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Can You Recharge CR2032 Batteries?

Can You Recharge CR2032 Batteries?

Image source Pixel Electric CR2032 batteries are non-rechargeable coin-cell batteries. So, there is no way you can recharge it, no matter how innovative you can be. Any attempts to recharge a CR2032 battery is likely to lead to a serious s damage and in some cases accidents and injuries. Even if the recharging process seems…

Overview if LR44 battery

LR44 VS SR44: What’s The Difference?

LR44 and SR44 are both button cell batteries that tend to share their application areas. They are used in small electronic devices such as calculators, toys, thermometers, watches among others. Even from their naming convention, you can tell that they have numerous similarities. However, there are also some striking differences between these two batteries. Which…

How to Test HID Ballast?

How To Test HID Ballast? Best Guide

HID ballast source Pixabay HID ballasts are electronic devices designed to regulate voltage to the (High intensity Discharge) HID lamps. These lamps include the high-pressure sodium lamps and the metal halide lamps. Most of these lamps are designed for commercial applications, though some vehicles also tend to have them. They tend to deliver optimum lighting…