Part Number: TSOP34838

Manufacturer: Vishay Semiconductor Opto Division

Description: SENSOR REMOTE REC 38.0KHZ 45M

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Technical Specifications of TSOP34838

Datasheet  TSOP34838 datasheet
Category Sensors, Transducers
Family Optical Sensors – Photo Detectors – Remote Receiver
Manufacturer Vishay Semiconductor Opto Division
Series *
Part Status Active
Sensing Distance 45m
B.P.F. Center Frequency 38.0kHz
Voltage – Supply 2.5 V ~ 5.5 V
Current – Supply 450μA
Orientation Side View
Mounting Type Through Hole
Operating Temperature -25°C ~ 85°C (TA)

TSOP34838 Description

Miniaturized IR receiver modules for infrared remote-control systems are available in the TSOP322, TSOP348., TSOP324., and TSOP344 series. A PIN diode and a preamplifier are assembled on a lead frame, and an IR filter is assembled in epoxy packaging. Direct connection to a microprocessor for decoding the output signal after demodulation is possible.

The TSOP324 and TSOP344 series devices are designed to suppress spurious pulses from energy-efficient bulbs like CFLs completely. Some data signals could be muted by the AGC4 utilized in the TSOP324 and TSOP344. For compatibility with outdated AGC2 designs, the TSOP322 and TSOP348 series are offered. The TSOP324 and TSOP344 series, which incorporate the more recent AGC4, should be preferred for new designs. These parts have not met the requirements for use in automobiles.


  • little supply current.
  • Preamplifier and photodetector in one unit.
  • Internal PCM frequency filter.
  • 5 to 5.5 volts for the supply.
  • enhanced resistance to ambient light.
  • insensitive to noise and ripple in the supplied voltage.

Suitable Data Format

This series is intended to reduce erroneous output pulses from noise or other disruptive signals. Due to variations in burst length, frequency, and envelope duty cycle, the devices can discriminate data signals from noise. The AGC automatically decreases the receiver’s sensitivity when a data signal is applied to the product when there is a disturbance to ensure there are no spurious pulses at the receiver’s output. Suppressed examples include the following:

  • DC light, such as that from sunlight or tungsten lights.
  • signals that are constant in frequency.
  • fluorescent lights with electronic ballasts produce patterns that are either strongly or softly modulated.

Working Principle

A remote control or other IR transmitter will send out infrared (IR) signals, which the TSOP34838 remote receiver sensor is made to pick up and decode. An IR signal is conveyed as a series of light pulses that move through the atmosphere. A photodiode included within the TSOP34838 detects these light pulses and transforms them into electrical signals.

An amplifier and bandpass filter is then used to amplify the electrical signal from the photodiode further. Only IR signals at the precise frequency of 38.0 kHz are intended to pass through the bandpass filter. This aids in removing any unwanted noise or environmental interference that might be present.

A demodulator separates the data signal from the carrier signal after the filtered signal has been passed through it. The data signal is then sent to the TSOP34838’s output pin so that a microcontroller or other device can read it.

An automatic gain control (AGC) circuit is also included with the TSOP34838. This circuit aids in adjusting the amplifier’s strength to maintain the best possible level of the received signal at all times. This is particularly crucial in settings where the strength of the IR signal may change.

Overall, the photodiode, bandpass filter, demodulator, and AGC circuit of the TSOP34838 are used to detect and decode IR signals. Its construction guarantees that only signals at the precise frequency of 38.0 kHz are picked up and that the signal level is always optimal.

To control numerous applications, including remote controls, security systems, and automation systems, the TSOP34838 is often used in conjunction with a microcontroller or other device. A device’s settings, turning it on or off, or sending a message to another device can all be controlled using the decoded IR signal.

The TSOP34838’s long-range capabilities are one of its benefits. It can detect infrared signals at a distance of up to 45 meters, making it perfect for usage in vast indoor spaces or outdoors.

The TSOP34838 is sensitive to ambient light, obstructing its ability to detect and decode IR signals. This is a significant point to keep in mind. The sensor is generally insulated with black epoxy to lessen the amount of ambient light it receives to address this problem.

Regarding power consumption, the TSOP34838 is relatively low, drawing only 350 5 volts at microamps. In battery-powered applications where power consumption is an issue, this qualifies them for usage.

In summary, the photodiode, bandpass filter, demodulator, and AGC circuit of the TSOP34838 remote receiver sensor enable it to detect and decode IR signals. It is frequently utilized in numerous applications that need the ability for remote control, security, and automation. Its long-range capabilities and low power consumption make it a desirable option for many applications, despite drawbacks, such as susceptibility to ambient light.

Usage and Application

Many applications that call for remote control, security, and automation can employ the TSOP34838 remote receiver sensor. Here are a few instances:

Infrared controls The TSOP34838 is frequently found in TV, DVD, and other consumer electronics remote controls. In order to control the device, it receives the IR signals sent by the remote control and decodes them into precise commands.

Security measures Security systems, including motion detectors and burglar alarms, can use the TSOP34838. It collects IR signals from sensors that pick up motion or other events and sets off an alert or takes other appropriate actions depending on the signal it receives.

Automation systems: The TSOP34838 can be utilized in industrial automation and home automation systems. It collects infrared signals from sensors that identify changes in the environment or other events, and it then initiates events like lighting up, adjusting the temperature, or opening doors.

Robotics: The TSOP34838 is also useful in robotics, where it can be used to control a robot’s movement and activities by receiving IR signals via a remote control or another transmitter.

Gaming: The TSOP34838 is a component found in gaming consoles and other hardware communicating with controllers or other hardware using IR signals.

Medical devices: The TSOP34838 can be utilized in IR-based medical equipment, including blood glucose meters and infrared thermometers.

Keyless entry systems, remote start systems, and tire pressure monitoring systems are just a few of the automotive applications in which the TSOP34838 can be employed.

Various applications that need remote control, security, and automation capabilities can employ the TSOP34838 remote receiver sensor. It is a well-liked option in numerous industries, including consumer electronics, security, automation, and automotive, because of its adaptability and long-range capabilities.


A remote control or other IR transmitter can send infrared signals that the TSOP34838 remote receiver sensor can pick up and decode. It processes IR signals using a photodiode, bandpass filter, demodulator, and AGC circuit. The decoded signal can initiate particular actions in various applications, including remote controls, security systems, automation systems, robotics, gaming, medical devices, and automotive ones.

The TSOP34838 has a number of benefits, including adaptability, low power consumption, and long-range capability. However, because of its sensitivity to ambient light, it may have trouble picking up and decoding IR signals. The sensor is often insulated with black epoxy to address this problem.


In conclusion, the widely utilized TSOP34838 remote receiver sensor offers remote control, security, and automation capabilities in various applications. It is a well-liked option in various industries thanks to its long-range capabilities, low power consumption, and versatility. The TSOP34838 continues to be a vital part of numerous electronic systems despite its flaws.

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