Part Number: VNH5019ATR-E

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics

Description: IC MTR DRV 5.5-24V MULTIPWRSO-30

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of VNH5019ATR-E

Datasheet  VNH5019ATR-E datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family PMIC – Motor Drivers, Controllers
Manufacturer STMicroelectronics
Series ECOPACK?, VIPower?
Packaging Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Motor Type – Stepper
Motor Type – AC, DC Brushed DC
Function Driver – Fully Integrated, Control and Power Stage
Output Configuration Half Bridge (2)
Interface Parallel, PWM
Technology Power MOSFET
Step Resolution
Applications Automotive
Current – Output 30A
Voltage – Supply 5.5 V ~ 24 V
Voltage – Load 5.5 V ~ 24 V
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 150°C (TJ)
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case 30-SOP (0.630″, 16.00mm Width) Exposed Pad
Supplier Device Package MultiPowerSO-30


The VNH5019ATR-E is a versatile full-bridge motor driver that can be used in a variety of automotive applications. This complex device is outfitted with features and technologies that make it an excellent choice for managing automotive engines. In this comprehensive guide, we will look at the essential features of the VNH5019ATR-E, its capabilities, and how to use it successfully.

Introduction to the VNH5019ATR-E

The VNH5019ATR-E is a full-bridge motor driver, which is essential in automotive systems that demand precise control of motor direction and speed. STMicroelectronics created this device, which uses modern technologies to enable efficient and dependable motor control.

Exploring the Advanced Features of VNH5019ATR-E: Your Ultimate Motor Driver Solution

The VNH5019ATR-E is more than just a motor driver; it’s a feature-packed powerhouse built to excel in the demanding automotive sector. This article examines the several features that make the VNH5019ATR-E an excellent choice for motor control applications in cars.

● Automotive Excellence: AEC-Q100 Qualified

The AEC-Q100 qualification of the VNH5019ATR-E certifies its conformity with the demanding automotive industry standards. It demonstrates the device’s dependability and longevity, assuring that it can resist the harsh conditions of vehicle applications.

● Eco-Friendly and Compliant: ECOPACK® Certification

Environmental responsibility is critical in today’s world. The VNH5019ATR-E is not only lead-free, but also RoHS-compliant, as certified by ECOPACK®. This implies it follows tight standards aimed at decreasing dangerous pollutants, so contributing to a greener and safer world.

● Power Galore: 30 A Output Current

The VNH5019ATR-E has an outstanding output current capacity of 30 A. Because of its high current rating, it is appropriate for a wide range of motor applications, ranging from power-hungry electric fans to durable electric power steering systems.

● Seamless Integration: 3 V CMOS Compatible Inputs

The VNH5019ATR-E may communicate with your microcontroller or control system through 3 V CMOS compatible inputs. This compatibility streamlines the integration process by providing for simple communication and motor control.

● Built-in Safeguards: Undervoltage and Overvoltage Shutdown

Undervoltage and overvoltage shutdown mechanisms are included into the device, ensuring that the motor works within safe voltage limits. This protection not only extends the life of the motor but also protects the entire system from damage.

● Temperature Guardian: High-Side and Low-Side Thermal Shutdown

The VNH5019ATR-E has high-side and low-side thermal shutdown features to prevent overheating and maintain continued motor running. These measures safeguard the gadget and motor by shutting down activities when temperatures rise above safe levels.

● Keeping Current in Check: Cross-Conduction Protection and Current Limitation

Cross-conduction prevention prevents dangerous current routes from damaging the gadget or motor. In addition, current limitation guarantees that the motor operates within predefined current limits, improving safety and reliability.

● Energy-Efficient Standby: Very Low Standby Power Consumption

When the motor is not in use, the VNH5019ATR-E excels in energy conservation because to its extremely low standby power consumption. This trait is crucial for modern automobiles, where energy efficiency is of the utmost importance.

