB layout, thermal management, and load requirements.


The TPS60400DBVR is a highly adaptable charge pump voltage inverter that may be employed in a variety of contemporary electronic products, to sum up. Applications include battery-powered gadgets, audio equipment, medical devices, and automotive electronics are all excellent candidates for this technology because of its capacity to generate a negative voltage from a positive voltage source. Additionally, it is a good fit for portable devices and other applications that require a tiny form factor, low quiescent current, and high efficiency.

The TPS60400DBVR, which offers a dependable and effective technique to generate negative voltage supplies where they are needed, plays a critical part in modern electronic devices overall. It will probably continue to be a well-liked option among designers and engineers for years due to its wide range of applications and remarkable performance.

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