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How to Test a Capacitor?

How to Test a Capacitor?

Capacitors are categorized among passive electronic components. The main function of a capacitor is to store the electrical energy that is in a defined electric field. A typical capacitor is designed to have two terminals. The effect of using a capacitor is known as capacitance. So, when you introduce a capacitor into a circuit, you…

RTD Vs. Thermocouple: What's the Difference?

RTD vs Thermocouple: What’s the Difference?

A thermocouple and a resistance temperature detector (RTD) are two different temperature sensors. RTDs and thermocouples are heat sensors measuring temperature in Fahrenheit and Kelvin scales. RTDs and thermocouples are frequently employed in various applications and settings, leaving consumers to choose between the two. Each temperature sensor has its benefits and drawbacks appropriate for specific…