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Everything You Need to Know About Variable Resistor

As you may know, Resistors are omnipresent in electronic equipment and are common elements of electrical networks and electronic circuits. Variable resistors are resistors with variable resistance values. Changing the values of currents and voltages in various electrical circuits is occasionally necessary. For example, changing the volume of sound and brightness on television, the volume…

Everything You Need to Know About 6 Layer PCB

Everything You Need to Know About 6 Layer PCB

Multilayer PCBs have become quite popular in various industries throughout the years. Multilayer PCBs, such as 4-layer PCBs, 6-layer PCBs, and so on, are readily available today. PCBs with six layers have become commonplace in small wearable devices and other mission-critical communication equipment. What is it that makes them so popular? What distinguishes them from…

PCB VS PCBA:What's the Difference?

PCB vs PCBA: What’s The Difference?

Image credit: pinterest.com You might already know that PCB and PCBA both stand for printed circuit board, but you might not know exactly why these words are so similar. PCBA and PCB are both abbreviations for printed circuit boards, but what’s the difference? First of all, let’s look at the dictionary definition of PCB. PCB…