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IGBT vs MOSFET: What's The Difference?

IGBT vs MOSFET: What’s The Difference?

IGBT vs Mosfet Image source: EtechnoG Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor(IGBT) and  Metal Oxide Semiconductor Transistor (MOSFET) are two types of transistors used in various electronic devices. While both are power semiconductor  electronic components, there are some key differences between the, For example, they have different voltage and current capacities. There are also some slight variations…

What Size Conduit for 200 Amp Service?

What Size Conduit For 200 Amp Service?

Image source: DannyThePlumber There is a close relationship between conduits and service panels. Conduits  give maximum protection to the cables that deliver power in both residential and commercial buildings. For a 200 amp service, the conduits must be flexible enough to ensure that the cables are not affected despite the constant movement that they may…