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What is an ESD Protection Integrated Circuit?

What Is An Esd Protection Integrated Circuit?

Image Source: FreeImages‍ Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a type of noise that interferes with the operation of electronic devices. ESD, or electrostatic discharge, occurs when voltage becomes separated and builds up as an electrical charge in a device. An ESD event can cause momentary flash, overheating and permanent damage to sensitive integrated circuits. An ESD…

The Complete Guide to Circuit Protection Devices

The Complete Guide To Circuit Protection Devices

Image Source: FreeImages‍ Every electrical system has the potential to develop dangerous conditions if given the opportunity. Arcing, short circuits, and ground faults are all examples of circuit operating conditions that can lead to fires, electrocution, and other dangers if left unaddressed. Even without these inherent risks, many electrical systems experience ups and downs during…