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CR1632 vs CR2032: What's The Difference?

CR1632 vs CR2032: What’s The Difference?

CR1632 and DL2032 batteries that are round, flat, and resemble small silver buttons appear the same. Can they be used universally because they all look the same? This article will answer your questions and demonstrate their similarities, differences, and interchangeability. What does CR stand for on a battery? Although CR is a general label used…

Everything You Need to Know About Rocker Switch

Everything You Need To Know Rocker Switch

Rocker switches are used for garage or shutter doors, indoor and outdoor windows, and car windows, among other things. Traditional PCB and Panel mount push button switches, which require a basic ‘on’ and ‘off,’ might be a fantastic alternative to rocker switches and toggle switches. What is a Rocker Switch? The Rocker Switch is an…

Everything You Need to Know About Varistor

Everything You Need To Know About Varistor

The resistor, a little packet of resistance, is utilized in so many different circuits that it is nearly an omnipresent electric component, from the simplest fixed resistors, whose resistance remains constant, to many forms of variable resistors, whose resistance varies depending on various conditions. There are two types of variable resistors: those in which the…