Part Number: XR16C854DIV-F

Manufacturer: MaxLinear, Inc.

Description: IC UART FIFO 128B QUAD 64LQFP

Shipped from: Shenzhen/HK Warehouse

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Technical Specifications of XR16C854DIV-F

Datasheet  XR16C854DIV-F datasheet
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Family Interface – UARTs (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter)
Manufacturer Exar Corporation
Packaging Tray
Part Status Active
Features Internal Oscillator, Timer/Counter
Number of Channels 4, QUART
FIFO’s 128 Byte
Protocol RS232, RS485
Data Rate (Max) 2Mbps
Voltage – Supply 2.97 V ~ 5.5 V
With Auto Flow Control Yes
With IrDA Encoder/Decoder Yes
With False Start Bit Detection Yes
With Modem Control Yes
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package / Case 64-LQFP
Supplier Device Package 64-LQFP (10×10)


In the world of electronics and communications, the XR16C854DIV-F, which is part of the XR16C854 family, stands out as an enhanced quad Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter (UART) intended to send and receive data in a powerful way. This detailed guide explains the XR16C854DIV-F, its functions, how it can be used, and how you can get the most out of it.

Imporntance of UART

The XR16C854DIV-F UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) IC is important because it makes it possible to send and receive serial data reliably. It can work with many different standards, such as RS232 and RS485, and is often used in embedded systems, industrial automation, data capture, telemetry, and other places. Its compatibility and ability to handle buffers make it easy to use in many different applications. This makes it a key part of communication in electronics and control systems.

UART Basics

UART, which stands for Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter, is a popular serial communication protocol that allows electrical devices to exchange data. Asynchronous UART communication does not rely on a shared clock signal between the transmitter and receiver. Instead, it uses a specified baud rate to establish data transmission timing.

Key Features of XR16C854DIV-F

  • Quad UART: Four UARTs in one IC.
  • 128-Byte FIFOs: Smooth data flow.
  • Custom Trigger Levels: Precise control.
  • Flow Control: Prevent data issues.
  • High Data Rates: Up to 2 Mbps.
  • Comprehensive Registers: Easy monitoring.
  • Tailorable Interrupts: Adapt to your needs.
  • Internal Loopback: Simplified diagnostics.
  • Package Variants: Choose the right fit.
  • Compatibility: Adheres to industry standards.

Hardware Features of XR16C854DIV-F

In the realm of UARTs, the XR16C854DIV-F boasts critical hardware features:

FIFOs: Transmit and Receive

  • 128-byte FIFOs for seamless data flow.
  • Prevents data bottlenecks during high-speed communication.

Trigger Levels

  • Customizable trigger levels for precision.
  • Fine-tune data transmission and reception.

Flow Control

  • Automatic software and hardware flow control.
  • Prevents data overruns or underruns.

Data Rates

  • Supports data rates up to 2 Mbps.
  • Ensures swift and reliable data transfer.

These features collectively empower the XR16C854DIV-F to excel in UART communication, making it a valuable asset for your projects.

Enhanced FIFO in XR16C854DIV-F

The XR16C854DIV-F redefines data processing with its expanded FIFO memory. Here’s how it revolutionizes efficiency:

Ample FIFO Capacity

  • XR16C854DIV-F boasts a substantial 128-byte transmit and receive FIFO memory, far surpassing competitors.
  • Accelerates data processing for high-performance communication systems.

Turbocharged Data Handling

  • Larger FIFOs, trigger controls, counters, and automatic flow control mean lightning-fast data processing.
  • Empowers CPUs to manage more networking tasks efficiently.

Reduced Interruptions

  • In contrast to competitors, the XR16C854DIV-F’s 128-byte FIFO unloads data every 12.2 milliseconds, giving CPUs more time for essential tasks.
  • Cuts UART interrupt servicing time, streamlining system operation.

Smart Control

  • Programmable FIFO triggers and flow control ensure peak data throughput, especially in multi-channel setups.
  • Decreases CPU bandwidth requirements, enhances performance, and reduces power consumption.

The XR16C854DIV-F’s enhanced FIFO capabilities are a game-changer, optimizing data handling and system efficiency, making it an essential tool in high-speed communication.

Data Rate and Enhanced Features of XR16C854DIV-F

The XR16C854DIV-F is not just another UART; it’s a powerhouse of capabilities. Let’s explore its data rate prowess and enhanced features that set it apart:

Data Rate Mastery

  • The XR16C854DIV-F operates at blazing speeds, handling data rates of up to 2 Mbps at 5V with a 16x internal sampling clock rate.
  • It accommodates various clock sources, supporting up to a 24 MHz crystal on XTAL1 and XTAL2 pins or an external 32 MHz clock on XTAL1.
  • Through software configuration, it allows users to set the prescaler for data rates of up to 921.6 kbps using a typical 14.7456 MHz crystal.

Enhanced Features

The XR16C854DIV-F boasts a rich feature set accessible through its internal registers:

  • Automatic Flow Control: Seamlessly manages data flow with automatic hardware and software flow control mechanisms.
  • FIFO Trigger Levels: Accessible trigger levels in the send and receive FIFOs let you fine-tune data flow.
  • Selectable Baud Rates: Offers flexibility in baud rate selection to match the communication requirements.
  • Infrared Interface: Equipped with an infrared encoder/decoder interface, catering to IrDA (Infrared Data Association) applications.
  • Modem Interface Controls: Provides controls for modem serial interfaces, enhancing connectivity options.
  • Sleep Mode: Saves power with a sleep mode, ideal for power-conscious applications.

Interrupt Handling Options

  • In the 16 mode, you can configure INTSEL and MCR bit-3 for software-controlled or continuous interrupt capability.
  • Note that pin limitations in the 64-pin package result in this feature being offered in two different LQFP packages:
    • The XR16C854DCV operates in continuous interrupt enable mode.
    • The XR16C854CV operates in conjunction with MCR bit-3 for interrupt control.

Clock Prescaling

  • The 68 and 100-pin XR16C854 packages offer a clock prescaler select pin (CLKSEL), allowing system and board designers to preset the default baud rate table on power-up.
  • This feature can be overridden following initialization using MCR bit-7.

Additional Features in the 100-pin Package

  • The 100-pin package introduces several enhancements:
    • CHCCLK Input: CHCCLK must be connected to XTAL2 for normal operation or to an external MIDI oscillator for MIDI applications.
    • FSTAT Register: Provides real-time monitoring of FIFO signals (TXRDY# and RXRDY#) for each of the four UART channels (A-D), reducing polling time.
    • Separate IrDA TX Outputs: Offers four separate IrDA TX outputs, ideal for Infrared applications, in addition to standard asynchronous modem data outputs.

Finally, the XR16C854DIV-F provides excellent data rate capabilities as well as a feature-rich arsenal. It conforms to a wide range of communication requirements, including high-speed data transmission, accurate flow control, and support for specialist applications such as IrDA. Its versatility and expanded functionality distinguish it as an excellent solution for demanding communication systems.


The XR16C854DIV-F is the pinnacle of UART performance, with blistering data rates and a feature-rich toolbox. It’s more than just a UART; it’s a revolution in worldwide asynchronous communication. It adapts to every project’s needs with rates of up to 2 Mbps, configurable data flow, and adaptable features like infrared support and sleep mode.

The XR16C854DIV-F also provides intelligent solutions for efficient interrupt management and power control. Elevate your projects with the XR16C854DIV-F, which is offered from ICRFQ, a top electrical component distributor in China. Unleash the future of UART technology today.

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