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What Is a Microprocessor?

What’s The Difference Between Microprocessor And Integrated Circuit?

Image by circuitdigest Implementing embedded systems in modern technology has been fundamentally altered by the invention of integrated circuits (ICs). Electronics developers could produce powerful computing devices such as laptop computers and mobile phones if they could integrate transistor circuits onto a single chip. Integrated circuits and microprocessors are two terms that come up frequently…

Why are Integrated Circuits Preferred to Diodes and Transistors?

Why Are Integrated Circuits Preferred To Diodes And Transistors?

Image Source: Unsplash‍ Diodes and transistors are also semiconductor devices, making them excellent for certain electronics applications. However, when it comes to building circuits, integrated circuits (ICs) with their discrete components connected within the same package are preferred over diodes and transistors. Can you guess why? Well both the devices come with pros and cons.…

Why Integrated Circuits Are Considered To Be Economical?

Why Integrated Circuits Are Considered To Be Economical? Detailed Answer

Image Source: OEC world An integrated circuit, also known as IC, is a device that integrates different electronic functions into a single chip. These chips are manufactured by combining discrete components such as transistors, resistors, and capacitors on a single semiconductor substrate. Integrated circuits have multiple applications in the electronics industry. They are used in…