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Everything You Need to Know About Varistor

Everything You Need To Know About Varistor

The resistor, a little packet of resistance, is utilized in so many different circuits that it is nearly an omnipresent electric component, from the simplest fixed resistors, whose resistance remains constant, to many forms of variable resistors, whose resistance varies depending on various conditions. There are two types of variable resistors: those in which the…

How Does an FPGA Work?

Everything You Should Know About FPGA Chip

Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are gaining popularity, especially in embedded system development and deep neural networks for artificial intelligence applications. The first market-worthy field-programmable gate array having both programmable gates and programmable interconnects between gates was designed by Xilinx co-founders in 1985. PROMs and programmable logic devices (PLDs) were the forerunners to FPGAs (PLDs). What…

EMF vs Voltage: What's the Difference?

EMF vs Voltage: What’s The Difference?

Certain key distinctions between EMF and voltage distinguish one concept from the other. Their formulas, intensity, measurement equipment, force action, and sources are unique. EMF is the measurement of the potential difference between the two terminals when no current flows through the cell. Voltage is the measurement of the potential difference between two points when…