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How To Choose a Microcontroller?

How To Choose a Microcontroller?

A microcontroller is the smallest computer unit. It is also the most basic unit of a computer that runs on a single chip with a CPU, interfaces, and memories. A microcontroller is different from a microprocessor because it is designed to serve a specific application, unlike microprocessors that serve general functions. A microcontroller is used…

Ethernet Magnetic Module Shell Parts

How to Select Ethernet Magnetics?

Do you know that all the ethernet equipment involves magnetics? The magnetics help to protect the ethernet from the effects of external interference. The most common ethernet magnetics used are the EMI filters. The EMI filters are used to protect the communication equipment from all kinds of electromagnetic interferences. Types of ethernet magnetics The ethernet…

What Are the Two Types of Semiconductors?

Everything You Need To Know About Semiconductor

Semiconductors are one of the most used electronic devices globally. These devices are an essential part of the manufacturing of various electronic components used in telecommunication, medicine, military systems, computer science, transport, and many other applications. Semiconductors are also known as integrated circuits or microchips. They are designed from pure elements, such as silicon, germanium,…