Part Number: TPS73601DBVR

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Description: IC REG LIN POS ADJ 400MA SOT23-5

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Technical Specifications of TPS73601DBVR

Datasheet  TPS73601DBVR datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family PMIC – Voltage Regulators – Linear
Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Packaging Cut Tape (CT)
Part Status Active
Regulator Topology Positive Adjustable
Voltage – Output 1.2 V ~ 5.5 V
Current – Output 400mA
Voltage – Dropout (Typical) 0.075V @ 400mA
Number of Regulators 1
Voltage – Input 1.7 V ~ 5.5 V
Current – Limit (Min) 400mA
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 125°C
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case SC-74A, SOT-753
Supplier Device Package SOT-23-5

TPS73601DBVR Introduction

The TPS73601DBVR from Texas Instruments is the best when it comes to precise voltage regulation.

With the TPS73601DBVR from Texas Instruments, you can see how powerful exact voltage regulation can be. This regulator gives your devices stable power with an accuracy of 0.5% and an output voltage that can be changed from 1.2 to 5.5 V. It has a low dropout voltage of 0.075 V at 400 mA and can handle 0.4 A of current. This makes it easy to control power. This regulator is ready to improve your projects. It comes on a tape and reel for safe shipping and easy installation. When you upgrade to the TPS73601DBVR, you can control the power more reliably than ever before.

TPS73601DBVR Feature Description

● Enable Pin and Shutdown

The TPS73601DBVR has an activate pin (EN) that works as an active high and is compatible with standard TTL-CMOS levels. When the voltage on the EN pin (VEN) drops below the maximum of 0.5 V, the regulator turns off, and the current through the GND pin drops to about 10 nA.

By using the EN bit to turn off the regulator, all the charge on the pass transistor gate is drained. This makes the output slowly rise back up to the regulated VOUT level. If you don’t need the option to shut down, you can connect the EN pin directly to the VIN pin.

But it’s important to keep in mind that in this setup, the pass gate may not properly discharge, which could leave the pass transistor in an increased state for a long time after VIN has been turned off. If the IN pin has a low resistance, this can cause current to flow in the wrong direction, and power-up times will be faster. Also, if the ramp times for VIN are longer than a few milliseconds, the output voltage may overshoot when the power is turned on. It’s important to note that the current limit on foldback can stop the gadget from turning on in some situations.

By keeping these things in mind and carefully managing the enable pin and power-up process, you can get the most out of the TPS73601DBVR and make sure it works well in your circuits.

● Reverse Current

The TPS736xx has an NMOS pass element that prevents current from passing from the regulator’s output to its input when the gate of the pass device is pulled low. Before turning off the input voltage, the EN bit must be driven low to make sure that all of the charge is removed from the pass element’s gate. If you don’t do this, the pass part might stay on because the gate is still charged.

Once the EN pin is pushed low, no bias voltage is needed on any pin to stop the flow of current in the opposite direction. It’s important to know that reverse current is described as the current flowing out of the IN pin when voltage is applied to the OUT pin. A current is also flowing into the OUT pin because there is an 80-k resistor divider inside the chip that is linked to ground.

By carefully controlling the EN bit and making sure it is in the low state before turning off the input voltage, you can stop reverse current flow and make the TPS736xx regulator work as well as possible.

Device Functional Modes

● Normal Operation with 1.7 V, VIN 5.5 V, and VEN 1.7 V

To make sure the TPS736xx family works well and stays in control, it’s important to give it an input voltage of at least 1.7 V. But it’s important to know that if the device’s output voltage is higher than 1.5 V and the input voltage is 1.7 V, the device will go into dropout mode and cannot be regulated.

The TPS736xx devices use an NMOS architecture, which means that the dropout voltage is not greatly affected by the input voltage. But when the device is being used close to its maximum voltage rating of 5.5 V, care should be taken to stop any temporary spikes that might go over the exact maximum voltage limit of 6.0 V. To avoid damage, it is important to make sure that the gadget never runs at a continuous DC voltage of more than 5.5 V.

By following these voltage requirements and taking the required precautions, you can make sure that the TPS736xx family of devices works well and lasts as long as it should.

TPS73601DBVR Application Information

The TPS736xx is part of a cutting-edge family of LDO regulators that use an NMOS pass transistor. It has great performance thanks to its ultra-low dropout voltage, its ability to stop reverse current, and its ability to work without any output capacitor restrictions. The TPS736xx is a great choice for portable applications because it has these great features, as well as low noise and an enable input.

The TPS736xx family was made to meet the needs of modern electronics. It has a wide range of fixed output voltage choices to meet different voltage needs. There is also a version where the output can be changed, giving you even more ways to make it fit your needs.

Also, all versions of the TPS736xx family have important safety features like thermal shutdown and protection from too much current. The current limit makes sure that the process is safer and more reliable.

The TPS736xx family of regulators is a complete solution for powering portable devices because it has advanced features, strong protection measures, and a wide range of voltage choices. Take advantage of the TPS736xx’s great performance and flexibility to get the most out of your portable apps.


In the end, the TPS73601DBVR from Texas Instruments is the best example of precise voltage control because it has such a wide range of features and works so well. It is the best choice for any circuit that needs a reliable power source because of how accurate it is, how wide its output voltage range is, and how well it can manage power.

The TPS73601DBVR can be used in a wide range of situations because it has a low dropout voltage, a high current capacity, and a wide working voltage range. Its excellent load and line regulation make sure that power is delivered precisely and steadily, so you can safely take on even the most difficult projects.

Also, the TPS73601DBVR’s tape-and-reel package not only makes sure the product arrives safely, but it also makes the mounting process easier, so the circuit can be put together quickly and easily.

Contact ICRFQ if you want to find out more about the TPS73601DBVR or place an order. Our expert team can give you the information and help you need to use this voltage regulator to its fullest extent.

Upgrade your circuits today with the TPS73601DBVR and see how reliable and consistent power control can change your life. Find out what your ideas can really do and take them to a new level of precision and performance. Get in touch with ICRFQ right away to get started on this power control journey.

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