Part Number: TPS62177DQCR

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Description: IC REG BUCK 3.3V 500MA 10WSON

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of TPS62177DQCR

Datasheet  TPS62177DQCR datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family PMIC – Voltage Regulators – DC DC Switching Regulators
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Series DCS-Control?
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Function Step-Down
Output Configuration Positive
Topology Buck
Output Type Fixed
Number of Outputs 1
Voltage – Input (Min) 4.75V
Voltage – Input (Max) 28V
Voltage – Output (Min/Fixed) 3.3V
Voltage – Output (Max)
Current – Output 500mA
Frequency – Switching 1MHz
Synchronous Rectifier Yes
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C (TA)
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case 10-WFDFN Exposed Pad
Supplier Device Package 10-WSON (3×2)

Introducing the TPS6217x: Power Efficiency Redefined

Are you looking for a DC/DC adapter that is small and very good at powering your electronic devices? The TPS6217x is all you need. This synchronous step-down converter sets a new standard for power economy with its DCS-ControlTM design and impressive capabilities. The TPS6217x works well and is flexible, whether you’re working with Li-Ion cells, 12V systems, or higher intermediate power rails. Let’s take a look at this amazing device’s features, perks, and ways to use it.

TPS62177DQCR Description

The TPS6217x, which is a high-efficiency synchronous stepdown DC/DC converter, is made with the DCS-ControlTM design. The device can provide up to 500 mA of output current and can work with input voltages from 4.75 V to 28 V. It works well in systems that are powered by multiple Li-Ion cells as well as those that use 12 V or even higher intermediate supply rails.

The TPS6217x has an automatic power-saving mode that turns on when the load level is low. This helps it maintain its high efficiency over a wide range of loads. It also has a sleep mode that lets it work with apps that need to save power, like ultra-low-power microcontrollers. Depending on the case, the power-good output can be used for power sequencing or power-on reset. In its normal mode, the gadget has a typical quiescent current of 22 A, while in its sleep mode, it has a quiescent current of 4.8 A. Even at very low load currents, the efficiency of the gadget can go up by up to 20% when it is in sleep mode. In shutdown mode, the output is constantly discharged, and the shutdown current is less than 2 A. The TPS6217x has both an adjustable and a set output voltage. It comes in a small 10-pin WSON package that is only 2 mm by 3 mm and has only 10 pins.

TPS62177DQCR Features

  • 75 V to 28 V input voltage range
  • Discharge from an active output.
  • Power: It works well.
  • 500 mA of current is going out.
  • Output Voltage Range: 1 VDC to 6 V
  • Most switches have a switching frequency of 1 MHz.
  • Smooth Power Save Mode Transition
  • Lockout for undervoltage.
  • Guards against short circuits.
  • Guard against overheating.

TPS62177DQCR Feature Description

● Enable/Shutdown (EN)

If you pull the EN pin to high (for working) or low (for shutting down), the device will either work or turn off. When the EN switch is set to high, there is usually a one-millisecond delay before the gadget starts to work. Because of this, the device is great for handling the power-on sequence of microcontrollers because it helps achieve a consistent starting sequence and is therefore perfect for the job.

During shutdown, the device usually only uses 1.5 A of power. This is because the internal MOSFETs and the entire control circuitry are turned off. If the EN bit is left unconnected, a pulldown resistor of 400 kiloohms will make sure that the logic level stays low. When EN is set to high, the resistor is no longer connected to the circuit.

Application Information

The DCS-Control architecture is utilized in the construction of the TPS6217x, which is a high-efficiency synchronous step-down DC-DC converter. The device, which can provide an output current of up to 500 mA and has an operational input voltage range that extends from 4.75 V to 28 V, is well suited for use in systems that are supplied from multiple cells of Li-Ion as well as those that use 12 V or even higher intermediate supply rails.

Power Supply Recommendations

The input power source for the TPS6217x family of devices does not have to meet any specific requirements. When figuring out the rating for the output current of the main power supply, the source voltage, output voltage, and output current of the TPS6217x must be taken into account.


● Layout Guidelines

The input capacitor needs to be placed as close as possible to the IC pins (VIN, PGND). It is best to put the inductor close to the SW pin and connect it straight to the output capacitor. This will help to make the loop between the SW pin, the inductor, the output capacitor, and the PGND pin smaller. Also, sensitive nodes like FB and VOS should be linked by short cables and shouldn’t be near high DV or DT signals like SW. Both of the feedback resistors, R1 and R2, should be placed close to the integrated circuit and directly linked to the AGND and FB pins. Even more so when working at high switching frequencies, a switch-mode power source must have the right layout in order to work.

Because of this, the PCB layout of the TPS6217x needs extra care to make sure it works right and meets the performance levels that have been set. A poorly planned layout can cause problems with regulation (both line and load), stability, accuracy, increased sensitivity to noise and EMI radiation, and increased EMI radiation.


In the world of DC/DC converters, the TPS62177DQCR is a big deal. With its wide range of input voltages, automatic power-saving mode, and small size, it gives your devices more efficiency and freedom than ever before. This converter is strong enough to power microcontrollers in applications that use very little power and to support multiple Li-Ion cells. Also, the TPS6217x is smartly designed and laid out to make sure it has good control, stability, and less EMI radiation.

Don’t settle for ordinary ways to get power when you can get something better. Take on the TPS6217x and see how powerful the economy can be. You can get better results from your projects if you upgrade them. Get in touch with us today to find out how to use the TPS6217x to its full potential and change the way you think about power supply options. The future is coming, and TPS6217x will run it.

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