● Precision Control: PWM Operation up to 20 kHz

PWM (pulse-width modulation) control allows for precise motor speed adjustments. With PWM capability up to 20 kHz, the VNH5019ATR-E provides fine-grained control over the motor’s RPM, increasing its adaptability in a variety of applications.

● Comprehensive Protection: Loss of Ground and VCC, Current Sense Output

The VNH5019ATR-E goes above and beyond to defend your system. It protects against ground and VCC loss, ensuring continuous motor operation. It also has a current sensing output that is proportional to the motor’s current, enabling for real-time monitoring and control.

● Reverse Polarity Shield: Charge Pump Output

The device provides reverse polarity protection via its charge pump output, which is critical for preventing damage in the event of an inadvertent reverse connection.

● Robust Defense: Output Protection

The VNH5019ATR-E is built to withstand a variety of fault scenarios. It is protected against short-to-ground and short-to-VCC scenarios, ensuring your motor control system’s safety and reliability.

The VNH5019ATR-E is more than simply a motor driver; it is a complete solution for your automotive motor control needs. It enables engineers and designers to construct durable and reliable motor control systems for modern automobiles because to its AEC-Q100 accreditation, eco-friendly certifications, high current capacity, and a plethora of protective measures. The VNH5019ATR-E is your reliable partner for attaining improved performance and safety in electric power steering, HVAC systems, and other automotive applications.

● Versatile Applications of VNH5019ATR-E in the Automotive Industry

The VNH5019ATR-E motor driver is a versatile workhorse that can be used in a variety of key automotive applications. Because of its strong features, complete protection mechanisms, and high-performance capabilities, it is the preferred choice for engineers and designers working on cutting-edge automotive systems. The VNH5019ATR-E excels in the following main applications:

● Electric Power Steering (EPS) Systems

By providing precise and responsive steering control, electric power steering (EPS) systems have changed the automotive industry. The VNH5019ATR-E is critical in EPS applications because it provides the essential motor control to aid drivers with steering while also assuring safety and dependability.

● Electric Fans and Pumps

Electric fans and pumps are significantly used in automotive engines and cooling systems to manage temperature and maintain optimal operating conditions. The VNH5019ATR-E excels in controlling these components, ensuring that they operate in an efficient and controlled manner.

● Electric Door Locks and Windows

For convenience and security, modern automobiles have electrically actuated door locks and windows. The VNH5019ATR-E makes these systems run more smoothly and reliably, improving the overall user experience.

● Automotive HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Systems

HVAC systems that are efficient are critical for passenger comfort and safety in vehicles. The VNH5019ATR-E contributes to accurate HVAC component control, maintaining consistent temperature regulation and air quality throughout the vehicle interior.

● Electric Throttle Control

Electric throttle control is critical in drive-by-wire systems for responsive and economical engine performance. Because of its high current capacity and accurate control capabilities, the VNH5019ATR-E is an excellent choice for managing throttle actuation.

● Fuel Pumps and Injection Systems

Fuel delivery is critical to an engine’s performance and efficiency. The VNH5019ATR-E aids in fuel pump and injection system control, guaranteeing optimal fuel delivery while adhering to safety regulations.

The VNH5019ATR-E is not confined to a particular application, but rather extends its capabilities across a broad range of vital operations in the automotive sector. Its capacity to manage enormous currents, provide accurate control, and provide extensive protective measures makes it an important component in the development of modern and dependable automotive systems. Whether you’re looking to improve steering, improve climate control, or boost engine performance, the VNH5019ATR-E is a reliable motor control companion.


The high-performance motor driver VNH5019ATR-E is designed to meet the most severe automotive industry standards. Because of its cutting-edge technology, robust protection features, and accurate control capabilities, it is an excellent choice for regulating motors in a wide range of automotive applications. The VNH5019ATR-E is a dependable and efficient option that ensures top-notch motor performance and safety in your automotive projects, whether you’re developing an electric power steering system or increasing the operation of electric windows. For additional information and to place an order for this product, contact ICRFQ, a prominent electronic component distributor in China. We ensure that you will receive a high-quality item at a reasonable price.

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